Friday, June 01, 2007

i am a stupid head

My procedure for making a sock top down-

1. cast on, knit some ribbing.
2. knit the leg
3. separate stitches and knit half of them for a heel
4. pick up stitches alongside of sock
5. alternate decrease and knit rows until there are the right amount of stitches.
6. continue for foot
7. reduce for toes
8 Kitchener the end

Notice any errors? How about that short row heel shaping. Ignoring everything I know about sock construction and the approximate number of stitches I should have to decrease before moving on to the foot, I ONCE AGAIN failed to turn the heel before attaching to the sides. Only this time I knit 20 rounds down to the original number of stitches and have a sock that looks like it's for someone wearing a cast. Once in 6 months, this is an acceptable mistake if you haven't made socks in a while. Twice in one month is just ridiculous. Even when observing the giant ankle qualities of said sock I reasoned, that's ok, there will be more room for Aunties ankle. I am a stupid head.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Bummer...I've been there!!

Yarnhog said...

Oh, I hope you'll forgive me for laughing like a lunatic! My only excuse is the lace-induced hysteria (and a burning desire to share my misery).

Faith! said...

Oh dear. I can't think of a more frustrating project than socks! I'm very suspicious of sock fans. At least the crumple of yarn looks pretty!