Saturday, June 30, 2007

Game show update

For those of you following the game show aspects of this week's posts, more have been added.

The name of the game is now "Honey-Do." Couples compete and get to pick from a list of chores for their partners to do. Sort of a combination of
The Newlywed Game and Beat the Clock. Couples can pick chores to win cash and prizes OR they can pick their spouse's chores to teach a lesson or two.

"No honey, I want the root canal- YOU pull the chocolate pancake out."

Crack (me up) Saturday OR this Guy's Hilarious

Not so much to report or contemplate today- upon reflection though, husband Bob seems to have been the theme of the week.

That being the case- I dedicate this Crack (me up) Saturday post to him.

Postal 4 is on the lily pad waiting to be frogged. Not enough yarn. Boring. Postal 5 (which isn't really a postal bag at all) has 16 rows of fairly uneven stranded knitting. It's fate is not yet known.

So I ran my blog through the on-line "rating" service. It was rated "G" for General Audiences but the word "crack" was flagged as not so G-rated.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Stranded knitting and Fame

So I was reluctant to put "stranded knitting" as the title of this post. Apologies to anyone googling those words and finding my blog.

I've gotten very good at counting to 58. I cast on, stockinette my 8 rows and then something inevitably goes kerflooey. The stranding (and all of the complications involved) is really not the problem so much as my inconsistent chart reading. Having cast on for it at least 10 times and gotten as far as row 13 at least once, I felt as though I should be allowed to post my progress.

The sock pictured (just there to distract you from my latest frustration) is Regia and my first attempt at something other than a stockinette stitch sock. It's a waffle pattern from Sensational Socks It's hard to see, but I vote yes on the way the yarn works with the pattern.

I chose this particular pattern so that I could work on my purling (K2P2 for 2 rows P for 2 rows.) My mother gently pointed out that I was doing what Annie Modesitt calls a combination purl. Yarn was going clockwise instead of counter. I'm not really sure how that happened other than sometimes I get those two confused. Things have been working out with it, but it was something that was on my mind.

Yarnhog proclaimed me a Rocking Girl Blogger- so now I know that they like me, they really like me.

My duties, should I choose to accept them include naming 5 others as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Brooklyn Tweed is out I guess and most of my favorites have already been crowned but I pass the torch on to-

Uberstrickenfrau because she makes me laugh and is dutiful about commenting across my favorites

Lydee who although she's new to blogging, is a genius with the camera and can make any scene look magical.

and Lauren who lives with Faith at No More Sweaters. It's not knitting content so much but it's where I like to go when I need a break from knitting surreality and want a different kind.

Everyone else I like to read has indeed been tagged but if for some reason you feel left out and want to play, I have two more nominations left. comment here and I'll say something kind and clever about you and post it.

At first I thought these were like chain letters but when I think about it, it's a good way to get to some sites you might not otherwise.

This is getting long but... today is a visit to the eye doctor. It might be just me, but every time he starts the old eye inspection (just as he's leaning in to the giant eye machine and just before he starts saying "number 1 or number 2") I almost can't contain my laughter. His giant eye moving straight for mine reminds me of the cartoon scenes of peeking through a keyhole.

And finally-I'll give it another six months, but Bob is going to have to get his own blog-friends. Today he asked me to beta his idea about a new reality show called "Chores." (He's not a tv producer and doesn't even play one on tv, but that rarely ever stops him.) The contest would be to complete 25 chores first- such as, finding the lowest interest rate for a car loan, making reservations for an airplane, finding the most efficient cell phone deal, replacing a lost social security card, etc. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

Thursday, June 28, 2007


How can there be that many? Where do they come from?

Bob learned a little more about blog friends yesterday. If there is a picture that's missing from today's post, it's the look on his face when I shared with him all of the possibilities from all of the comments.

Sit and Knit- we Sat and Knat.

First there was M- she's been knitting for 3 years (about as long as I have) but speaks with the authority of one who has been knitting longer. I agree with most of her opinions. I just wouldn't feel so strongly in stating them given my inexperience.

Next there was S. She brought in her finished coral cabled cardigan which she had apparently knit with the guidance of one of the store owners and with no real pattern- just the one in her (the owner's) head. Wendy at Knit and Tonic just posted a thing about knitters who go running to their LYS for help on things they don't know how to do (like for every dropped stitch.)

S wasn't doing this but I can see how LYS owners might be partially to blame for enabling this dependent behavior. Give the woman a pattern and teach her how to read it! No wonder knitting gets such a reputation for being this magical mystical secret that only the initiated can acquire.

S and I exchanged email addresses and now she's thinking about trying socks. I sent her a pattern.

Ruth, the partial owner, crochets, and was once again skilled at maintaining a relaxing, no pressure environment.

Priscilla, local law enforcement, was not able to give me a ticket this time for an expired meter. I found out that I was "one of the gang" after receiving one the week before. Apparently she's notorious for standing near the meters with only one minute left.

Reflecting on the day, it occurred to me that knitters are knitters are knitters. We're all so very similar and different at the same time whether gathered at the LYS or gathered at the BLOG. When someone says she's a knitter, you know a little something about her but not everything-which is what makes it so interesting.

Oops... I almost forgot. LYS indulgences- a pair of #2 60" Addi Turbos for one last go at the magic loop and some yarn to try this which is the stranded knitting bag (which could be postal v 5.0 though they don't felt it there.) Why not try both stranded knitting AND felting at the same time. I'm starting to feel a little ADD myself.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Calling all imaginary friends...

So here's the dealio- we're going to Seattle, Portland and Vancouver for vacation. Home base is in Seattle. We'll be taking overnight train trips to Portland and Vancouver (no car in those locales)

We'll have in tow anywhere from 3-5 kids under the age of 7 and3-6 adults. (Fewer in Portland- the whole gang in Vancouver)

We're thinking a scavenger hunt of sights as in "Ooh Grandfather, I spotted the space needle" with travel journals as well as any activities/locations that might be of interest to their big brains. (I might be able to get them to at least one yarn shop, 2 of them can knit and we have to do something on the 4 hour train ride)

And yes, they do call him "Grandfather" but it's not so severe as it sounds. Have you ever a 3 year old tried to prounounce the multi-syllabic "grandfather?" It comes out something like "Granfawehw! Granfawehw!" They never say it just once- especially when they're counting all the circles they can find or imaginary "Headquarters" is calling.

Husband is always getting valuable information as to which mechanics, vetrinarians, etc to go to locally at his job on the railroad. I've more than once heard, "I'll ask the guys on the railroad-they'll know."

This evening when we were discussing our travel plans I said, "I'll ask my imaginary friends, they'll know!"

I suggested (given his fondness of coffee) that the ones who were old enough could get autographs from all of the Starbucks employees that serve him during the 2 weeks. He scoffed at this a little, looking for something more educational and possibly map-related. Geesh.

It's a cloudy idea as yet, but I have smart imaginary friends.

Good knitting begins with

good yarns-or so say the publishers of Bear Brand Knitting and Crochet books. I have to wonder what "yarns" were were spun around Goldie's knitting circle as she worked the patterns in these books.

Most likely some were similar to the yarns spun in Knitter's Blogland. Spilled beans, sick children, exchanged recipes and the anticipation of gifting knits.

Possibly overheard less frequently were stories of opening swap boxes in the room with opposing counsel, sock puppet dramas, children vacationing while mom gets a needed rest (or runs around the house nekkid- whichever she prefers), and decorating the bathroom with framed holograph Jesus-inspired postcards.

Many thanks to Uberstrickenfrau for the package of vintage books that arrived yesterday. No need to browse the flea markets today. My initial intentions included a collage of knitted pictures. Now I'm not so sure. It seems almost criminal to disassemble the historical artifacts of this art/craft. More intriguing would be to pick a favorite and cast on.

Tomorrow I will go to the newly found LYS for a "sit and knit" (as opposed to a StitchnBitch) from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Perhaps there will be more "yarns" (woven with fiber and words) to share.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Could it be?

Could it be that in my boredom with the Box of Hair Postal v. 4.0 and my retro-crochet skills that I have found a knitting thing that comes a little bit naturally to me? Is this how simple Fair Isle works?



Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Open Letter

Dear New Jersey,

Thank you for growing blueberries!


The Baby Kimono

Pattern from Interweave Knits Summer 2005 by Kristin Spurkland (size 6 mos.)

Yarn Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK 50% extra fine merino, 40% acrylic microfibre, 10% cashmere 2+ skeins (142 yds ea)

Alterations Added a blue single crocet border to make it more "macho."

Thoughts This yarn is like butter to work with. Better than butter- more like ice cream. I can't wait until I make something for myself that turns out this well.

Started June 17, 2007

Finised June 24, 2007

Now if she only gives birth to a very small zebra.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Loopin' in the burg

Many thanks to the web-site reference for this afternoon's adventure. Although there's no real evidence yet, they did help (given the amount of patience I could muster until I thought I could figure it out on my own) Who do I think I am? Let it be known that my regular not above average score on I.Q. tests is transfering something on paper into 3 dimensions. I think this comes from more of a lack of patience than lack of ability.

The first effort was at the figure 8 cast-on and a toe-up sock. The 8 is definitely cool though I kept losing stitches. I have also never done a toe-up on dpns so I checked out the next site and hoped that I could wrap my brain around something I sort of know about. One new thing at a time, says I.

I understand the top down concept and when on the loop have learned that it's pretty important to pay attention to which "side" you work on next, lest you end up knitting yourself into the inside of the loop.

A custodian at school shared this "country supersition" "If you start a project on a Friday, it will take forever." She said her dad NEVER planted anything on Fridays. Seems like a good idea to me. Wouldn't want to mess with that. I'm going postal.

Wagering in the 'burg

The 'burg has been an unintentional theme this week so it's only fitting to end with a note about it's biggest yearly event.

Rain Day is July 29 and has been a part of Waynesburg history since 1874. It has rained on July 29th 109 times in the past 131 years.

It began when John Daly, of Daly and Spraggs Drug Store, noticed that it rained every year on his birthday (July 29.) According to the Rain Day history page,

Mr. Daly thought this was too sure a thing to let pass, so he started betting salesmen who came into his drugstore that it would rain in Waynesburg on July 29. The bet was usually a new hat, which of course he would win.

Since then, the city of Waynesburg has found unsuspecting public personalities to continue this wager.

Celebrity bettors include Troy Polamalu, Donald Trump, Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely, Jay Leno, Troy Aikman, Willard Scott, Johnny Carson, Arnold Palmer, Cassius Clay, The Three Stooges, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Jack Dempsey.

On July 29, High Street is closed, local bands march in the Rain Day Parade and there's enough fried dough and corn dogs to keep everyone happy.

There is a Rain Day "green space" in what is called Hooper Park. I'm pretty sure it's a misuse of the word "park" but the statue is kind of cool.

On the knitting front-the kimono is blocking- photos to follow. Today's knitting mission is to learn how to make 2 socks on one long circular needle. If you don't hear from me, I've lost my mind.

On a side note, Sophie the Cat's health is on the decline. She's o.k. in the morning but by the end of the day she looks pretty weak. Three cheers for the husband who every night is faced with me in a tizzy of weepiness mumbling, "I'm going to miss her, I know she's going to die tonight." He replies, "There's nothing wrong with her." (we all deal with the inevitable in our own ways.) I've decided not to blog further about this but if/when it happens I'll post a memorial photo on the sidebar.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Possibilities, Plans and Preoccupations

I didn't make it to Bridgeville instead I found a closer shop in Canonsburg. Ruth at The Knit Shoppe may never be the same after facing my glee at a new hot spot. Even better, she was delightful! Great yarn, some sort of fancy dancy automatic tea-maker, lots of no-pressure time to browse, gentle suggestions for projects, help in sorting through the discount chest, and an invitation to sit at the table, relax and take it all in. I may have found my home.


This is the handspun I purchased at the fiber festival. It's too big and warm to work with right now but I foresee a simple bulky sweater made by using the Sweater Wizard program.


This is some sock yarn purchased with the intention of learning how to knit 2 socks at a time with the magic loop. I am under the impression (thanks to the video podcast at Knit2gether) that I need 2 long circs to do 2 at a time. Is this true, Jen? I called Ruth and she's sending the second along in the mail just in case.


More yarn for another Dumber Than A Box of Hair Postal Bag v. 4.0. (I'm pretty sure Knitting for Peace is not interested in any credit/blame for past failures). Having finally found a LYS clerk that I like talking to, I feel pretty good about the yarn selection. Knit2gether also had a video podcast on this science experiment so there really are no excuses for failure other than I do not plan on swatching and sizing.

I found some light blue Cashsoft and will use it to crochet (with a small hook) an edge around the kimono. Anyone notice that I've finally figured out the html code to bold and italicize things? Stay tuned...

Livestock in the 'burg

A livestock auction???? What in the ass clown was I thinking??? I'm heading to Carol's in Bridgeville to pick up supplies for Postal Number 4 and maybe some blue Cashsoft to trim the kimono. The humidity earlier in the week must have warped my thought process. I'm getting better.

No surprises at the Farmer's Market. Not at all like the beautiful choices Knit Sonya had to choose from. It is early in the season. There were a few vegetables and a few plants. The lemondade and hot dog stand pretty much sum up the experience. I do love the little 'burg and must consciously refrain from being so snarky about it. A bike ride on a beautiful path is minutes away, the library is awesome, and the longest wait at a traffic light is about 3 minutes (and that's even on livestock Thursday)

Coming soon... finished kimono!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eating in the 'burg

I thought that farmers got up early in the morning. That's apparently so they can get to the market. When I arrived at 7:30 I saw a sign that said I must wait until 10:00. Given that setback, I believe I'll wait and possibly combine the Farmer's Market adventure with tomorrow's Livestock Auction (if I get the nerve to go to that-I might look a little out of place, having no livestock- but hey I guess that's where you go to get some.)

Remember when you were a kid and you got tired of playing school and "The Archie's" and "Speed Racer" so sometimes you would play Restaurant? We had a wooden sandbox-playhouse in our back yard in Batesville, Mississippi that was dubbed "Beck's Bag." We served lots of sand.

As I toured the dining establishments on this morning's walkabout in downtown Waynesburg, I was reminded of Beck's Bag. The food in general is slightly better than sand, but on any given day that's debatable. It's why I jones for a trip to NYC at least twice a year.

I share with you a tour of downtown eateries-in case you're ever passing through. You're welcome to eat at my house but that meal is generally salad in a bag and fake crab.

My Friend's Place is a converted McCrory's Drug Store. Does every small town have a business in a converted McCrory's? It was once a college diner on a side street and expanded only 2 years ago. It tries to be the TGIFridays of the 'burg in decor. They even use feta cheese in some of their dishes.

Groovy's is one of the only places in town that you can get a glass of wine and relax without being a member of the Moose or Elk's club. Be careful when you order the black beans and rice. That's exactly what you'll get and they drain the can of beans beforehand to keep the rice white. I won't even go into the racial implications and that aspect of this 'burg- too depressing.

I've never been to College Town Diner Home Cooking- it's a little creepy from the outside and the name keeps changing. Around here as soon as you see the words "Home Cooking," you know there's going to be a good bit of butter or lard.

South Side Deli is actually a pretty good deli but you won't get to eat there if it's after 2:00 pm so I don't get there much.

Hot Rod's is the 'burgs newest establishment. They have a great vinegar slaw (and I don't usually like slaw.) During the Sheep and Fiber Festival, they served BBQ lamb. I wasn't best friends with that. They also make homemade potato chips which are good if you're looking for a heart attack.

Finally, Lam's Chinese Restaurant- again-every town? It's good for carry-out. The wait staff (young not-so-efficient college freshmen and sophomores) sort of takes away from the whole "Chinese ambience." They make a great wonton eggdrop soup when they remember to include it in the order.

On the knitting front- the baby kimono is about 2/3's done- not really pictureworthy until it's complete. After several false starts (6x10=60 6x12=72) I'm finally ready to make some progress on a second helmet liner for Ruth's contest.

On the blogging front- just want to express appreciation to faithful readers (even if you don't comment) Summer vacation has always been a troubling time for me. Kind of like dead week in college. There's so much time, there's so much that could be done, but the schedule is all screwy and you don't know how to manage time. The desire for an interesting post has gotten me out of the house for the past 3 days (no small feat.) Reading what everyone else has going on keeps me feeling part of the planet. That might sound pathetic, but when I do a post on the "faces of the 'burg," you'll understand.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fleas in the 'burg

This morning's adventure took me to the Greene County Fair Grounds. While going for some morning exercise I shared the track with a harness-racing horse and his driver.

I was hoping to get some interesting flea market pictures (also at the fairgrounds) for blog fodder but the batteries went dead as soon as I took this one. Is this a sign? No purchases today but there's always Saturday.

How many of these items were in YOUR home while watching Dark Shadows? I recognize the 8-track player- I didn't stop to see his collection of tapes. If he doesn't have Captain and Tenille's Muskrat Love, I'm not interested.

One thing to note is the continued decrease in the cost of flea market VHS tapes. Last summer they were $4. This summer you can get them for $2.

What I'm really looking for are some retro-magazines to make art collages with. I find it's always good to go to flea markets with an item or two in mind. It keeps you from buying too much junk.

Tomorrow's big event is a trip to the local Farmer's Market. Don't get too excited. If the flea market is any indication, there will likely be 5 tomato plants and a few cucumbers. I'll power up the batteries before heading out.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation is...

A trip to the bank and the post office as the main event of the day

No dramas, crises, disciplinary actions, or bus duty

Stefano DiMera back on Days of Our Lives Would that the two Susan's would return- those were the days. But Bo and Hope defusing a bomb and Lucas fake punching a bad guy will have to do. Don't judge me. This is comedy at its surreal finest.

Dishes and laundry done

Uninterrupted knitting

An afternoon thunderstorm

On the knitting front-It's a boy- the future kimono wearer- just found out today. When I chose the color, I thought yellow would be neutral enough. Now, not so much. Some dark blue ribbon (WVU Mountaineer colors) might "macho" it up a little. Any thoughts? Do you have to "macho up" baby clothes? This is my first foray into that world.

Go see Ruth and knit or crochet a helmet liner. It will make you feel good and you might win a prize.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

runaway opposites

This post is the first in what might be a series called "My Runaway Opposites." The concept comes from a children's book by Richard Wilbur called Runaway Opposites

What is the opposite of Cashsoft Baby DK? A 1970's laptop tray table in mint condition found at the flea market for $1.00.

I'm going to be this yarn's girlfriend forever.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Crack (me up) Saturday OR Postal #3

This post may be a little "picture heavy" given that I went without for 4 days. Crack (me up) Saturday is knitterly in fashion- I'm waiting for a few more participants before I share anymore of myself-get those 80's photos out there my friends-purge the memories by revealing them! This first photo is indeed postal bag number three- I swear I love this pattern (from Knitting for Peace) and someday I'll pay enough attention to the yarn I'm using to have a really fabulous felted postal bag. The purple Chatte Botte boucle from Good Yarn Karma felted fabulously. That which I thought was gray wool appears not to have been. Had I not lost some stitches during felting and put a purple row at the top of the bag (as I did for the handle), it might have even been functional. That first successful fully felted postal bag is going to be ever so rewarding.

Next, the fabrics of the summer dresses found at Burlington. They are fall colors, but I've never been the spring-y pastel wearing kind of person. Add a shrug to these and I'll be good through October- woo hoo! By then, of course I'll have several sweaters finished- what a relief.

And finally, the stash additions- never have I been so fearful of an airline losing my luggage. I learned a little about photo-taking this afternoon. Seems that I have a place on the camera to adjust the exposure. It's dark in my favorite little knitting corner. Increase the exposure and you get colors pretty true to form (assuming that your monitor agrees with mine.) You'll notice a finished pair of socks in the aloe yarn in the background. I've had that sock yarn for a year so bonus points for me for stash busting.

With all of this excitement and stash there are the inevitable WIP's planned in my head. The cashsoft is on deck first as a baby kimono There are big plans for the handspun I purchased from the fiber festival. Right before leaving I received my copy of Sweater Wizard. As with any new computer program with so many possibilities, I didn't see them all at once. A few hours on a plane made me realize that I can punch in the gauge/style/size I want the hand spun sweater to be and take off from there. The Central Park Hoodie is on the back burner, waiting for the right yarn and cooler weather. I've now plenty of yarn for a summer of socks while traveling to Seattle. Where several days ago I was mindlessly blundering through a postal bag and stash socks, the possibilities have exploded before me- yippee!

My new favorite food? Cold Stone Creamery's "founder's favorite."

The only thing that really cracked me up today? The male Delta flight attendant who pretended to have an Australian accent when he gave the safety speech.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

not for the faint of heart

Yesterday's post and comments about clothes shopping and outlet mall quality rang true. Crappier name brand stuff at not so much lower prices. Having visited 2 LYS's, today's purchases were the opposite of that. Quality stuff at not so much lower prices.

I decided that this trip's yarn souvenir(s)would be about looking for and trying out all of the fabulous yarns I've read about on-line over the last six months. What follows is a souvenir list not for the faint of heart- also not for those bored by "yarn snob lists" as I once was 6 months ago.

1 skein Shepherd Sock superwash- Wisteria
2 skeins Koigu KPPM lemon lime
2 skeins Malabrigio ochre
1 skein Cherry Tree Hill supersock with olive greenish colorways
4 balls of Rowan cashsoft baby dk in yellow for a baby kimono for a pregnant friend.

In an effort not to blind anyone by the luxury of it all, I'll wait to post pictures. The allowance for the month of June, like Scarlett, is "Gone with the Wind" but "frankly my dear...." I feel like I've gone to yarn heaven. It's got a green/yellow tint to it.

A conversation overheard at the LYS about the "Boca Sweater" which is apparently a sweater that has the back and the arms so that you can throw it over your shoulders- some people call it a shrug but this lady was sure that it was invented in Boca. The line of the day was from another knitter who said, "Why wouldn't you just knit the whole sweater?" (insert your own Long Island accent)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

see saw sawgrass mill

Once again faithful readers, no pics and unfortunately no stories that can top yesterday's. Thanks a bazillion for the great comments (Carol, if you click on "comments" it will give you a box to leave them if you want to.) A.D.D.- I felt so popular with the "cool knitters" all day today. I like being "so damn funny"- it's a personal goal. O.k. I might not share all of that info in "real" life.

This morning's excursion was to Sawgrass Mills for some shopping. The requisite (in my life) vacation purchases were made- a leather bag (thanks mom!)- a cool ring- a remote control helicopter for "wife-sick" husband (apparently his imaginary friends aren't living up to their end of the deal) and some cotton summer travel dresses from Burlington Coat Factory.

A little bit more about me- I know enough about the cost of fabrics to HATE shopping for clothing. I know enough about the cost of yarn to know how much I can get for what I pay for clothes. In addition, my body is not really the size that I like to imagine it to be so it's always a bit of a harsh reality in the dressing room. In spite of all of these facts, I did try on and purchase some clothes today. The world can rest easy knowing that I won't be walkin' around nekkid any time soon.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the flea market (it's the kind where they sell new stuff that must have been stolen off the back of a truck as opposed to the kind that we have at home where they sell old stuff for a dollar.) Watch city my friends, watch city. After that another LYS.

The 3rd rendition of the postal bag made with chatte botte from Yarn Karma and gray wool that I don't know where it came from is nearing completion. We'll have a felting adventure by tomorrow evening. The knit goes on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

counter culture

No pictures from this field trip so far but a few observations on the Florida "counter culture"- the over 70 set known for early bird specials and bad tipping.

Conversation overheard in the deli restroom-

"4, 7, 9, 13, I have 7 grandchildren."

"Do they all live here in Florida?"

"Oh, yes, wait, 4, 7, 9, 13, one lives in Maryland, one lives in Oregon, the other 4 live here. Some of them are boys and some of them are girls. Four of one and three of the other. Wait, maybe it's three of one and four of the other."

Sign seen at the cash register at the deli-

"Only 2 credit cards may be used to pay the bill. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

At first I wondered, who could eat so much that they would need to use a second credit card to pay the bill... duh. Then I imagined the woman in the restroom coming for an afternoon nosh with her friends and understood.

Comment made to me at the LYS in West Palm Beach.

"Koigu KKPM? Oh, that's not sock yarn. It's for mitered knitting"

Have I been misreading what people say about the Koigu?

Note to self about my impression of Florida LYS's so far- there's a LOT of novelty yarn in West Palm Beach. It makes sense when you look at the deep tans many of the women have. Nowhere else would glittery gold sparkly yarn look so good.

I will go nowhere without the camera from this point on.

Monday, June 11, 2007

on the road

Nigel and I are taking it on the road tomorrow- heading for Florida to visit the mom. (mine not Nigel's) Sophie is acting much healthier than she is and as long as she is having happy cat time, we'll do what we can. The greatest vet in the world today said, "you will do what's right for your pet, you're here, you care about her, you can't make a wrong decision." That was much more comforting than Saturday's vet who said, "x-ray! Blood Tests! Chest Tap!" Today's vet was much more compassionate and concerned about quality of life for Sophie and me. I'd want her around if I were on life support.

Husband Bob will be on his own for the week. He was practicing with his imaginary statue friend on Saturday in Pgh. Having no children generally means that pictures involve interaction with statues whenever they're available. Time to pack both clothes and fiber. Clothes are easy-fiber-not so much. I'll try not to pack the whole stash and not to double it while I'm away!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

on the lap

On the lap this evening, Sophie the Asthmatic Feline (with bronchitis and pneumonia) and another attempt at a postal bag. No swatching, no felting swatches, just jumping in, taking risks and going at it. Sophie's got another appointment at the dr.'s office tomorrow afternoon to make sure that she doesn't have some serious deadly viral thing that's progressive and will kill her in a few months. Just another day in the life.

p.s. did anyone notice on the June 9 post that I actually was waiting to cast on something until I "got gauge?" I think it's another sign of me becoming a "real" knitter. Also for the record, I considered a trip to the LYS to buy JUST ONE skein of something to see how I liked it. It didn't happen and I avoided the trip all together but once again I've discovered I have more patience than I thought I was capable of.

Crack (me up) Saturday- a day late

Yarnhog met the Crack (me up) Saturday challenge. I'm starting to think it should be like a pyramid scheme. If I am to post another next week, (and believe me there are plenty of them) then someone new will have to join Crack Saturday and let this be the home for all things Crack me up Saturday announcements.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Easy and Warm

That describes both the helmet liner and the day ahead. (I hope)

Things in my zipping mind this morning- this is a good read only if you're looking to get rid of the things in your own zipping mind.

Sophalina the gentle cat has a rib-rattling cough and has been panting. Maybe a hair ball- maybe lung cancer.

What to knit? I frogged the periwinkle square hoping to get gauge with the handspun to make the Central Park Hoodie. Not yet. There's a sock on the needles- short row done so it's easy peasy. The "instant sweater" program came in the mail yesterday and how tempting is that except that it only asks for one measurement and assumes the rest. Not loving that.

Today- a trip to the vet (maybe) and a trip to the 'burg. We are picking up train tickets in person and will peruse the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Maybe some pictures!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"why?" you ask...

Because Ruth is having a contest. I was going to get to it eventually but her post today to the tune of Neil Diamond's "Love on the Rocks" made me laugh so hard that I felt I had to do something in her direction. She's got a good cause and it took about 2 hours of crochet time to get this far on an easy pattern. It should be finished and off in the mail by the weekend. "Why crochet?" you might be asking. Because I would not subject anyone to the unpredictability of my knitting. She has a pattern for both knit and crochet on the contest page. I'm also quite the speedy sc-er. Join the fun and post a picture- good karma for all.

blessed sounds of silence

As far as I'm concerned, this is what silence looks like. When you're an elementary music teacher, you cherish the fact that the only sound you hear is the hum of the air conditioner and the computers. Everything is stored and covered and I can release myself from the pressure of feeling like I have to be a magician daily. What's it like in the real world? Do you still mentally operate on the school schedule? I've never had anything but that.

Don't be too envious of that fact. I also don't often get that feeling of a job completed. I just start all over and do it again, hoping that I've managed to do something worthwhile in the meantime. Students that have been gone for a year peek into my room and look, amazed that I'm still here teaching music, asking "You haven't retired yet???' How funny, as they work their way into grown-up-ness that their concept of time and distance is so different from mine. It's only the many shared "nows" that we have in common.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

graduation carnation

Today was "graduation day" for our sixth graders. I'm mostly never sad to see them go- not because I don't like them but more because they are growing up and they shouldn't be in elementary school anymore. For me, one student, waiting in line to receive his certificate, summed it up. He leaned over and asked me, "Why is everyone hugging each other?" Caught off guard by the question I answered, "It's just what they do-you might just want to hug and get it over with."

Monday, June 04, 2007


Happy Birthday Auntie, if you're peeking!

The best birthday I ever had was when I turned 40 and husband put up balloons and signs in the yard and all over the house and I had a double layer Boston Cream Pie birthday "cake." That one and the 5th birthday that started my musical career with a one octave electronic keyboard and big pink slippers. Any good b-day stories?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

one sock two sock

Really it's one and a half socks with a dropped stitch and triple do-over on the short row. Thing is, I love short rows, I think they're magical. I think I'm really good at them until I'm not. The picture above has nothing to do with knitting but after the picture on the last post I feel compelled to put something from my magical life in the blog. (as opposed to the 80's version) Husband and grandkids at the train station. A picture of what's to come this summer. Red sock, blue sock.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

i am a stupid head- variation one

I will be knitting socks all day so I thought I'd put up a quick post to satiate anyone as compulsive about checking their favorites as I am. Sock number one is making good progress.

Two of my favorite bloggers (on the sidebar) have posted interesting blog questions The A.D.D. knitter asks a good question about "dealbreakers" in knitting and in life. 5elementknitr has a great post on names and the funny ones she's come across in life. Those are the kinds of posts that make for interesting blogging for those of us who read the responses. There are also some really beautiful pictures under the heading of eye candy Friday

I'm thinking this picture should create a new phenomena- "Crack Saturday" Not so much because you crave it as an addict may crave crack,but because it cracks you up when it appears. It seems in blogland I am "hanging out" with a handful of people who actually went through some formative years in the 80's. I give to them my first "Crack Saturday photo" (it also may be the last) If I had been knitting back then I could have clearly found a fiber source without leaving home. I pulled off "big hair" without any hairspray back then. Just me and the perm.

Friday, June 01, 2007

special initials

o.k. so a little a.m. knitting got the heel turned BUT... just as there are special initials FO, WIP, DPNS, CIRC, for many things a-knitting, so should there be a special secret knit code for the curses that want to spew from your mouth after such a mistake is made.

i am a stupid head

My procedure for making a sock top down-

1. cast on, knit some ribbing.
2. knit the leg
3. separate stitches and knit half of them for a heel
4. pick up stitches alongside of sock
5. alternate decrease and knit rows until there are the right amount of stitches.
6. continue for foot
7. reduce for toes
8 Kitchener the end

Notice any errors? How about that short row heel shaping. Ignoring everything I know about sock construction and the approximate number of stitches I should have to decrease before moving on to the foot, I ONCE AGAIN failed to turn the heel before attaching to the sides. Only this time I knit 20 rounds down to the original number of stitches and have a sock that looks like it's for someone wearing a cast. Once in 6 months, this is an acceptable mistake if you haven't made socks in a while. Twice in one month is just ridiculous. Even when observing the giant ankle qualities of said sock I reasoned, that's ok, there will be more room for Aunties ankle. I am a stupid head.