Friday, September 27, 2013

3rd annual knit knight outing.

Dinner at the Bean Curd. Claire got the Hawaiian fried rice. A pineapple filled with fried rice and loads of seafood.


A trip to the Awesome Natural Stitches where Christina and Jack offered amazing customer service and tried some subversive marketing on us. I did not buy one skein of yarn. It helped that I snapped a few photos of my stash before I left.


That did not stop Ruth from buying me a present. She thinks I'd look good in red. See Lisa Simpson, you Could have Come!

I did spend a few dollars at Trader Joe's. I like their treats. There might have been some oats, granola, and honey sesame cashews purchased as well.


The highlight of the evening was the Giant Rubber Duck in the river. Gina would not rest until we got a good picture. I felt like we were in the Fast and the Furious dodging in and out of the city for the prize.


Oh, and there was some laughing. Lots of laughing.


Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bad Dialogue? I love it.

We watched Sharknado on Monday night. It takes a special kind of actor to work in movies like this. Not everyone can deliver that hilarious faux serious dialogue without cracking a smile. Oh how I wish I would at least get a chance to audition for a speaking part in the sequel. There has to be a sequel.

Or better still... Live on Broadway... Sharknado: the Musical. I've got to believe that bad dialogue is more hilarious live.

I love it. I love when I am laughing at it in a public place and no one understands why I am laughing.

IFC ran the movie The Warriors this evening. If like me, you too enjoy really badly written scripts, then this 1979 gem is a must see.

Does it surprise anyone that I don't really "fit in" in my surroundings. I have friends, I interact with the world. But there aren't many people that I have met who can truly appreciate the Gertrude Steinishness of poorly written (and delivered) pseudo-conversations.

Mostly after watching sharknado, I spent the rest of the evening begging HusbandBob to write me a horrible screenplay and then take me to one of the Carolinas for movie production. I'm envisioning a Blair Witch Project meets Flight of the Concords.

Once you get into the groove of the absurd, it's hard to leave.