Monday, March 27, 2017

Inconvenience, I laugh at you

1- no alarm set for work this am (glad the dog has one)
2-student teacher called in sick- have to plan on the fly
3-got charged two different prices for the same kind of orange
4-got stuck behind the western PA tow truck-  one truck attached
    by a chain to another with a car behind them blinking his flashers
     and going 15 mph.
5- favorite necklace broke during 5th grade.

Hey Monday- what else you got up your sleeve?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Is it June yet?

So this was the email I got to send to the principal after school today. In my defense there was no principal, secretary, counselor or nurse around to help man the stations. Also Sue's kids always miss the buses.

Sue's kids didn't make it to 292. I last called- waited- then sent bus- Sue's kids come walking down the hallway. I radioed Sue (couldn't get the bus radio in the locked office)- she said "I called on the walkie talkie" as you know- I acknowledge all calls- she never called. I sent them back to her to contact the parents.

2- In the middle of all of this, I get a call from Timmy Runner's mother wanting to know why she was called to tell her that Timmy was absent. I told her (because I saw The secretary's sign in sheet) it was likely because he came in late, that I was not the regular secretary and if she could call on Monday morning to confirm it that would be the best way to handle it.

Ten minutes later- as we are dealing with Sue's kids the phone rings again- Its the dad of Timmy Runner complaining that I was snippy to his wife on the phone. I let him continue- (meanwhile bus returns and I have to get those kids there) when he is finished speaking I try to tell him that it was me, explain the situation and apologize.

He wouldn't have it he went on and on about calling his buddy at at the Big Business in Town and calling the school board and his wife doesn't deserve to be treated that way. (While I was in fact short with her, I was not rude) etc etc. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I asked him if I could speak (when he finished) he said "no" and continued ranting. I talked over him and said "so rather than resolve this, you would just like to complain" (I admit that probably wasn't the best choice of words but I was full up of impatience by then) He continued to rant and I hung up. ( no bad words but on and on about calling the school board and not letting me get a word in.) Also probably not the best plan but I had three kindergarteners who were about to miss their bus a second time.

I am willing to apologize for both perceived rudeness and actual rudeness (there at the end) but I'm pretty sure he wants me fired : ) and that you're going to hear about it.

So hanging up was an error I'm ready to be held responsible for but seriously, how much patience is a girl expected to have?