Thursday, December 29, 2011

PSA number Seven (or eight)

Daughter of Sophanne gave us two great books as gifts- Food Rules- an eater's manual and Little Old Lady Recipes.

Both are funny and informative. They crack me up.

My favorite rule so far has been "Eat all the Junk Food you Want as long as You Cook it Yourself." I told husband about this and he said, "I suppose there will be an ice cream churner in our future." I'm not ready for that but I did splurge on an air pop popcorn maker.

PSA number seven or eight is this- if you have grown accustomed to the convenience and "luxury" of microwave popcorn, do yourself a favor. 1. Go to the box store. 2. Spend $20 on an air popper and $1.73 on a bag of kernels. 3. Melt a teaspoon of butter. 4. Air pop yourself some goodness- salting as desired.

You will then remember (or discover if you're that much younger than I am) what real popcorn tastes like. And compared to the six microwave bags you get for $6- you'll be saving money like crazy. In fact- you might even MAKE money!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Contemplating the travel options

We leave the west coast at 11:30 pm this evening and arrive on the east coast at 7:30 am tomorrow morning.

You get 2 seconds to guess which illness has invaded my body. Time's up. Why yes, it's holiday strep time again. I'm ignoring the rash at my armpit and pretending that it's not scarlet fever.

This got me to thinking about pictures I've seen in Japanese cities where many wear face masks to prevent the spreading of germs. I wonder if said face mask would do me any good in scoring some priority seating on the plane.

I realized a mask would be pretty obvious so I suggested to mr. Sophanne that we get hazmat suits and see if we couldn't at least get bumped up to first class. Recognizing the discomfort we might endure in those suits for six hours, we're off to but matching t-shirts that say "my leprosy is in remission."

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hats in Action

Details later (but maybe not because sometimes a picture is all you need.)

Not only did the hats fit-everyone loved them in just the way I was hoping for. What a present for me!

Also there is a flight attendant based in Seattle who is now sporting a chocolate/orange colored Clockwork (Stephen West) because there are some knits that you know will look better on someone else. You never got to see a picture of it but if you find yourself on the flight from San Francisco to Seattle you might see a beautiful mocha colored African American flight attendant wearing it. And redsilvia, I thought of you when I gave it to her!

Friday, December 23, 2011


The total count is eleven hats in twelve days. Mr. Sophanne and I will be wearing some sort of hat not necessarily knit for this occasion. Melissa- if you're reading this- surprise! (not so much.)

I suggested to Mr. Sophanne that if the recipients didn't care for them or want to hang on to them, I could find a charity to send them to. He said, "they will wear these hats and like them at least until we leave. Then I don't care." He doesn't really mean it but it was a sort of "I've got your back" statement knowing what it took to get them done.

If it isn't obvious by now, we are traveling to the west coast for a few days in the coming week. Fly in, visit, visit, visit, fly out.

It's a surprise to the grandkids- Mr. Sophanne is beside himself happy about it-there's a new grandbaby he hasn't met yet.

Now I've got to do laundry and prepare for travel. Oy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

better picture

I had to blog a better picture of Tara's greatness. Click and embiggen- seriously worth it! Also ignore the "must knot hats" of the previous post. Must knit hats... but I'm sure you realized it.

Just for one more moment of overwhelmingness- I have a Christmas cactus that bloomed. In front of it- a stocking ornament made for a friend. Behind it- Mr. Sophanne's zombiemonkey card.

But wait, there's more!

Justine brought these cookies ala Martha 5tewart last week.

Ruth made this cream cheese/cheese ball snow/igloo/penguin scene for a (non-knitting) gathering last week. Penguins are olives, cream cheese and carrots. I didn't see it live which is probably a good thing as I would have collapsed from cuteness. Some of the penguins are talking to each other. They are posed as it were.

Ruth and Gina wove in the ends to NINE hats! I won't be weaving in ends on the plane! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

What an awesome knit night- I feel unworthy of all the brilliance surrounding me. It's a good thing sometimes I make them laugh.

Tara is crazy awesome.

At knit night. Stop. Must knot hats. Stop. Tara made these stop. Crazy amazing. Stop.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I miss you.

Seven and a half hats are finished. Three and a half must finish hats to go. This total doesn't include a new and somewhat matchy matchy hat for the Mr. And I. If systems fail, we'll wear hats that were not made special for this occasion. There are several about.

I've been keeping track of bloggy things to photograph and tell you, so fear not. I shall return 13 (or maybe eleven) hats stronger.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fool's mission

13 hats in 12 days. Two (the largest and the smallest) are done. Five of the remaining 11 are smalls. It's just enough of a challenge to keep life interesting. And because it's related to Mr. Sophanne's family, I may be relieved of household chores as I knit my fingers to the bones!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

First complaint.

While this shouldn't surprise me, it still just does.

You may recall- it's all spirituals all the time for the program at school. In fact you may recall the formerly jewish buddhist singing african american song joke from an earlier post.

The complaint was not based on religion in the schools (as one might expect and really- I SHOULD be getting.) Instead someone is upset because we're doing all of those "nigra" songs.

Has anyone noticed it's full moon time again?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Show, Place, Win- the knit night version

In response to their great kindnesses on my birthday, I've been doing some knitting for the knit night friends.

First, the show- I made a "kerchief cowl" I found on Ravelry- it's marked on my page-sophanne. Sadly the yarn choice made it initially look like a neckbrace (some kind of thick llama something- in my rav stash). Justine was able to look like a cowboy and later, Cinderella. She was a gracious gift receiver. There are just some people you can give awkward knits to, knowing they'll find the humor in them. Justine is one of them.

The "place" was for kktara- it's the Effie Beret- also on my rav- done in stitchjones worsted. It's hard to see the details of the pattern (a k1p1 band and a k1p2 crown) but maroon suits her and she doesn't appear to have sustained dire neck injuries when she puts it on.

Finally- the win- was not done by me. I repeat- I can not take credit for this little piece of cute awesomeness- otherwise known as a gift that starts with the letter "s" and is under $5. Knitknightmarc crocheted this this awesome kleenex box cover- the picture is dark but trust me when I say awesome. I told him it needed a plastic cover like people used to put on their furniture to keep it clean until company comes. Then I could make one and use it at school.

There were lots of blue/green hues on the needles at knit night- something I just notice. Also there were more people there than usual. The warmth of friends made driving in the dark and stormy night worth it!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

down the rabbit hole

So, I'm thinking of rewriting the little description at the top of the blog. Instead of having it say

because not everyone here really cares- OR- Where but in the knitting of an intermediate novice (see side bar)can you find such great hope in the next finished object?


relatively rational knitting with confidence and aplomb and delusional cooking with fear and trepidation

Knitting first-

I've accepted the fact that the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (circa 2007) is never going to be completed. I gave the pattern a good look over last night, thinking that surely by now I have the skills to pull off the yoke. Then I frogged the whole thing. I have never felt better about frogging a knitted item in my life. It's been taunting me for almost 5 years. Taunt no more. I still have to frog the sleeves

Barbara Walker- Top Down Knitting- Madeline Tosh- Here's what this is so far.

Imagine my surprise when I read redsilvia's post on her Hello 80's socks. Talk about matchy matchy. The off-white cuts into the whole 80's deal a little bit but clearly the Classic Rock Hits haven't left my psyche yet.

This is going to be a v-neck cardigan. I've just finished the V, am almost done with the front and will be separating for sleeves in about 10 rows. And yes, now that you ask, I will be taking it off the size 4 needles and trying it on before moving ahead (I've done it once already) because I am a relatively rational knitter (I have a big old pile of ill-fitting sweaters to prove it.)

And now the rabbit hole.

One of my favorite iPad apps is the one connected to the site While doing some insomnia cruising I found this recipe for Hearty Vegan Slow Cooker Chili.

Mr. Sophanne eats meat with his meat. Sometimes sauce but mostly meat. He's been paying attention to his health a little bit lately so I decided "what better time to throw some vegetables his way."

I'm pretty sure I could write a crack me up blog post about the whole experience but it might take too long to read and I hate it when blog posts are too long. Suffice it to say that I had taken a day off after a really grueling school day and had intended to have a zen-like, mindful cooking experience with plenty of time to relax and cook with ease. Below are the highlights on my way to chili. Any one would have been fine- there's nothing exceptional about them but when cooking delusionaly with fear and trepidation, they are bound to happen to me all at once.

1. Buy ingredients. What, no yellow squash or zucchini? That's o.k. I'll channel the daughter of Mr. Sophanne (and call her to double check my choices) and buy butternut squash and a rutabaga.

2. Prepare the vegetables. Cut the peppers (red, green and yellow) Zen started and ended with these peppers. Instead of standing uncomfortably, I sat at the table and made perfect little squares. I am GOOD at cutting peppers.

3. Cut the onion. Now I know why people stand when they cut onions. I didn't make it to the second one because I felt like a pepper-sprayed Occupy Wall Street victim.

4. Brown the above in olive oil before putting in the crockpot. Oops. Also supposed to brown the chopped garlic. Yea, o.k., no biggie. I'll added it unbrowned. This I know will be fine.

5.Call the daughter in law for guidance on the squash and the rutabaga. "good choices" says she.

6. Prepare the Butternut Squash. (much later in the evening I YouTubed a video to see how the rest of the world does this) Nearly slice two different fingers off using different "techniques" to separate said squash from it's protective covering. I should have practiced peeling rocks first. What took Our Lady of Vegetable 5 minutes to do on You Tube took about 25 minutes at House of Sophanne. I am no longer mindfully cooking but instead, hacking and whacking at vegetables. An episode from Criminal Minds comes to mind.

7.Combine in the crockpot with previous ingredients. Oh *&@**#" I forgot to slice the mushrooms ahead of time. @@*#ing mushrooms. Hack, slice, drop.

8. This &$(@ isn't going to FIT in the crockpot no matter how small you slice it!I still have three G#$ D$#* cans of beans, tomatoes, and liquid to PUT IN!!!! Here I debate running to the store for a bigger crockpot- stupid. Instead I decreased the amount of squash and rutabaga. Upon examining the recipe reviews later, I find that others had the same trouble and found quick and easy solutions.

9. Rinse the beans (white northern and black beans...who needs those #$)%**(# kidney beans anyway-it's not going to fit) RINSE THE BEANS??? It's going to FAIL anyway. I'll run some water over them in the can and call it done.

10. Add 12 oz of tomato paste. Feeling clever, I remembered Mom of sophanne opening both ends of a tomato paste can and pushing the lid through to be sure to get all of the can's contents into the mix.

11. What I failed to remember was the giant lengthwise gash in her thumb from scraping at the edge of the can.

12. Bleed for 20 minutes, wondering if I need stitches, grateful that I wasn't on blood thinners and trying to get the rest of the ingredients in. I can't stop now- I'm on a mission.

13. Open the tomato sauce to be added. The opener, once working with ease, refuses to cooperate. I find another and have a half-a$$ed open can. Just before I stick my hand into the sharp metal I realize that a fork will do the trick just as well.

14. Attempt to open the box of vegetable broth. The pull-tab fails and I stab the opening with a knife. THAT WILL TEACH YOU BOX!!!

15. Mix it all together, naturally spilling much of the contents out of the overflowing crock.

16. Return contents to crock, set on low, cook for 7 hours.

Mr. Sophanne (who sometimes scoffs at my cooking attempts) comes home, compliments the good smells, takes a peek and says, "what meat is in it?

In the end, it tastes good. It's a good recipe. Things failed to remain mindful and zenlike after step two. When I first learned to knit, I knew that by doing so I would have to become more mindful and patient to be successful. If I manage to transfer those skills to cooking, I may be eligible for domestic sainthood.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Couple-a Heys

from the girl who should have been asleep 2 hours ago given the schedule she's got going on tomorrow.

Hey! Apple Juice, thanks for that extra arsenic. I've been forgetting to give my kids their daily dose.

Hey! Pinky-toe. How is it that you can exist all day unnoticed and then DEMAND attention once I'm warm under the covers.

Hey! iTunes. Guess I WON'T be ordering the Classic Hits of the 70's. I've got better things to do with my insomnia (so far)

Hey! Kindergartener- "Nutcrapper?" Really? Thanks for doing my crack me up job for me.

Hey! Third grader-thanks for spontaneously saying (and meaning) three words that I will remember until I'm dead "You Inspire Us."

Hey! Big Bowl of Frosted Flakes that I just ate- why do I feel I have to DEVOUR this particular brand. I don't devour other cereals. I eat them as one should eat breakfast foods- except at different times. And yet pour a bowl of frosty flakes and I am led to believe that I haven't eaten for weeks and probably won't again.

Hey! Jason Kottke liberal ARTS web site smart guy- Did you really think I'd be able to resist watching all of the Coronet Instructional Videos including the "do's and don'ts of dating" and Dick York in a h0m0er0tic video called "Insomnia" put out by the US Navy in the 1940's? call me paranoid but the biggest hit on my blog to date includes the word M0j0-hence the zeros instead of o's

Hey! blog friends- thanks for being readers- maybe if I can get some of these thoughts out of my head I'll be able to travel off to dreamland. Did this post jump around plenty for you? Try living in this brain ALL the time!

Monday, November 28, 2011

turn that frown...

upside down.

This is the week that makes me crazy. I introduced the winter program songs before Thanksgiving. Today, after a week long break, I expected all kids to come back singing them to me "glee"fully.

Here's an open thank you to third grader "Jackson" who sang every verse to Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho including the line that starts "then the lamb ram sheep horn began to blow..."

Yes- we are doing all spirituals. No it is not multi-cultural. Yes there is educational value to it. No I couldn't do another year of Rudolph and Jingle Bells without completely losing my mind. I'm a formerly Jewish now Buddhist putting together a Christmas holiday program containing African American Spirituals in a sometimes racist rural West Virginia town. I crack me the hell up.

There will be some Amens and Hallelujahs- because kindergarteners sound so adorable trying to say Hallelujah. (they also sound pretty funny saying "I'm gonna clap when the spirit says clap" because mostly the letter "L" sounds like an "R") The thing that I know the most is that there will be some music that will make the audience happy and that the kids are happy to sing which means a lot to me.

This is all about motivation- mine and theirs. At one point today I said to 3rd graders "if you are halfway good, they will clap. If you are terrible, they will clap. If you put your heart into it, they will clap and mean it like crazy."

But back to the point of this post. One thing that got me through the first day of drive me crazy week was the Keurig coffee maker that now adorns my desk with an on and off timer. Breakfast Blend first thing in the morning, hot chocolate at lunch and something called "Nantucket" that should have been called "this will give your afternoon a kick in the a$$" a little later in the day.

It could also be called "enjoy this energy while it lasts because when you come down from this, you will be useless." Such was the case by the time I got home. I was also starving. And now to the point of this post (or maybe not). Mr. Sophanne has learned about this time of year and pays attention. I said, "I'm hungry." He took charge, went to Hardees and in addition to the tacos he brought from the "Red Burrito" part of Hardees, he brought home a chocolate milkshake.

I was a wiped out zombie and he brought me a chocolate milkshake. He can be a smart ass all he wants. I don't know how lucky I am.

p.s. I am 5 posts away from post number 1000 on this blog. That's just crazy! How should we celebrate?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

score a one liner for me...

Last night Mr. Sophanne was waiting for a call from his dr. about adjusting his blood pressure medicine. He told me this but when the phone beeped in, I didn't answer it, didn't think about a dr. calling at 6:00 pm, and he missed the call. He was annoyed for a while. After I apologized for the third time he said, "It's o.k., if I die of a heart attack tomorrow you can feel bad."

I said, "It's a good thing being a smartass isn't fatal."

Every now and then the right words come out at the right time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You've Got Mail

I went to a conference in Pittsburgh this weekend, found everything and got out without causing any major traffic disruptions. Mountainmama served as navigator. That helped.

All I had time to knit once I got home was this cute little mailbox.

Also to share- some potatoes.

I Proudly present the 2011 potato crop-

Can anyone say Ireland- 1840ish? Glad I don't have to survive on them. I think we harvested too late because several of those pictured were black inside and clearly no longer interested in being sustenance. I'm going to stick them in the crock pot with a roast and some broth and some carrots tomorrow. Hopefully none of them will contaminate an otherwise easy and tasty meal.

Also at the convention center was a thing called the Handmade Arcade -sort of an Etsy live. Here I found some Monkey Zombie Art to let Mr. Sophanne know I missed him while I was gone. Nothing says I love you like Monkey Zombie Art. And for the first time since I can remember, Mr. Sophanne seemed pleased that I thought of him with a goofy souvenir. Go Figure.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Knit Knight- Birthday Edition

Birthdays are the best with people you like the most. In "day after your birthday knit knight" hoorayness I was ensconced.

KnitnightTara made me a pair of fingerless mitts (that I rudely but kiddingly requested months ago) in my most favorite color ever.

KnitnightalwaysmakemelaughJustine made me a pair of fingerful mitts that will one day have caps to cover them in some yarn that feels delicious on my fingers.

And there was a cupcake. A real one. Clandestinely escorted into Panera's, unbeknownst to them. There was very quiet happy birthday singing that I made sure I wanted to look at everyone because it was the best thing ever. Knitnighttara made the cupcake and there was a candle and it was cinnamon swirl with delicate icing and I tried to blow out one candle but couldn't even do that mostly because I was so happy to have such really great people singing TO ME and they meant it- I could tell.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Warning Warning

picture from wikimedia commons

Full moon is coming and if today is any indication, it's going to be a doozy.

I was outside tending to bus duty when a parent I had never talked to approached me and said "You took a picture of my daughter and you put all of the tall boys in front of her and I want you to know that I don't appreciate that."

Which would have been a reasonable complaint if I had actually known what she was talking about or if she would have stopped long enough when I said "wait, wait, wait" instead of shaking her head, waving me off, and refusing to speak to me.

Monday, November 07, 2011


I wonder how many chins I'll have at 92!

I also wonder how many years they will print this card so that Mr. Sophanne can get it each time to make me laugh.

Friday, November 04, 2011


I bought the tiny mochimochi by Anna Hrachovek and made a tiny cuppy-cake in minutes. Then I bought an electronic copy of her other book and soon I will knit a grouchy couch.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Possessed by things that go Bump in the Night

or why you should disable your itunes account when you have insomnia.

Have you seen that show "Sing Off?" When the acts are good on these musical reality shows, I have to wonder if and when the musician's union is going to make a fuss. All of these performers, presumably not being paid union wages to entertain anyone who will watch.

On Monday night, the Dartmouth Aires did a killer arrangement of some Queen. I am not easily impressed and I was blown away.

Fast forward to Mr. Sophanne gently snoring in anticipation of his 4:37 a.m. alarm clock and me lying awake in bed with everything but sleep dancing in my head.

hmm... that Queen arrangement made me think of the music of Queen. I think I'll look up and see what other Queen songs I've forgotten on iTunes.

*click click click search*

oh look- Bohemian Rhapsody is considered "Classic Rock." I wonder what other Classic Rock songs I've loved and forgotten. Oh look iTunes Essential has conveniently made a buyable list of Classic Rock songs

*click click click scroll*

An hour later I have purchased the entire collection of Classic Rock songs from iTunes Essential Classic Rock. Did I discern between ones that I actually like and ones that are just there. No I did not. Because I wanted to have a classic rock radio stream on my ipad.

Mind you, I am a cultivated music consumer. I listen for real. There's never been anything close to "background music" in my life. I'm either listening or I'm doing something else. Classic Rock from the 70's and 80's was NEVER a mainstay in my listening repertoire. And yet I can now dial up Don't Fear the Reaper, Cold as Ice, Nights in White Satin, Stairway to Heaven and 75 other songs that have always been "there" but never been important. I was possessed by a Classic Rock demon and have been listening to them on the mindless drive to and from work.

I wouldn't be so worried but while Mr. Sophanne was driving home from knit night, I found myself in the passenger seat trying to see if I remembered how to french braid my hair. I'm going to blame the whole episode on the vast amount of hairspray applied to my head when I got a haircut on Monday.

If you are under 30 or over 55, this post may not make any sense to you. If this is case, please enjoy some knitting.

It's Clockwork by Stephen West done in some Stitchjones and Socks that rock.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bed and Breakfast?

No- dinner and knitting. That's my big green bag under the lamp in the last picture. That chair is where I spent much of knit night last night.

KnitnightRuth gets to LIVE in these rooms! This is her house!! I was enchanted. When I wasn't sitting on my arse knitting, I was in the (not pictured- duh) dining room eating homemade vegetable, tortelini and cheesy vegetable soups. Dear Panera, you suck. Ruth rocks. The End.

KnitnightTara made cuppycakes. The hands creeping out of the chocolate ones on top were an homage to my love/hate relationship to zombies. I think she also made them special for me because I'm not so much a coconut fan. That Tara- she's always doing something for somebody. Always.

KnitnightGina-daughter of Ruth and also known for always doing something nice for somebody- made eyeball bon bons. I was trying to think of some joke about wine and bloodshot eyes but I couldn't think of a way to say it without sounding like I was talking about her ACTUAL eyes so insert your own clever banter here.

You know I've heard tell of knitting groups that branch out and do things other than sit in the corner of coffee shops and knit. Apparently now I belong to one. And while this shouldn't really surprise me I couldn't help but feel like I was a kid being invited to the "most popular kid's house" for a party.Giddy was the word of the day. Sometimes I am so simple.

Post the Two (of Three)

KnitnightRuth invited knit night to her house (see Post Three.) On the Saturday before the event, I ventured out of the 'burg and towards the City because I wanted to be able to find her house with ease.

Oh how surprised she was to have me show up 4 days early for knit night.

Not to waste a good adventure, I traveled up the pike to a yarn store. My stash of madelinetosh sock yarn has increased. My new favorite thing to knit are Stephen West patterns of which I have completed one unphotographed Clockwork and am working on Chadwick which is a design as clever as EZ's Baby surprise jacket.

Feeling confident about my ability to adventure I traveled to the Washington County Fair Grounds for the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

Not willing to admit defeat and the end of my adventure, I ignored the signs of "this isn't for you, friend."

I stood in this line to pay my $6 entry fee in blissful denial of what was ahead, thinking only of the handcrafted jewelry I was hoping to find. I'm a sucker for the sparkly. (fashionalbe sparkly- not trashy- in case you're shopping for my birthday)

Once I paid my $6, I would have skipped ahead but the man carrying the 4 ft wooden Christmas Tree kitsch and the woman with a bag of about 5 cabbage patch looking dolls were in my way. I joined the slow herd-like shuffle. I passed a baked good cart. I passed a kettle corn cart. I went into the first barn of crafts. There might have been something interesting to see. I can't really tell you as the twilight zone line of shufflers prevented any thoughtful looking. I made it through one exhibit building and high-tailed it back to my car. Having only been away from my car for about 15 minutes, it was easy to find.

The main reason to go to this festival was to notice what people can and choose to do with their hands and brains. I didn't really have any major purchase plans. I consdered my $6 the cost of a lesson learned and came home and cruised Etsy.

Where to begin?`

This working for a living-while it's a good thing- cuts into blog posting time.

Blog Post The One (of Three)

The Sky.

Sanna (or someone like her) asked blogville what the world looked like around everyone a few weeks ago. I took some pictures. The pink ones are from this morning and in no way capture the absolute spectacularness of this morning's sunrise.

Truthfully, if I weren't working for a living, I wouldn't be up and in my school parking lot (where these were taken from) to see the world. So there's another upside of having a job.

Monday, October 17, 2011

ice cream zombies and further research

It's not all always fun and games and here we go round the mulberry bush here at House of Sophanne. Sometimes there are lulls.

Not to let that stop me from blogging, Welcome to Sometimes.

THe reason I like living with Mr. Sophanne is
1. Sometimes he buys ice cream.
2. He doesn't always tell me when he does- he keeps it a secret.
3. He keeps it a secret because he knows I will look and see if he did.
4. When I look and see and he's bought some, it's like a surprise birthday party for me.


1. Mr. Sophanne LOVES those shows.
2. Me not so much.
3. They give us both nightmares.
4. He likes to think of it as a double feature.

Further research on Young Frankenstein

As mentioned before, Teri Garr and Cloris Leachman's character can be found in The Lady and the Monster.

Harvey Korman's character (mechanical arm, clicking heels and all) can be found in the Son of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, and Bela Lugosi. As can the source for the line "I think it's time we had a riot."

Bela Lugosi's Igor (Son of Frankenstein)is also reminiscent to me of Gene Hackman's role as the blindman.

Another Netflix-streaming find and another mad scientist movie I can't recommend enough- sets, costume, design, absolutely everything you could ever hope for and I keep falling asleep before I can finish it. (which I'm kind of glad about- it will last longer.)

I'm sure there are students of film that can break down every scene and reference every source. These geeks like me probably have thorough on line documentation. I refrain from the googleresearch because finding these tidbits is just like finding ice cream in the freezer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PSA number not so important

I am a big fan of "Young Frankenstein." It makes me crazy happy laughing every time.

I had, of course, always noticed the similarity between the scenes in it and the original Frankenstein movie.

What I did not realize was that there is a movie called "The Lady and The Monster" from 1944 based on H.P. Lovecraft's story "Donovan's Brain" that explains where the Teri Garr and Cloris Leachman characters come from. Dead. Ringers.

Young Frankenstein just got funnier to me if that is at all possible.

Knowing that, I'm going to guess that there is a movie out there that explains the rest of the scenes that don't connect to either of those movies and my mission is to find it. (without cheating on Google or Wikipedia)

I realize that my partial attraction to these 1940's horror flicks is that I just skip the Mel Brooks/MSTK3000 step and they make me laugh because I realize how funny they would be if someone WERE parodying them.

If you are a "Young Frankenstein" fan and have not seen "The Lady and the Monster," I strongly encourage you to do so.

Monday, October 10, 2011

you meme you

Kmkat by way of Soxanne tagged me in a pet peeve and what makes you happy meme. The only rule is that there has to be more happy than grumpy.

Pet Peeves- as a rule, I try not to have pet peeves because they'll really only drive you crazy if you buy into them. That being said I will share with you the things that have taken much greater effort to "put on a shelf and leave alone"

1. The custodian at my school does not clean my room. There are 350+ kids in and out of my room all week long and she neither empties the garbage on a daily basis nor sweeps the area rug where the littler ones sit. The tipping point this year was when I went to the custodians corner to get the vacuum cleaner she lifted her head from her mystery novel and said good morning. More aggravating is that she's a nice person and I don't really want to carry resentments toward her. To lessen the sting of this situation I've taken to vacuuming in the afternoon when she's not there. I did let her know the bag needed changed this morning.

2. Impatience in trivial matters. It makes me crazy when others, believing that the universe revolves around them (in line- in traffic- in a faculty meeting- wherever) complain about the "injustice of it all" and in turn assume that I am equally indignant with them.

3. The kid who rides his motorbike in circles right outside our window when I get home from school.

4. The New Jersey landlord who charged us $15 for leaving and frozen unopened package of kosher hot dogs for the next renter. Man, that guy got under my skin- 3 days without air conditioning in 100+ degree temperatures and HE CHARGES US???? I really can't think about that one too much. It's along the same lines- self-absorbed and uncompassionate- not to mention seedy and greedy.

Things that make me happy-

1. Rickie Lee Jones' songwriting skills

2. When my dog brings me my shoe and when she gives me extra cuddles when she knows my feet are cold.

3. The sandwich my husband makes for me every morning because he doesn't want to imagine me eating salad and fake crab out of a bag.

4. Knit night.

5. Blog friends.

6. Shoes that don't make my feet hurt. (yet to be achieved but not for lack of trying.)

7. When a kid leaves my classroom saying "that was fun."

If you've got time, I'm tagging Yarnhog, Sanna, Jellidonut, Becky at Flossy and Kate and Haley at Labor of Love- but it won't hurt my feelings if you don't do it- I know that being tagged in a meme can also be an unspoken pet peeve!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

This is a knitting blog.

And it might be nice if pictures of knitting occasionally made an appearance.

This is an extra sock yarn log cabin. I'm doing my best to destash and get rid of bits and pieces while simultaneously buying the occasional skein of sock yarn to eventually add to it. I see it being a usable size in 2021, assuming that the world hasn't ended.

This is the "make it up" cardigan from Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. The colors are a little less blue than pictured. It's in time out because I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen when I get to the armpits. As I am fearing that there will be no gratification and that it will not be instant, it's living it's life as potential right now.

This log cabin of cascade started on a whim to get rid of unruly leftovers of cascade and I'm starting to like it's randomness a bit. I actually purchased more cascade to expand the color palette and hopefully tone down some of the colors I don't love the best.

This is a stash-busting distraction. It's going to be arroyo (rav link) The original pattern calls for worsted weight on size 8's. This is sock weight on size 5's. What I'm really looking for is a long thin scarf/shawl/wrap pattern (probably with short rows) that will become one of those cool "around your neck numbers.)-also feel free to let me know of any patterns like that that you know of.

I'm pretty confident about finishing it because I want to use the new madeline tosh yarn to make clockwork - another one that I am hoping becomes the fashionable neck thing.

There are always socks on the needles. I've moved from size 2 to size 1 in my standard socking so things are taking a little longer but I'm hoping for a little more durability.

So yeah, I knit. It's just that lately it's not been as funny as when I bake.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


a day in which I recover from a knit night field trip and go to a soccer game. (and try to write that first sentence as if I were A.A. Milne)

Last night knitnight met for Chinese food and travelled to Natural Stitches. Other than the location- me being from the country side of the city, I can't get from here to there alone- this is one of the best knit shoppes I've been to. Plenty of floor space. Never any yarn falling down on your head when you try to look at a skein. A wall of needles and a wall of Cascade. I was on such a field trip "high"-but as overwhelming and overwhelmed as I was when I got there, everyone treated me like I was a normal person.

After I touched some malabrigo worsted (it's been a while) I had 8 skeins in my hands. I realized I'd have to knit a sweater and I'd blow up my stash and put them back. I picked up 4 with mittens and a hat plan- but I really can't plan and then buy yarn. I do better if I buy yarn and then plan.

4 skeins of MadelineTosh sock yarn and 2 setts of additurbo lace (even on sale) nearly broke the budget but I did manage to pick up some random cascade to add different colors to the neverending log cabin afghan I'm working on.

All of this is pretty meaningless without pictures. When I read blogs I get bored looking at skeins and reading plans so I'll just leave it at- hey- I got some yarn and I hope to knit it. When I do I'll tell you about it.

One of the best parts of the night was getting to meet a devoted blog follower- Lisa! I know she wasn't expecting it but I had to hug her when we met. She once told knitnight Gina that she thought I was funnier than the YarnHarlot and should write my own book. You can't BUY friends like that!

THEN this morning my sister phoned to let me know that my nephew's Green Team would be playing soccer RIGHT HERE IN THE BURG. Speaking to him was prohibited but I did grab a shot of the winning team coming across the field. I also waited like a groupie near the bus to give a quick point "hello" and a thumbs up "good game." Very discretely of course. He's one of 2 9th graders playing varsity and I didn't want to be responsible for humiliating him.

Sister, niece and other nephew had to head to another game to be cheerleader, cheerleading coach, and spectator respectively immediately after the soccer game but I did manage to snap a picture or two of the green family.


Tuesday, October 04, 2011


If you live near where I live and you let them squeeze the girls with a giant machine, you get a prize package in the month of October. Go get those girls squeezed. I dare you. I double dog dare you!

ETA I can't believe it took me all afternoon to realize that it was the booby prize!

Monday, October 03, 2011

The truth is...

my Black Forest Cake did not turn out as I had imagined. I could tell you where the recipe came from but I'd likely be sued for libel.

At first it appeared to have great potential.

But after things cooled off, they didn't quite want to stay together.

Vowing not to trash the whole thing, (it really tastes good) I tried to paste it together a little.

The artistes among you will quickly recognize the cherries on top as a distraction to the disaster below.

Finally I realized that I had forgotten a key ingredient-

the shaved chocolate on top.

When Mr. Sophanne saw the final product, he doubled over and choked on his own spit. I don't give that much credence though because he guffawed when I bought a 9x12 baking dish last week.

It now occurs to me why they have cake baking contests at county fairs.

Don't you wish it was summer and I could adventure every day?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SEVEN! (If you count the littler one)

That's how many friends I had all at once at the same time. In case anyone is worried that I don't have any friends, here is some internet proof. We got to eat at the "big table."

This is the zombie alpaca on the farm.

Here are the other alpacas not afraid of the zombie alpaca since alpacas are herbivores- I guess the zombie alpaca eats dead grass (there's your answer KnitNight Marc!) The littlest one was born on Monday and was sheared while we were there.