Saturday, January 27, 2007

chocolate and lime shebert and hair-assment

The back and front left side are on stitch holders. When to block? Do I have the fortitude for two arms and a right front? I can only hope. Today might have had more knitting had I not gone for a hair cut.

Friday, January 26, 2007


An afternoon of teacher's meetins and no knitting to be found. Who knows what I"ll try to put together!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The gentle cat

Sophie girl

Can We Be Honest?

Nothing has a place and nothing is ever in it. I have revealed the knitting cauldron at my side. If you look closely, you will see Noro Iro in the back once a sweater with elephant sleeves waiting to be transformed. In front some Topaz ginger and another color-who knows. The water bottle in the back and a model from the Sundance catalog wearing a cable sweater that I believe I can someday duplicate. Oh so proud of the needle case. A brief attempt at order. Needles askew as if it didn't even exist. Books, directions, some mohair I found in Portland Maine for $1 skein. How could I not?
My favorite blogger on the cover of the knitting calendar. Above the free printed pattern pages, honey sticks of various forms- just in case. Packets of nicorette that are "done." A garbage can by the knitting cauldron? I think not, something might accidentally get thrown away. This is my place. This is my space.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

free cable

yarn as a present from the principal makes a lovely cable hat. The first FO that I've cared to put out there. Thanks to Wendy's knit and tonic to make me think this is how it should be