Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Nutella Diaries - Season 1 Episode 1

Behold the items that have been subjected to Nutella-  so far, all have been winners.   Annie has a no bake Nutella cheesecake recipe and Becky suggested Nutella in a milkshake.

Interesting little tidbit about Mr. Sophanne.  He didn't know that milkshakes can be made by blending ice cream and milk.  He thought maybe there were some special unattainable ingredients involved.  When he brought home a half gallon of ice cream for milk shakes I was so excited about milkshakes that I forgot to add the Nutella.  

In tartar sauce news, I've found something worse than roast beef and tartar sauce.  It was a Friday night and the free casino buffet had fried fish on the menu.  A little further down, near the desserts, they had some strawberries.  Next to the strawberries was a big ole honkin' bowl of tartar sauce.  Because it was in close proximity to the strawberries and VERY far away from the fried fish, I assumed it was some sort of fruit dip.  (The casino buffet rarely just has plain delicious healthy fruit available).  The looks I must have gotten when drizzling my strawberries with tartar sauce probably didn't hold a candle to the one I made when I tasted it.

eta.. and because I am who I am and rarely finish one task before beginning the next, I just walked into the kitchen and wondered "why is my Nutella posing with all that food."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Please who can somebody diagram these sentence that I did got in a email today from a person what can be the boss of people.

Please read the memo and pass on any areas you would like consideration to be spoke on.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No small hanging detail

Here you see the "man hooks." Around these parts I am generally drop the layers on the kitchen table. Mr. Sophanne is the hanger-upper.

(This could possibly be because he's got the market cornered on every over the closet handy hook)

There is a new addition to this particular collection. In the middle of the giant bathrobe, sweaters, jacket and hat is a knitted scarf I made several years ago. Suddenly it is manly and warm enough to declare as his own. The number of knitted items for Mr. Sophanne has increased to three.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knit night profile and a premise for a new tv show.

Subtitle: who thought it was good idea for me to have so much easily accessible technology.

Knit night profile:

Say hello to knitnightalison and a list of things I can tell you about her.

She's an ironic magic fairy princess somewhere between Briar Rose (some sort of former Snow White and last years Halloween costume) and Alice in Wonderland only smarter and funnier.

I can't use her real name because she has an occasionally stalking ex.

KNA was an archeologist for a while. She had to find a different job when the economy went belly up.

She shares my Spidey hearing sense and when the bass line in Panera's Muzak begins farting over an inadequate sound system we both begin laughing and no one else knows why.

There is always a subtle one-liner spoken quietly and with aplomb that absolutely slays me. Tonight's was "that turtle was a real jerk." The best part in that "you had to be there" moment was that she was talking about a real turtle.

And the reason for the picture below is that a few weeks ago I got schooled in Nutella (something I'd never had) and while it sounded interesting I knew and said it was one of those things I'd never buy. Tonight she brought me two giant jars. I now know Nutella.

And now the tv show-

3rdyearmedstudentknitnightJustine shared the app Speed Anatomy. My science knowledge is just about zip, nil and none. I manipulated the high school and college course selection system so that I could learn as little as possible and still make passing grades. On reflection, it was boring as hell.

3ymsknJustine played speed anatomy for a while as I watched entranced. Thn she opened the $50/mo app with diagnostic medical questions. As I joined the fun I knew the meaning of about 35% of the actual words. That did not stop me from offering my answers on the multiple choice questions. After scoring our quiz it turns out she got the highest score ever on the quiz.

Enter the tv show. Hospital show. Doctors, medical students, interns and me (or someone who plays me on tv) offering knowledge based on absolutely nothing except the words they hear that they may or may not know. Think of a show that's the opposit of House only with the same wry, smug humor in my character when I outsmart the real medical staff

Introducing Miss Deb

The first in what may be a series of mini iPad posts. I've never had a camera so handy. Welcome to 2013, Sophanne!

This is Miss Deb. She is the parent volunteer coordinator at my school and if there is a festive occasion, she is dressed for it. Maybe I'll do a series of holiday posts featuring her stylishness. It should be documented somewhere!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Cables anyone? Said Annabelle.

Someone here saved her $$ and now she has an iPad mini and can snap pictures at will.... Beware!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Drive by posting

Having not gone to knit night on Tuesday, the weekly dose of the interesting and peculiar is not what it usually is.  However....

Yesterday morning a mama at school was talking to a papa at school who was holding a little one (age 1 or 2.)  Mama said, "My look how he has grown."

I cracked up.  What if adults would say these things to each other.  Later in the day I finally convinced that same mama to play that game with me.  We both said to each other "look how you've grown!"  and laughed and laughed.

And, based on the photo below you get one guess as to what Aunt of Sophanne and I will be doing in June.  I am so excited.  And those four words have really been all that I can utter about it since it came about!