Thursday, October 31, 2013

What does a dragon say?

PEW!  PEW! pew! pew!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



To the left, Knitnightgina is fixing my lace errors. To the right, knitnightjustine is fixing my k1p1 errors after I turned them into cables when they slipped off the needles. I am the "queen" of knitnight. Servants abound.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I had a massage therapist.

I met her because she gave 5 minute massages on Teacher's Day and I missed it so I went to where she worked to get a massage.  I teach her kids.

Every time I saw her I would laugh and laugh at one thing and another.

One day we became friends.  It was like the best friend in high school that knows what you're thinking before you can say it.  And laughs at the same seemingly ridiculous unfunny things that you do.

Last week during the massage she suggested that when she is working, body parts and muscles make sound effects depending on how loose or stiff they are.  She demonstrated.  Keep your eyes and ears posted for an avante-garde theater piece coming to your area.

Also she told me this story:

One day during massage school she went to an outside agency to get a massage.
Twenty minutes into the massage she opened her eyes to see that the masseuses thumb had been replaced by a big toe.

I'll just wait a minute to let that sink in.

Don't worry, it was a donor toe.  Or not.  Or maybe she had a thumb on her foot.  None of this was clarified, as nothing was asked or said about the toe thumb.

Later discussions at massage school centered around whether the masseuse should have warned the client that she had a toe where her thumb should be.  Not sure what conclusion they came to, as I never really got past the "really????" part of the story.

This week she has a job interview in the big big city and I'm taking her.  It's the big big city that I've been saying I'm pretty sure I could get around in but haven't tried it yet.  It should prove to be an adventure.

I have some blog guilt going on.  I don't read the blogs of my friends as much as I once did.  I catch up once a month or so.  It makes me think that I have "no right" to be blogging.  But then I realize that I won't remember the toe thumb story in 5 years if I don't put it here first so I guess what I'm saying is;  I'm sorry I haven't been such a good commenter/reader.  You can quit reading my blog and it won't hurt my feelings.  I might not write as much but I'm thinking that you can count on some funny when I do.

Also- working on Bigger On the Inside (from Knitty) in Stichjones' Whovian Blue.  Love It.