Friday, August 31, 2007

'Nudder Bunny

Where's Alice when you need her? She needs to head back down that rabbit hole and tell them to BE-WARE. Anniebellum brought home another live one and plopped him on the floor. (Mind you, she has to squeeze between about a foot and a half of screen door and sliding glass door to do this.) She is dedicated.

This time GHB was home and after very explicit and repeated instructions (as in STANDING AND STARING DOES NOT COUNT AS DOING SOMETHING!), he managed to get cat away from da bunny. Wanting to try something new and maybe not scare the bejesus out of the bunny chasing him to the door, I picked him up and walked him outside. He was the size of my fist and I fell in love with him for 3 minutes and then I set him free.

Last night 1/2 row on TY. It's not so scary with a lifeline. And a vest with a center cable in "Allergic to Wool" bulky yarn (cotton and some shiny stuff) on size 13's. I need some instant gratification after those teeny cables.

The Plan? I am giving myself a blog-reading "time-out" either tonight or tomorrow morning. It's really ridiculous to spend more time blogging about knitting than actually knitting. (This is what happened on Wednesday.)

This just in... Yarny Old Kim has the coolest pictures on the planet on her web site today CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Loose Ends-

A collection of randomness

Thanks to Yarny Old Kim for a Rockin' Girl Blogger shout out. Seeins how I found everyone on the Blogroll via a previous round of Rockin' Girl Bloggers- I don't have anyone to shout out to. Except for maybe my mom- not sure she'd want that- let me know mama.

After further conversation, here at the WV/PA Mason Dixon Line, mud bogs are real. It's a big ole thang of mud that you drive yer 4 wheelers n dirt bikes through. Get it?

Last night after the Open House, the knitting space drew me in like a magnet. When I couldn't keep track of 33 stitches for a chevron patterned scarf (saw it somewhere as a way to make good use of leftover sock yarn) I knew I could only look fondly at THE PROJECT and not try to do any work on it. I also almost accidentally typed "Tangled Web" when refering to it earlier today.

As I was goofing around with the chevron, GHB asked "what are you working on?" Now I could be mistaken, but I think he noticed that it wasn't the Tangled Yoke and it wasn't a sock. Or else maybe he was just making conversation. My reply- "I have no idea. I just need to knit."

Lydee had the Hatfields and McCoys at her open house. I'm starting to convince myself that if I predict the future on this blog, the opposite will happen.

The parents of the kids that are secret favorites stopped by to say hey in a sort of, "you're a funny person, you crack my kids up" kind of way. Their kids (who are unfortunately often neglected due to their well-behaved temperments) also came in playing and smiling, as if they knew that the parents of the kids with less well-behaved temperments NEVER come to Open House.

The A.D.D. Knitter totally captured my feelings about school starting. So glad to have the lunchtime blogs to check to see what everyone who gets to stay home is doing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kno Knit Knite, KDamn

Gnit Gnite was superceded by School Open House Night. Those evil schedulers.

If you go to School Open House(s) for your kid(s), might I suggest that you pay a visit to the music teacher. Mostly I'll be "doing time" for two hours while parents and kids visit the regular classroom teachers. All so that I can have 1/2 day off on December 21st. I'd be inclined to skip it but I know I'd regret it later.

Because the school is 20 miles from home, I've decided to stay here until it begins at 6:00 pm so instead of getting 2, they suck 4 hours out of me.

One of these days the internet, the air conditioner and my computer here at school will all work on the same day. That will be cause for celebration.

As to where kids have "journey-ed" this summer- no deep thoughts but one kid said he went to "mud bogs" I said, "what's in a mud bog?" (before I could think clearly) and he of course said, "mud." Now there's a road I haven't taken.

Monday, August 27, 2007


by which I mean more like micro-managing and micro-reporting rather than knitting with dental floss and toothpicks.

My tone of yesterday's post no doubt seemed a little desperate. I am so grateful to Carla and Kim for suggesting a lifeline. I thought of that when I first looked at the pattern and was so excited to get started, it completely left my brain.

Instead I somehow thought that I could place stitch markers at every repeat of the pattern. This would have been fine if indeed the number or set of stitches between these stitch markers remained consistent. Row 1 (of 18) is complete and very likely off by a stitch. Row two is a purl row and I've decided, rather than drive myself crazy, to give that misplaced stitch to KG (Knitting Goddess). I'm pretty confident that I have the right number of stitches so I'm putting a life line in now and not fretting.

Tedious tedious tedious. Who Cares Sophanne? Most of us have beautifully knitted sweaters that we don't talk much about until they're done and on our bodies with a seemingly perfect fit! (O.k. now I'm talking to myself on the blog-yikes)

Mostly the point of this post is to say many many thanks to the commenters whose blogs clearly demonstrate their experience and yet who were willing to encourage and assist me in a mini-crisis.

This job thing has seriously cut into my knitting time. I even SKIPPED the afternoon "get home from school nap" to work on the purl row. On the flip side of that, with a Tangled Yoke yoke in crisis, I was able to focus my drama-lovin' self on that and ignore any and all work-related-pseudo dramas.

oh yes- as to asking kids where they've traveled this summer (we didn't get into the metaphysical just yet) the most popular venue was a newly built swimming pool/water park. Location? here in the 'burg. Just goes to show you I don't know everything there is to know about the 'burg AND that it was a good idea not to go to the pool after all.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

sunday lessons learned

Set up and row one of Tangled Yoke attempted. This is going to kick my knitting ass. As of right now I lack the attention span required to make this look anything like it's represented on paper. I've set it aside. It's not hard. I'm just unfocused.

If you put garbanzo beans, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic in a blender, it's instant hummus. Yes, the last two batches were made using a mini-food processor-seriously slow and annoying.

Lesson #1 Just because you fly through the body, doesn't mean you'll jump into the yoke.

Lesson #2 How to use a Blender.

Likely none of this is news to any of you. I believe I'll maintain my status as intermediate novice knitter and "muggle" in the kitchen for now.

Socks anyone?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

recovering from being developed (CMUS)

So rather than continuing to rant on about the time wasted spent during the last 3 days, I did a quick search. Follow the links if you're interested in where "the Man" has been taking Lydee and I. Technology 2008 Preparing our students for a changing world and FISH!(based on the philosophy of the Seattle Pike Place Fish Market) Lydee- if you haven't had this one yet, it's coming.

As with all things, there is good to be gained if you are looking for it. Thanks to all for their 2 cents worth on the previous rant. Yes, yes, yes, say I.

And now for something completely different.

There's about 1 1/2 " until the tangled yokiness begins. The washing machine ceased to work the day after the well broke- Stupid$ear$ (don't get me started) is delivering a new one tomorrow. (I don't know when they started delivering on Sundays) With a week and a half of laundry to do, I'm thinking I'll maybe get to start a tangled row then. Knitting Spaz finished hers!

So that reminds me of a conversation I overheard from a couple that had been married for 50 years.

Her: you put the clothes in, you pour in the detergent, you set the button.
Him: That's all there is to it?
Her: possibly realizing that he might think she's been scamming him all these years Well, not really, but for you, that's good enough. There's the fabric softener, the ironing... etc. etc.
Him: oh.

kmkat has a beautiful eye-candy Friday picture of The Cape of Good Hope. I share with you one of the moments I captured in the same place.

Now everyone out there please pray that I don't have some sort of sleeping disorder which will cause me to burst into "nap" on the first day of school.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

On our Arses Eating Ice Cream

According to all educational leadership powers that be, it's only a matter of a few years until we'll all be sitting on our arses eating ice cream while China and India become world domi-nations. I don't want to get on a soapbox here, but there's a little bit of Eastern Philosophy that would do our neck of the woods more than a little good. Lydee appropriately addressed the crisis to the tune of Yesterday. We have definitely been innundated by another Sputnik-think in the school system. I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't for the fact that as the music teacher I am the MOST capable of higher order thinking and the LEAST likely to get technology to share with my students.

Oh wait, this is a knitting blog, a place that combines new technology that's taking over the world and an ancient art involving fiber and sticks. you mean it doesn't have to be black and white?

Yea, so anyway, the sleeves are attached to Tangled Yoke. There would be pictures if the rechargable batteries in the camera weren't deader than dead. And again, it is Five Hundred Eleventeen Degrees outside. I can seriously smell the felted bag sweating. Three inches until I get to the Tangled part and then the "Yoke's on Me."

Get used to less knitting posting and a little more "holy crap I'm back at work" posting for a while until I get my "sea legs."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good News- Bad News

The Good News is...

Your classroom floor has been waxed and shined.

The Bad News Is...

Please don't put anything on it for 24 hours. We have to buff it.

Good News: Laptop and data-projector for your classroom

Bad News: NO INTERNET ALL DAY. SERVER BLOWN! Oh, and by the way, this laptop's to old to handle either Google Earth OR your Ipod

Good News... Mildly intersting National Speaker in quasi-dark conditions (What? That's good news?)

More Good News... Time to work on the pie shawl and feel like I'm not really at work.

Even Gooder News- the package from ChickenLips arrived today. ChickenLips or not, she knows how to send a prize ( I could take lessons) Stitch markers (the first I've ever had that weren't plastic), the Vogue Shawl book- I've been SO thinking about and looking for what's in this book. It almost makes me want to "frog the pie" (Now those words make me laugh) and of course, the fabulous Kona Cotton yarn. Yards and Yards of it.

Knit Knight last Knite (I'm seriously wondering how many misspellings of that there could be.) I accidentally bought more yarn in between finishing sleeve #2 and trying to figure out the directions for the next step. It's some bulky "I'm allergic to wool" brand cotton/rayon blend but I like it's chunkiness and color. As always, it was just a great place to be.

But sophanne, you ask, "Where are ALL THE PICTURES" we don't want to have to read the dumb words. And I'm telling you- it's too hot to leave the air-conditioned room so they might have to wait until I don't feel like I'm drowning in the air that I'm breathing (it's not the gauge, it's the humidity)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Thoughts while working on sleeve #2

On Wednesday I go to school to get the music room ready for the kiddies. As part of this yearly adventure I like to have a theme that sort of guides me through the year and keeps things from getting monotonous.

Usually I use a nature theme. Last year's was "Earth Air Fire Water." The year before it was "Rivers." One year it was "Trees." It's pretty amazing how you can connect everything in the seven steps to Kevin Bacon kind of way.

When kids come back from summer vacation they all have a story to tell. I like to hear them but struggle to find a way to incorporate it and make it meaningful. So... this year's theme will be "Journeys" with the motto of "Are We There Yet?"

And I'm not really just talking physical journeys. I want them to think about the school year with a new classroom teacher and new stuff to learn as a journey. This will eventually lead to the whole music-making as process vs. product; the journey vs. the destination. To get things rolling, I was thinking about, instead of asking where they've been, asking them how they are different now from who they were at the beginning of the summer. How do your kids answer that question?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sleeve #1 un fait a complis

Nothing else to say except if you're in the mood for a well-written knitting cautionary tale, visit Knottykitty Knits It's one of the best I've read and I will take heed.

I won I won I won

Fate and the Knitting Pranksters have smiled upon me!

I won this

in a random number generator contest from Sharon

Clearly karma sensed the onset of depression of the school year beginning and enjoyed the mania of my sweater knitting (sleeve #1 is almost done) and decided to reward me with the anticipation of a package in the mail. Yippee!

By the way, she has an awesome looking tomten on her site so be sure to check it out.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Blogging will resume as soon as this crazed-obsessed-tangled yoke knitter comes back to her senses.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Incredible Hulk

Just as the Incredible Hulk reveals himself at the sight of injustice, so too does my crazed-obsessed-knitter-self come to the fore when working on a sweater.

Lacking the wisdom and foresight of the Incredible Hulk, I initially chose to ignore the Knitting Pranksters when they revealed two rows of non-ribbed garter stitch about 1/3 and 2/3's up the ribbing of the sleeve.

Today I will be frogging the sleeve. I realize that it's possible to make the same mistake in the other sleeve and call it a design element, but I know it will drive me crazy so into the pond it must go.

Somewhere between the first and last 2 inches of the body (probably as I was color coding the cable chart in anticipation), the thrill of the process was replaced by the thrill of the product.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are you pumped?

We will be. Lance and Bob (not GHB) are working on our water supply right now. Just in case there's interest, we have a 140 ft. well that requires a 3/4 horsepower pump. We had a 1/2 horsepower pump with extended fans. We're also getting a new pressure switch. woo hoo.

I hung out with repair guys earlier and was put to work carrying a 4ft iron T-bar with a hose attached as they lifted the old pump from the well. It was my "cross to bear" for a few minutes and it made me laugh. No one was around for a photo op and I figure the well guys would have really thought I was whacked.

Speaking of cracking me up- MagsHamBun has knitting on the brain at the end of this post- check it out if you need a laugh.
A cry from the bathroom- "Hey Honey?"

I just changed the toilet paper roll, there are plenty of clean towels as well as clothes to start the day.


"Did you turn off the water?"

"No. (supremely annoyed that he would suggest that I'd do something so stupid.) I'm checking the a.m. blogs"

"The water is off. I just got my hair full of shampoo. Will you flick the switch to the well pump?"


a few minutes later

"Did you flick it?"


"My hair is full of shampoo. We don't have any water. Will you come help me?"

If the pump to your well stops working and you accidentaly forget that there's water in the dehumidifier, Giant Eagle Seltzer Water can substitute as a way to rinse the shampoo from your hair. It's best when heated in the microwave to take off the chilly edge.

The water came back on for the afternoon and stopped again around 7:00 pm. The plumber will be called tomorrow. Not sure if he's really a plumber or a well guy. All will be revealed.

Later that evening...

"We won't have water for coffee." says GHB.

Noble sort that I am, I said, "I'll run out and get coffee while you're in the shower."

"Very funny." says he.

"What?!" says defensive PMS-y me, resenting the fact that he couldn't see how thoughtful I was being.

"While I'm in what shower?" says he.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knit Knight 3

For those of you who regularly attend LYS knit knights, this post will possibly elicit a slightly knowing, kind and condescending "Duh." But it's my blog as an intermediate novice knitter and to not include my weekly amazements would be leaving something out of my record for posterity.

I have the sense of humor of someone who is 10. I don't even remember what I was laughing at but I do know that when I left, there was that internal feeling of having laughed a lot which makes a person feel so great.

I'm pretty sure not everyone was struck in the same way by the things that popped up in my head but instead were laughing just at my laughing. An example was my glee at saying "baa" as I pressed the belly of my new sheep tape measure and it's measuring tail snapped back inside itself.

The LYS owner (Denise) had steeked her Kauni and I got to see it first hand. Unbelievable. She also didn't mind offering aid on the Tangled Yoke even though it wasn't shop yarn in use. Says she, Before we opened this store, X from X Needleworks, accosted me in her store and informed me that the yarn I was knitting with wasn't from HER store. When we opened this one (there are 5 owners) we swore we'd never be like that.

After I was whining about the gamble of the size of Tangled Yoke, Denise asked me if I did a swatch and got gauge. I said I did a swatch and then said, why don't you check the gauge for me and see if I'm really getting it. There was that moment after counting- a standoff of sorts- she said What did you need? I said What did you get? and then we both came up with the number 6. I don't recall ever being happier and more relieved to hear someone say "six.

She offered some additional help- for some reason I can mentally visualize top down knitting better than bottom up. Maybe because I'm so tall. It's just about time to start the sleeves. I've got 14" of body and it's flying along. Every so often as I contemplate attaching the sleeves I recreate the mental image she offered of how it will work.

There were 2 people I hadn't met yet- Ann and her adult son. Ann had lots of stories about herself to tell and it was most interesting to watch the regulars tune her in and out in the way one might go about reading one of those endless blog posts that have a lot of "first we did this, then we did this, then my sister went here" without any real reflection but just words for the sake of them. At one point her slightly peculiar adult son said to me "You better watch yourself, she's bigger than you."

And the final bonus of knit knight. While vacationing, the 5 yo grandson regularly (as in after every knitted row) asked Am I knitting? Am I doing it? Am I a good knitter? It made me laugh but I answered him every time as if he hadn't just asked it. Going to knit knight is like having someone answer the same question for me.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Quantity vs. Quality

It seems the 'burg is planning another reason to close High St. I'll be skipping this one but would be remiss not to inform the blogging masses.

Thanks for the great lunch ideas. There are enough to keep me from being too depressed about packing a lunch. I'm looking forward to trying them. GHB, feeling left out of the blog the last few days suggested that maybe in an alternate universe someone is looking for what the worst things to take for lunch are. I think he called it BoogerLunch.

When I "cook", it's really not cooking. It's more akin to the way I got a C- in high school chemistry. Let's just try some stuff and see what happens (it would have been MUCH worse if I hadn't had the valedictorian as my lab partner.)

That being said, I gift you my own new favorite breakfast recipe:

One mashed banana, a generous handful of oats, some squirgees of honey (the kind in the bear container) and a couple of tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter. Mix the first 3 ingredients and then mix in the peanut butter. Too much peanut butter ruins it (even if you love peanut butter enough to get married to it.) Eat with a spoon and a LARGE glass of milk. I haven't named this delicacy yet. I've got to wait and see if it catches on. Maybe don't look at it while you eat it because it looks really really gross.

Finally- 3 more inches on the Tangled Yoke. If I keep posting with progress, I'll continue to be delusional encouraged about whether it's going to work.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Viva L'Italia-What's for Lunch?

Sit and Knits can be as much of a bad influence as imaginary blog friends. One of the topics of last Tuesday's knitting conversation were Chamilia Italian charm bracelets. I didn't really plan on being one of "the gang"-not being much of a joiner- but the compulsive shopper got the best of me in the shop that they mentioned that I accidentally found. A little later I had this charm bracelet.

So far the charms on it are a bunny and an ice cream cone in honor of the two most exciting things that happened this summer. Coming soon in the mail (thanks ebay-another topic at the Sit and Knit) is an Empire State Building (where my husband proposed marriage) and a Buddha charm. So, as if I needed it, there's just a little more incentive to go to Tuesday's sit and knit.

Also on the Italia front- the thought of packing lunches once school starts. Last year I packed the same lunch every day. Salad in a bag, fake crabmeat, and whatever salad additions that struck my fancy for the week (baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, Greek olives, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, etc etc.) I lost 10 lbs by just ending my love affair with carb-ridden school lunches. I'm looking for variations on the above or thoughts on what healthy combinations of food you pack for lunch. I'm trying to stay away from salt-ridden-over processed foods.

Finally some Knitting Content-

Progress on the Tangled Yoke.

(I know there's some clever way to play with the words Tangled Yoke and Mangled Italian but it's not working for me right now)

I'm about 5 inches into it all and other than a slip here and there with the garter rib (done especially for you, Goddesses of Knitting), I'm getting a good vibe about it. The Jaeger Tweed is a dream with the KnitPicks Options. When concentrating, I can really speed along. When not concentrating, I can speed along and have several "do-overs."

and look... I just noticed... it matches the carpet! That will be GREAT when I have to ball it up and throw it on the floor because it doesn't fit!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Heat, It's Hot!

This afternoon's trip to the Greene County Fair revealed that it's not just me affected by the recent heatwave.

The first indication was at the entry gate. Admission may be $8.00 but it's free if there's no one there to collect the money.

To my immediate right was this sculpture(?) that had seen better moments. Any guesses from seasoned fairgoers as to the purpose this thing might have served?

The building housing the fiber exhibits had less than an inviting look. It's a little worse than last year when the doors were locked but all of the exhibitors were inside fiddling with their work.

While there were a few food stands open, (likely for the 4Her's taking care of their animals) none of the usual fare was available.

On the upside, I didn't have any carny operators eyeing the cash in my wallet.

The animals told the story.

And if that weren't enough, as I tried to snap a final picture of empty picnic tables under the tent, my camera reported the following-


In fairness to fair organizers, I found out later that things really start kicking at 4:00 (it was only 2:00) Is this the case with all fairs?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

crack (me up) Saturday (a day early)

Not much going on except for knitting and perusing blogs. No pictures of worth to post but the header at slow knitter cracked me up as did today's post.

ok-it's actually 2 days early and the slow knitter post is July 25 but I'm giving up all sense of time and jumping into the knitting/blogging/Law&Order vortex

Some thoughts on sweaters

I may be wrong, but I'm guessing I've hit a point in the stage of intermediate noviceness that many knitters face.

My Sweatery Past

I've completed 3 sweaters in my life.

One was crochet and I followed the pattern exactly except for the suggested yarn and checking for gauge. It called for worsted, I used Lion Brand Homespun. Having never assembled a sweater before, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the "pattern pieces" were exactly that-pattern pieces. They were, however, somewhat larger than I was used to sewing together. duh.

Sweater number 2 was a cardigan knitted with some topaz gems. Still no swatch. I did use something close to the suggested yarn but really had no idea how much time one should spend on finishing a sweater and had only done some cursory reading on the concept of blocking. I thought I'd "whip it right up." I also didn't really measure myself. Closer but a little small and falling apartish.

Sweater number 3 used Wendy Bernard's Flair pattern. I got gauge but used such a weird ass yarn that it hung way funny and having just made one that was too small, I overcompensated by about 6 inches or so. I did experience raglan sleeves knitted in the round which made my not so great at finishing self very very happy.

I've made 2 vests. One was ginormous (that swatch thing again.) The other fits, but rather closely. I don't really count these as part of the big picture because the only seams were the shoulder seams and there weren't any sleeves to contend with.

My Sweatery Present

I have in my stash enough yarn to knit at least 4 sweaters.

I have plenty of potential patterns including ones I tried to create myself with Sweater Wizard 3.0

Here's the thing. I don't believe the tape measure. I don't believe the numbers that other people give as sizes. In spite of my swatching I don't believe the numbers when I count stitches for gauge. I find myself wanting to "round up"-just in case.

I've had just enough experience to know what can go terribly terribly wrong and not enough experience to keep remembering and living with the fact that it's going to take some practice and patience to pull this off.

My Sweatery Future

It was my own "blog motto" ... where but in the life of an intermediate novice... and a pattern from Eunny Jang in the fall Interweave Knits that combined some stash that I had no idea what to do with that finally gave me the strength to try again.

Two of my current WIP's are garter stitch-mindless meeting knitting (unless of course you turn your work and go in the wrong direction while you're at the sit and knit-I don't want to talk about it.) The third is a sock which I feel completely comfortable with. I can knit socks.

Knitting brain was ready for a challenge. I've cast on for the sweater and finished about six rows. I'm still feeling o.k. about it but I also still didn't believe the numbers and kicked it up a size. It's very possible that I'll be having a contest in late January for a fabulous sweater that is entirely too big. I'm guessing that I know how Faith came up with the title of her blog.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sat and Knat- a second time

In order to keep mold and dust from forming on my slothful-slovenly self, I pushed myself out the door and to the Tuesday night Sit and Knit. Actually- the LYS is only minutes from the local slot machine palace so GHB was more than happy to join me on the trip up the road which we now call "Vice Alley"

Yarnhog recently posted and pondered thoughts on knitting friends in blogland and the friends we make in real life. Does the internet make us less judgemental and more tolerant. After a sit and knit (it's not quite a blue enough state to call it a StitchNBitch) I am willing to believe that it is not the internet so much that makes friend-making easier but instead the knitting itself.

I faced a room of 6 strangers and can honestly say that if it had been "real life" I would have made a few snap judgements, decided who I was going to like and not like and proceed from there. Because they all had needles and projects that I wanted to see and know about, it was impossible to follow that not so great plan.

Darla had itty-bitty baby sweater sleeves, Stephanie had an entrelac bag that she was going to felt, Dee was working on felted slippers, Chris was casting on a sleeve in black and white intarsia, Kyrsten was doing a swatch for a sweater and Denise, one of the owners had that really cool Dutch yarn for the sweater that begins with a K that I don't remember. I got to see the body of it in person AND she's going to have to steek it to make it a cardigan. Justine, the owners daughter, sat ready with the new interweave magazine and at the internet to investigate all things mentioned.

The personalities reminded me so much of what's already here on-line. Darla made sure everyone felt welcome in the way that really great blog commenters do. Chris was quiet-clearly a lurker. Debbie was the "one who knows stuff" (in a good way.) She was also the bringer of muffin tops with zucchini, dried cranberries and walnuts. Stephanie buys stuff and wants to do every great project that there is.

Stephanie mentioned how funny it is that she could be doing anything, knitting, crocheting, baking a cake, or weaving on a "giant freaking loom" and her husband would ask her if she was knitting. Debbie talked about how, when counting and interrupted by her spouse, she counts louder and louder as if counting really means shut the hell up. Maybe they have their own knitting blogs for practice as well.

I usually run fast and far away from any social gatherings involving strangers (and not strangers). The knitting eased me in and the blog gave me something to talk about and add because I'd already "practiced" some of the stories on-line. There was no pressure at the end with a "see you next week" instead it was "see you next time"- this an important detail for one such as myself who cancels (or at least is sure to bring the xanax) every time a firm social obligation is made.

Oh yeah, AND you can buy yarn there. AND if it's not the right yarn for what you're thinking about doing they'll tell you. AND if you buy 1760 yards of that yarn anyway hoping for a different project to appear at some point in your life and start making excuses and mention the money that your husband is throwing away that very moment, instead of chastising you, they'll say, "Sister, your preaching to the choir."

Monday, August 06, 2007

somewhere in between roving and fiber

is this bulky chessboard of a mess knitted on #10 US needles. It' the first effort of the drop spindle and I haven't yet really managed the dropping part of it, only the spinning part which is, I'm guessing why, it's so thick. I probably need both hands to pull it in (out?) The actual size is about 2x5" It felt like usuable fiber in a couple of places and if it were a pair of bulky mittens, it would be really warm-it's so thick. Slow patient practice-not too much at once-seems like the way to continue.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Much Ado

I can't believe how much nothing is going on around here. It's a good thing and I'm not complaining but it makes for a rather dull blog.

You probably know Pablo Neruda's Ode To My Socks but just in case-

I've linked to it and will let the Knittingrat blog take any copyright heat.

Working on Moeibus and reading Flannery O'Connor short stories. That woman was a genius.

Friday, August 03, 2007

In my brain

One of my "local hangouts" is the area's music store Kleeb's. They just got a giant fish tank in the store thanks to the Kleeb Grandson. I love that kid. I spent the day in search of African Dwarf Frogs to add to the tank. Have you seen these? They creep me out like crazy but in the way that you have to keep looking at them. I finally found one (after a three-hour search) and he has been named Squishy.

Annabelle the hunting cat expanded her repertoire and brought one of these home this morning. It did not enter the home (I got to the door in time) and GHB didn't let her torture it. I've got to believe that there was something wrong with it or else she is one AWESOME hunter.

While wandering the highways in search of the frog I heard KT Tunstall singing Big Black Horse and while I haven't done any extensive research, does anyone know what the hell this song is about? I just like the woo hoos. It feels kind of goofy singing the words and not having a clue as to what it all means.

Malabrigo Moeibus is pulling ahead- getting it back on the needles wasn't too tricky with those YO's after all. It is some seriously luxurious fiber. I'm starting to think that it takes a little working with any fiber before you can really appreciate the qualities involved. As in, I'll be sad when the second skien is finished rather than relieved to be done.

GHB is headed for his "hobby." If you're on the fence about posting tonight, remember that I'll be compulsively checking for new posts and will be there to read it! If I add too many more to my bloglines, I'll have to quit my job in August.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bag-Ho confession

"What does this have to do with knitting?" asked GHB when I shared the latest rabbit blog post with him.

"They need to know!" I defended. I guess all blogging is about storytelling-long or short, interesting or tedious. When I bore myself at least I try to keep the daily post short.

I typed a subpoena in LegalLand. I also filed folders with titles like "Arrest Warrants", "PI" and "Name Change Applications." I refuse payment for good deeds such as these because my hope is that karma will bring someone to me (just like me) when I am too feeble to take care of myself. (they aren't that-just to make it clear.)

But I'm guessing Aunt Attorney, a longtime crocheter, knows the power of a good bag. She asked if I had this one and I replied "No, but I've coveted it more than once." A rolling stash bag with a gazillion pockets. I'm such a bag-ho. Plus there was that one post about "How Much" yarn a person needs for an overnight trip.

Knitting progress-

Malabrigo Moeibus met with hospital distractions.

The roommate (in a decidedly man's voice) kept asking if we knew that she was 92 and then made me come and look at her legs. She also admired Aunt Attorney's beautiful blonde hair (a wig) and it was all Uncle and I could do not to take it off of Aunt's head and pass it on over. There's a little unkitting to do which is a little worriesome with all of the YO's in the pattern. Ugh. It's on hold

Half a slice of the pie-shawl is done. I like the way it forces me to relax my hands and I'm pretty excited to watch it as it makes that second slice.

Koigu socks haven't changed one bit. There was a first attempt at high-whorl spinning that's not worth showing. All the web-sites say to practice. I'm thinking that the people who actually do that have an invisible third hand to keep the spindle spinning.

There's your knitting post GHB!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some bunny better fix the hole

Just a few weeks ago GHB and I were sitting on the back porch and he said, "we should replace that hole in the screen door. It looks bad if we have someone over."

I said, "it's no big deal, we can fix it if we have company."

We didn't have company but Annabelle did. She brought Bunny No. 2 in as a present to us. (I wasn't gong to tell you but now I must-Bunny No. 1 met it's fate a day ago after it's escape. She brought him to the porch the next morning.)

Either we have to fix the screen door or Mama Bunny needs to fix the bunny hole.

Priceless was GHB's reaction so that he could get a hands-on sense of bunny in the house.