Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the meantime...a contest

Kmkat sent me a lolz to no doubt bide the time until Friday afternoon when, after thinking about her missing her dog mommy while we're at work, Eliza Jane will arrive. I think Annabelle, our already at our house cat, has been posing on the side. Thnxkbai kmkat!

In further developments, The All Wise Knit Shoppe Debbie saw some potential trouble ahead in River City and offered the following advice at the end of beloved Knit Night last night. (what I really want to know is how in the world she knows how dog/puppy stupid I really am)

1. Don't put your shoes/socks/ etc. in the dog crate. Puppy will come to believe that these are acceptable chew toys.

2. Pee time is not play time. See side bar for further elaboration. Repeat: Pee time is NOT playtime.

3. If she goes in the house, nose rubbing doesn't work. Instead take said refuse outside and take her to it the next time you take her out.

4. Do NOT paper train. Let's just say that there was a dog in her home who once believed that a paper gum wrapper was an o.k. place to "go."

I'll just fess-up- believing that she'll check up on me. I was SO going to give her (Eliza not Debbie) a sock-o-mine for comfort during the day. Also purchased were the little absorb-a-pads for accidents. I know I can look up lots that I need to know on the internet if need be but I'm guessing the "stories to prove it" from friends make the point stronger. Liza Jane is coming on Friday and all dog training advice is accepted and appreciated most graciously.

In fact it seems like this should be a contest to elicit as many responses as possible. I've got another "pile" of Rowan 4-ply (see this post for yarn details) There might be one less skein or two- I've got them on my Ravelry Stash page (Sophanne). Spread the word-leave your thoughts and advice-

It's the Official Birthday Dog Training-Rowan 4-ply contest. Winner selected randomly- don't miss out. Woo hoo woo hoo. Contest ends sometime in the evening of November 7th

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

baa baa blacksheep...

Not perfect maybe, but no longer just roving- what great fun.

On the "If you were me..." front. Eliza Jane the Brittany/Boston Terrier mix will come home this week. CallyKipCalico will be joining us in about 2 weeks. Can you believe how AWESOME my husband is? Birthday= 1 week from tomorrow.

Deleted comments- Spam Adam referring me to the site "I asked about" (NOT) on weight loss.

Tonight- Knit Night.

Life is good.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My brain is so full

Things I did yesterday-

Discovered the Clairton/Elizabeth/Glassport areas around Pittsburgh.

Treadled a 4-treadle Loom

Ate homemade whole wheat buns on ham bbq sandwiches.

Learned what Bumbleberry Pie was.

Spun some lumpy yarn on my own spinning wheel.

Tried out a Turkish drop spindle.

Saw a nostepinne in action.

Forgot my camera.

What a great day! All thanks to Lydee, her mama, and her Aunt Jen.

Friday, October 26, 2007

If you were me..

and it was your birthday in less than 2 weeks, would you beg for this,


or possibly both with the hope of getting to take home one?

NEWS FLASH!!! Someone sang early happy birthday to me 12 days early AND included the puppy and the kitty in the song- woo hoo!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spooky Spknit Spknight

In an overwhelming, exhilarating, slightly unsettling turn of events, knit night found me face to face with my psychological doppelganger. Wikpedia suggests that it's the ghost of oneself or an evil twin version. The jury is out on that but it also suggests that it's someone who "walks in your same shoes."

Last week at knit night in a manic flurry of hysterical banter I declared her my NKBFF (New Knitting BFF) Assuming that I, as I am likely to do when recognizing my own cackling laughter and sense of humor in someone else, over-reacted to the commonalities, I wrote it off as "hmm that's interesting."

Last night at my beloved knit night my doppelganger and I were spewing forth words at the speed of NASCAR while everyone else was knitting away in a school zone with students present. So engaged in conversation and cackling (I know I've used that word once but there's really no other way to describe it) were we that I'm not even sure if we were a slightly annoying presence or a show to be watched in amazed confusion.

I guess that's how it works when you make real-life friends (various forms of mental weariness have kept me away from that for the past few years.) For now though it just seems a little spooky, eerie, and Halloweeny.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday 'Venture

The Knit Shoppe held a Sunday Tea here.

There were such beautiful displays of handknits of all sorts, I almost forgot to check out the scenery.

We drank tea and ate rich finger foods. I met some more knitters. I'm thinking I'm not so much the "Sunday Tea" kind of person-I'm not exactly sure why. But if I were one, this would have been the place to be.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday 'Venture

Time for the Greene County Historical Society Harvest Festival Report-a photo montage.

GHB considers the options for a new treadmill.

I find my Rusty Knight and a spinning wheel, antique or not, that looks like mine. (Also the CPH photo shoot)

and you can't go wrong at any festival when there are alpacas.


That would be Crack Me up Saturday-Life Before Blogging

One time I went to Ireland and there were always sheep in the road. For some reason these pictures remind me of a Gary Larson "The Far Side" drawing that's waiting for a caption. It's only taken ten or so years to find the perfect people to show them to!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


That would be "New Knit Night Best Friend Forever Nancy."

13 people. One of them really loud. (ouch) One of them new to me but not to knit night- I heard her cackle and knew it was density... I mean destiny.

Otherwise life's in the way of blogging- need to knit more- compute less. Not try anything hard at knit night.

A simple top down raglan sweater became a work of art when I wasn't paying attention and let the armholes happen in the front instead of in between the increases. doh.

I bought some more classic elite Beatrice to make an "Oat Couture" Oregon Vest. I'm not sure if I'll love the pattern but this fiber is one of the most relaxing ones I've ever knit with. It feels like meditation in my hands. Peaceful knitting-slow blogging- it will all even out.

Monday, October 15, 2007

official shoot delayed...

It's what's known in blogland as a craptastic picture- photo shoot in daylight with GHB was delayed due to dead camera batteries and night. This proves that it mostly fits and that I am queen at sucking in the pooch.

Friday, October 12, 2007

CPH Seamed and Steamed

Also we're starting a petition in this household to change the name of the "Emergency Room" to "The Place To Go When Medical Attention Is Required Sooner Rather Than Later Room." It's a little longer but would likely alleviate much anxiety.

Really NFT

So I'm hanging out at an elementary school, getting ready to teach 1st grade, relatively pleased with the fact that I haven't had one of my more recent "outpatient nervous breakdowns" not caused but definitely triggered by small children when...

"SuperTerry, you have a telephone call"

"Hello? This is SuperTery."

"SuperTery, this is The Emergency Room in The 'Burg. Your husband's here, can you hold on while I get a phone to him?"


"Hi honey, I had chest pains, they're taking me to the Bigger Burg for a catharazation."

insert your own controlled mania here but be sure to include some nice nurses

All is well. More medicine to improve things and prevent scares. He needs 24 hours of adult supervision so I'm staying home today until we find someone. (A.D.D., this one was totally NOT worth the day off yesterday- but today? Now that I know all is well... maybe.)

What were the Important Educational Moments I missed today? Well it's Field Day at The School and I was to spend all but 30 minutes of the day running a station that involved a bucket full of marbles, water, and at least 3300 toes. Praise Be to all Young Subs Eager for Employment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not Funny Thursday (NFT)

Welcome to the newest feature here on beckyknitstoo Not Funny Thursday (NFT) It's a little bit the opposite of Crack Me Up Saturday (CMUS) What you see pictured here is the front ribbing of the left side where it attaches at the hood of the CPH. You may notice that the ribbing does not quite make it to the end. Welcome to Not Funny Thursday (NFT).

Also not funny (NF) is that it's really Wednesday.

When Hamsters attack

Knit Night- fabulous but little to report except that three of us are seriously considering showing up tonight just before they close and convincing them that today is really Tuesday and not Wednesday.

CPH status. first button band picked up and partially knit. All pieces are blocked. One more button band and assembly begins.

Page 3 of a comic book custom-designed for me. (I'm Super Tery)

The evil hamsters... tried to take over the world... UNTIL... super tery came. Why are you so angry? Because they are destroying our homes. (picture w/no text and super tery flying with hamsters) So Tery took them to a Hamster Resort where they lived happily ever after note hamster beach umbrella and beach ball.

Katie, the author is clearly the next Matt Groening.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

CMUS-Happy Thanksgiving Canada Friends

As much as I hate to post after my lolcatz post- for some reason I believe every knitter should see this brilliant photo montage- must be my delusions of grandeur- I did find a Crack Me Up Saturday post. Knitting Knot's post about Orange Fanta from Poland (who knew you couldn't get it in North America?) made me think of one of the funniest souvenirs from my South Africa adventure.

This Crack Me up Saturday is dedicated to the Marketing Geniuses working for Roseland Farms and Garlic-O-Butt

Just so you don't think there were alterations for the sake of humor, here's a closer look at the lablel.

The Lily Sugar and Cream is for the Ballband Dishcloth Bandwagon that I've decided to jump on for Christmas gifts. Me and dishcloths? That cracks me up. I have visions of adding little Bath and Body Shop treats that match the colors. Me and planning ahead? That cracks me up.

Thursday, October 04, 2007





Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Knitte Knighte-The M.D. edition

Things l learned at Knit Night-

There's a thing that can go wrong with some muscle around your heel that will give you a stress fracture if you don't get it fixed. Something Plantar.

There's some kind of weird-ass French named disease, often confused by the untrained as spinal meningitis that will leave you paralyzed. One knitter married her husband while he was mostly paralyzed with it but he could kind of nod his head yes and no. They had the ceremony in intensive care. If this happens to you, you can call The National Enquirer and they'll do a story about you. This is only after one quack told her that what he had was completely psychosomatic because the guy didn't want to marry her and if she just left, everything would be fine.

This same knitter said that if they could bottle the feeling that you get when you give birth to a baby, there would be no other drugs on the planet and that she would have had 25 kids if she didn't have to raise them all. That's good to know but I'm not sure why. But if you're pregnant and scared and reading this, well then now you know it too. She also said that while she was squeezing her husband's 2 fingers during the pre-hard labor (she knew the name for it-apparently I forgot all medical terms this evening) that he asked her to squeeze the other hand because those two were starting to hurt. HA! I hope she comes to knit night forever because she makes me smile and laugh.

The Knit Shoppe is hosting an afternoon tea on October 21 and there are drawings and prizes. The chance of an even bigger prize is to be had if you model something you've made from yarn from their store. The CPH has a new deadline.

The ride to and from Knit Night sometimes makes me laugh as much as knit night because my husband is so funny. This evening I told him the cat must have known it was Tuesday and that she wouldn't get to go outside this evening because she decided to rough it outside for the day and not come home this morning. He said it was good to know the cat had a weekly calendar and that she probably realized that it would be my birthday in a month and was planning on good treats. I said maybe she was planning my presents. He said cats don't give presents on birthdays.

That's all I've got. Tomorrow's a mental health day so once I'm done being mental there should be some serious knitting progress to share.

p.s. remember that whole parent/Columbus day thing? She was really a teacher.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just to tide you over...

I have so many thank-you's to offer up.

First and foremost thank you for the wonderful juvenile humor that everyone shared in the comments two posts ago. I can't begin to tell you how effective it's been. Today was "I eight the sandbox day" and hi-knee day. If there's anyone out there (lurking or otherwise) with more- bring em on.

Second-to Elizabeth- who has a finished tangled cardigan and offered up some wisdom on using stitch holders to hold what my brain can't. Move the stitch holders. But I thought there was a rule in knitting that said "no moving stitch holders." Oh wait, there aren't any rules. I am so close to thinking about picking that tangled mess back up.

Third-the Goddess of Blocking- CPH back and front is blocked. Sleeves are around the bend. Just between you and me, it sort of looks like it might fit. I'm ignoring the fact that there is a hood involved and hoping for the best when the time comes. Also a cheer to the wise person who suggested knitting the back and front at the same time on straight needles. If I make another one, I'm SO going to do that.

And now today's story of the day... a parent in my school came into my room (full of students and class in session) and asked me if I knew "that Columbus Day song... you know, the one with the 4 ships and they sing which one they're on... (singing) who's on the Nina?...." I said I didn't know any Columbus Day songs. Later in the day she said, "yes you do.. it's the one.." and began singing again. I suggested she google it because I was opposed to Columbus Day and definitely don't have any songs for it. Eventually she found what she was looking for except it was missing some of the words she was sure she remembered

Never mind that she said there were 4 ships.

Sharing this with GHB at our "how was your day" session, we thought about what that 4th ship could be and he said maybe it was the U.S.S. Minnow and that's the chorus that she was looking for... (insert singing now) Who's on the Minnow? Where is the Minnow? That might be one of those "you had to be there"moments but I hope not.

The second thought was that maybe she thought the Santa Maria was actually 2 ships, the Santa bearing gifts and able to traverse any cold weather.

Finally I said if she's going to leave out the whole killing all the natives in the new land part, she might as well make it as many ships as she wants.