Sunday, September 25, 2016

And because the fun never ends.

We spent 45 minutes at the xfinity store yesterday trying to get our multiple phone/cable accounts back into our name through no error of our own only to be told that there was no one there who could help and we'd need to come in during business hours. This was after 30 minutes on the phone only to be told to go to the store.

Then today we spent three hours in room of aunt inhaling acetone and trying to remove her acrylic nails in preparation for Wednesday's surgery.


At this point I still believed in the power of cotton balls and aluminum foil. It was only later that I stole a glass cruet dish to begin the soaking.

In the category of sheer force of effort- 200 lb electric piano moving. Knitnightmarc let me borrow his dolly and kept the heavy portion of the keyboard strapped to it when he put it in the car. I unloaded it, rolled it to the back door and into its current location before greathusbandbob could get home. He has COPD and I refused to wait and require his help. This was after believing that I could drive the Subaru through the back yard (the trailblazer can do it- there may have been some rubber burned.)

Perhaps the theme of this post should be my many mistaken beliefs.

Today's sheer force of effort was the glue under the last acrylic thumbnail. Dizzy from the inhalation and the Steelers huge loss, I believe it was sheer force of mental effort that took that nail off.

On the up side, I spent an hour and a half playing piano today instead of napping or playing dumb tablet games. I bribed the weekend nurse with a pair of socks to make sure aunt gets to the surgery on time during the week. She's on a sort of "on call" list for the procedure and the exact time won't be known until the morning of. She's only a size 7 and I'll be using size two needles.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dog hair for a better fit.

Because this was once a knitting blog-


I'm calling these the visiting socks as they were made during visit to aunt at various facilities. 72 stitches on size one needles. The next pair will be on twos so I can feel what I'm doing and not have to look so much.


Happy birthday to me in two months

Our upright piano sits approximately ten inches from Greathusbandbob's desk/work/central local area. I can't call it his knitting corner but that gives you an idea about how often he's there and what the space is to him.

Once I tried to move the piano into the yarn room only to be foiled by tight corners and immovable walls.

My plan was to get a high end electric piano to put into the yarn room that I might play again. I shared this plan at knitnight and knitnightmarc asked me if I wanted to buy his. I saved 90% on what I would have paid and got the "best for its time" (1995ish) piano with excellent touch and tone. There are some floppy disks and other bells and whistles but those two qualities were the only ones I was looking for.

Some assembly-tightening of the screws- and tidying-putting the room in order- are required but now I can play again. An added bonus is that having cleared the room during the last minimalist scourge, there is room on the shelves for the music.




Friday, September 23, 2016


Today's post is dedicated to Bob Terry.

Yesterday he accompanied aunt to her hip doctor appointment.  In an effort to move quickly to surgery she had to cram 3 days of pre-op tests into one afternoon with him wheeling her from station to station.

He says "fortunately the guy doing the chest xray could get her in position.  We had to get more people to get the urine sample."

He left our house at 11:00 am.  I know this because I was in bed with bronchitis/laryngitis, wondering whether I should have gone with him.

He returned at 6:00 pm.  In addition to requiring little to no decompression time when he got home, he managed to keep aunt joking and laughing even as she started to get depressed toward the end of the day.

Both of them are an inspiration.  Do your best.  Stay happy.  Be the boss of your brain.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Physical Manifestation

I spent last week feeling like I wasn't being heard. Fighting for aunts dr appointments, daily calls about completing the payment part of th house closing.

The money is in the bank. The appointment is scheduled for today although the communication channels where aunt is currently make me only 75% certain it's actually going to happen. (For the record it took greathusbandbob to finally secure confirmation of both as no one seemed to be hearing me.)

Now no one is hearing me for reals. We are on day two of bronchitis/laryngitis. And day two of zero voice. Day two resting at home. In true "can you believe it?" fashion, I had a dr appointment of my own scheduled for yesterday afternoon. It's the first time in forever that I've seen my actual dr ( and not a Medexpress dr) when I've been sick. It ended up being a two for one sale. Blood pressure's cool. What's going on with your voice?!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


If my RBF looked like this, I would be thrilled.


The next is RRBF (Royal resting bitch face.)


I think however the Queen may have to give up her crown. This RBF is compliments of the waynesburg office of the PADMV where their motto is "if you've got it, we put it on your license." The up side is that if I ever get pulled over I'm pretty sure my face WILL in fact look like this.



Friday, September 16, 2016

What is..

A.  Making me crazy?

A healthcare facility that seems incapable of scheduling a doctor's appointment after three weeks.  The aunt needs a hip.  They did not tell her about the last appointment because she was in between facilities.  I have been speaking to head nurses at this new facility for the last two weeks in an effort to get them to get aunt to a doctor that she may get her hip replaced.  This is ridiculous.

An attorney's office plenty quick to cash a check but not so quick to deposit payment.  You said you could wire money. What's the hold up?  Suddenly you need ME to Google the address and phone number of the bank?

B. Making me laugh?

This is the week that we sing about dogs in second grade.  We insert students' pet names into the song and make up verses about them.

One student has a dog named "Meathead"  which led to "Here, meat head you good dog, you"  And then the next day I asked her if his nickname was burgerbrains or steakskull because that's how I roll.

Another student without a pet (they were given the option of singing about a pet they would want if they were allowed to have one) sang about her invisible shark Sprinkles- who happened to be in the room with us.  "Here Sprinkles, you good shark, you."

C. Making me happy?

Greathusbandbob is making eggplant parmesan for dinner tonight.
I'm getting a steal of a deal on an electric keyboard from KnitnightMarcandBarry- just have to finish the logistics of disassembly and relocation.
I get to go to the DMV to have my driver's license photo taken on Saturday.  -ok that's not really making me happy but the dmv is always good for a blog post so there's that.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A pause for poetry

Or why I tend to avoid listening to music. (Said the music teacher)

When I was in tenth grade I had the ear worm of all ear worms lasting at least 12 months. It was the first 16 bars of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It never left my head. Always there.

While not a conscious decision, I've come to realize that I don't listen to a lot of music (again, said the music teacher.). It's all just so much.

My favorite artist of all time is Rickie Lee Jones. I think I know all the feels in all the albums. And then one day while trying to get Zumba songs out of my head I bump into one that I've owned forever that suddenly stops me in my tracks.

RLJ is more than just a vocalist. She is a poet. Up there in the ranks with the best. The thing about poetry is that you don't necessarily have to experience what the poet writes of to become immersed in the power of the language. I have never been (knowingly) left for another. Unless of course you consider whiskey a lover. Then maybe. Maybe a past life experience is why it resonates with me.

Video here

You are the sweetest boy I know
I've lived my whole life in the past
But I awoke last night at last

I thought I’d finally won your heart
And that forever never part
And in sweet love we would grow old
Now I'm just a scavenger in the cold
I'm just a scavenger

All I can do is wish you well
And light the Bonfires of hell
Honey, you hurt me bad this time
I'm burning everything I find

You hurt me bad this time
You nearly tore me from my mind
Before I knew I had been hurt
She laid her hair across your shirt

All I can do is wish you well
And light the Bonfires of hell
There's just one thing before I go
You are the sweetest boy I know

If there's a sun, I'll watch it rise
To dry the tears out of my eyes
If there’s a river, you can bet
There’ll be a sea for my heart yet.


My thoughts- the contrast between "you are the sweetest boy I know" and burning everything she finds in the bonfires of hell.

"Before I knew I had been hurt, she laid her hair across your shirt." The feels but so simple- and then she repeats part of the line as if she can't bear to repeat the whole thing.

She takes the cliché, the sun will still come up tomorrow and turns it on its head. "If there's a sun, I'll watch it rise." She know but doesn't want to know.

As of now I've spent every moment driving in my car (two hours today) with this song repeating. I have to hear it again and again. Also, if you end up liking this one, search YouTube for RLJ and Lyle Lovett singing North Dakota- another one that once it starts is on perpetual repeat. Oh the sounds.