Saturday, November 10, 2018

random post number 841

When I came home from school on Tuesday greathusbandbob was out of his seating coming toward me with his iPhone saying "I couldn't wait until you got home!" My first thought was what did he do without me. Then I realized he was just excited.

The dog made a friend. Make this picture bigger and you will see what it is.  Apparently they engaged with each other for about 45 minutes.  At one point the deer tried to run away and fell, puppy went toward it then stopped- not knowing what to do next and they just hung out for a while.

Birthday night pictures not yet posted- decorations and a cake-

We were out of candles and rather than stop and get some I suggested we use a tea light.  It worked.  There were more balloons but the  point of this picture is to share that the Happy Birthday sign has been up for about 3 years.  We just don't take it down.  If you come to our house and its your birthday, you're in luck.

Knitting- I am quite the multiple personality knitter these days- I'm working on the giant double knitted coat, a double knitted scarf with itchy but pretty yarn that hombres through colors and makes a checkerboard against black yarn, a baby sweater for a former student that I never particularly liked but for some reason feel the need to give some attention to, and a beautiful lace cowl to match the first one so that I might give it as a present.

Food- Our insurance is sponsoring membership in an online weight loss program called Naturally Slim. In the words of the all too perky spokesperson,  "It's not WHAT you eat, it's when and how you eat."

It focuses on being more mindful while eating.  Eating, taking a break to let your brain and stomach catch up and then eating again if you're still hungry.  I have eaten much less as a result.  I'm also only really interested in food that tastes good.  I don't want to waste my full belly on average food.  I think it might be a good angle.  While I haven't broken the standing plateau threshold, I did drop the excess I gained with my pringle's/oreo indulgences.

The weather says there will be some snow.  I listen to people complain about the cold and nod my head in sympathy but definitely not empathy.  I'll take bone chilling cold over insurmountable heat any day.

In the category of stupid lazy people at school (which there are thankfully, much fewer of) comes a story about the custodian.  I had boxes and boxes from treats for the high school kids.  I also had an enormous Sam's shipping box because I had some of them sent.  Because I didn't want to make extra work for the custodian, I broke down and flattened all of the boxes and put them in the rolling bin that I see the kitchen uses for their cardboard boxes.  The only thing I did not do was collapse the plastic bags full of air packaging. The principal saw me take it to the cart headed for the dumpster.

The custodian came to me and said- "I took care of your garbage, I poked a whole in all of those packaging air bags."  Item one- once I throw it away and remove it from my room in a respectful and convenient (for them) manner, I don't really consider it MY garbage any more.  Item two- those little bags absolutely did NOT need to be popped.  Gravity would have done its trick once they were in the main dumpster.

But, "thanks for doing your job, big guy."

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Birthday Post

A log of birthday week-

  • Ma sent me a knitting book and a cook book.
  • SecretarySandy gave me a good friend card.
  • Several friends and students responded to a facebook request of reminders of when we laugh together.
  • It was election day and I went to the Ville of Steuben to meet with the financial guy- he's going to take care of my money too- and find out when I can retire.
  • I voted.
  • Coloring book and colored triangle pencils arrive at my door to complete the moms present.
  • Knit night met at Sarris'.  Instead of the banana split I went for 3 scoops (vanilla chocolate and butter pecan) covered in chocolate sauce, nuts, whip cream and a cherry on top.
  • Knitnight Tara brought some homemade cupcakes from earlier in the day at her polling booth. They were much more beautiful when they were fresh from the refrigerator and first presented.

  • When we got home from knit night there was a message for a 2-hour early dismissal for kids on the birthday due to an emergency planned unplanned electric outage.  Who knows what that means
  • This morning I woke up to this lovely message from the parent of 2 former students (I don't even have her kids anymore.)

  • I went to school, knowing teachers would have to stay after the kids left.
  • Second graders came into the room and sang to me- we practiced for the winter program.
  • Kids left, singing over the bus dismissal walkie-talkies and also as they passed.  
  • I had 2 hours to kill. In the dark. In a room with no windows. With a few flashlights. (the principal advised us to prepare our rooms for parent conferences next week and work on lesson plans on our charged chrome books- that rely entirely on the internet for saving materials that we would not have access to- the electricity was out.)
  • I spent the time on the floor (on my purchased mats for comfort) wrapping the rest of my cousins Christmas presents. In the mostly dark.
  • Once finished I turned a pile of wrapped presents in a bag into a pillow.  
  • And on my birthday I spent an hour on the floor in the office in my classroom playing microsoft card games from the app.  I thought I was going to be mad at wasted time or pathetic activities but instead it was silent and relaxing.  It was lovely.
  • I left 45 minutes early and came home to balloons, a birthday card and a boston creme pie birthday cake.
  • We went to an adorable Italian restaurant that we love that's about 40 minutes away.

  • And on the way home we stopped at the furniture store that we love to go to and found a side table for the Aunt.  They guy asked what we were looking for.  I said I need a magic table that's not too big but has plenty of flat surface for er stuff.  We laughed and when I walked up to the next one, opened the top drawer, there was a "cover" for the top drawer that extends so you can put your drink on it. So there was a magic one.
  • The Dog climbed from her chair to my lap with no coercion and without me picking her up. She stayed cozy for about 30 minutes and it was lovely.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

A list

Of things I can’t knit lately-
Brioche cowl pattern from knitterly
Double knitted parallax scarf from Alistar what’s his name
Double knitted coat of the century
Simple top down baby sweater
This is not even counting the multiple things that were set aside this summer.

I know there is more.  It’s a paying attention thing. More accurately a lack thereof.   Maybe it’s age life stage related. After each mistake I vow to pay better attention and yet.

Knit. Unknit. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Sigh.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

as always- kids are kids

Last week we had make a reed instrument out of a straw day.

As I began to distribute supplies there were moans and groans about "yeah, I did this when I was in fifth grade..." And then they started playing and then they were in 5th grade again.

Except for the part about soprano alto tenor bass- we were making friends with those vocabulary words and I brought my recorder family to emphasize that most instruments come in families.

They were mildly interested in the sopranino and the alto but when the tenor came out one kid said "that's a big ass recorder."  And I said yes, that is in fact what we call this one.  It's soprano, alto big ass and bass.

Then I brought out the bass and asked what it was called and one kid said "holy shit."  I said exactly- Soprano, alto, big ass and holy shit.

The kid who usually ignores and eye rolls at me managed to smile at that one.

Later in the week the goth artist told me he wanted to draw a picture of greathusbandbob.  I sent him a photo- maybe he'll draw him as a zombie.  I can only hope.

It was Halloween week as well- the look on kids faces when they get off the bus and see teachers dressed up is priceless. The wait for the afternoon party was almost more than they could manage- one third grader, after finding out how long he had to wait said "Time is Heavy."

In other news- WV's state insurance is offering the program "Naturally Slim."  I don't know what it is.  It looks like a gimmicky weight loss thing.  They had to do something after the last healthy incentive program they had ended up asking for illegal information.

It starts on Monday and I received this package in the mail.

A tape measure, a motivational bracelet, peanuts and Pringles.  Only WV hook up with a company that sends Pringles at the start of a weight loss program.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Today they brought pineapples to the school food pantry but there weren’t any kids there to give them to and they would go bad over the weekend.  So I came home with this.

The teachers want to dress as the Westinghouse often referred to as the Rosy the Riveter woman for Halloween.  I decided we needed to post her on the walls before Halloween so the kids would know what the what.  Then we added some text.  A serious face talking about kindness.  Hilarious. There is a 2’x3’ near the office.  Also there are 8x11 versions posted around  the building.  Here’s the one in my room. 

There can’t be too many of this picture.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Someone finally decided that the journey across the arm of the chair wasn’t so terrifying after all.  It did require a few treats and a warm blanket.  Now I am sitting perfectly still so as not to disturb her.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Looks aren't everything

While it appears somewhat bland, this evening's dinner was amazing.  Black bean taquitos.

They are stuffed with green chiles, green onion, black beans and a little cream cheese.  Which, in my opinion makes anything taste good- as does the mozzarella that I accidentally topped them with mozzarella.  The texture variety is really what made it and 4 taquitos are about 700 calories- not bad for a filling dinner. A little hummus and carrots on the side and I am full and satiated.

All that being said, I'm going to be hardcore back to the basics vegetarian and exercise this week. (I hope)  The last time I declared it so, it was indeed so.  I've locked the delicious protein bars/cookies in the lock box to prevent binge eating. Sigh.

Today's assisted living conversations began with draught horses and how they can work a farm and led to fox hunting.  What I did not know about fox hunting is that it's not really hunting.  Those guys on the horses don't shoot anything.  They chase the fox hounds just to watch them tear up the fox.  Mostly the guys ride and fall off horses and drink a lot.  

In final I can't believe it news- as we drove home greathusbandbob asked if I wanted to do his 1/4 mile walk with him at the fairgrounds.  What the what? My husband asked me to walk!!!!  It ended up being a 1/2 mile and I had to take small steps but maybe he'll do it some more.