Monday, March 19, 2018

And then we were married for 14 years

And he was a conduit from my grandma saying she approves.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A close call.

Strike week was hard on routines.  It also wreaked havoc with sugar abstinence.  As in hello donuts, bagels and pizza, where have you been all my life.

The exercise train was easy to hop.  It feels too good not to.

The food recovery had some close calls.  It was a hungry Saturday morning. (The start of a scary novel.) I was out and about after having taken cousin shopping.  The options were a subway seafood wrap a super delicious treat from the pizza place or go home and try one of the meal replacement shakes.

I had finally decided to go home ant take my chances, knowing I was too lazy to go back out.  And I found the rice and beans leftovers.  A perfect lunch.

This weekends experiment was a replacement for chicken noodle soup.  Fried tofu and shells to fill it out.

Lessons learned- lesson number one-pick one spice and go with it.  I’m not clever enough to know how spices work in combination.  Lesson number two- don’t use so many noodles. Lesson three-don’t use parsley.  Lesson number four- don’t forget celery.  It was tasty but could have been  better.

The square knitting continues.  I feel like quitting and then I can’t think of what else I want to knit.

Regarding memory loss- kmkat wrote this comment on the previous post.  I thought it was brilliant.

I think of my brain as a wheel. When I can't think of a word or remember a name I just have to wait for the wheel to turn and bring the lost word back to the front. Kind of like when Arlo Guthrie says we have to wait for the song to come back around on the guitar in Alice's Restaurant.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Weather phenomena- today when I walked out of the building the sun was shining. And the snow was coming down like in a snow globe with almost zero visibility.  Is there such a thing as a "snowbow?"

Food phenomena- roasted cabbage with lots of black pepper almost tastes like egg noodles.  I love it.

Men and women-today greathusbandbob was serving as minority election inspector which means he’s one of the guys that does important things like read ballot numbers when people are voting.  When I walked in and gave them my name, all of them groaned, laughed and then said “you poor poor woman.” Which I totally get. BUT I can tell you that if the tables were turned and I was for whatever reason in a similar situation, he would have a cow and then that cow would have a cow.  Men are dumb.  You heard it here first.

High school kids.  When they are acting jerky it’s much harder not to take it personally. It’s easy peasy with the little ones. Ugh. I will have higher expectations next year and won’t smile until November.  I know they think I’m a pushover because I feed them. And laugh when they are funny.

The dog.  She is not a dog that likes to be petted.  She’s always been that way. She'll snuggle against you but she only just tolerates petting. I took some time last week to read her body language when I was trying to pet her.  It was so obvious once I started looking. Then I think but how will she know I adore her.  And then I watched her some more and realized her favorite thing to do in the world is play chase right when I get home.  She brings her toy with an impish  grin and then runs.  The game involves going from one end of the hallway to the other and occasionally throwing the toy (when I can get it)  I am adapting.

Fear and the introvert.  A new kindergarten aide invited me to join her for a trip to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens on Easter.  She already knows I’m not very Jesus-y.  She isn’t either and her husband has to work that day so I said o.k.  Except come to find ever since greathusbandbob was sick I haven’t wanted to wander too far from home- more specifically- him.  I’ve wanted to go there forever, we usually avoid major holidays with an afternoon at the casino (which GHB will likely do with or without me.) and it’s a new and quirky friend and another chance for me to say in my head "she likes me, she really likes me."  There is just a part of me that is struggling to go back to normal.  Now that I see it for what it is (unlike when I didn’t go to New York last month) I think I am better equipped to manage but there was a feeling I wasn’t expecting.

The vice-president.  When I hear him talking about Christianity (some interview this week) I can’t help but imagine that he’s talking about elves and gnomes and hobbits and fairies and leprechauns.  It’s not when any old person talks about it (well maybe a little) but mostly it’s really bad when it’s him.  Mike Pence makes me an atheist (botanical gardens here I come)

And finally as I proofread this post, I realize it’s relatively concise and to the point in the observations.  Except it took more than an hour to write it because I kept forgetting ideas and words.  In fact I wrote this below just to remember this part:

Forgetting words

I’m certain it’s hormonal. I just can’t believe how inarticulate and cloudy minded I’ve felt.  I don’t do the "senior moment" excuse (there’s always someone older than me around anyway). I don’t get mad and try to fight it.  I’m certain that makes it worse,  I try to just watch my brain go by and tell myself that whatever it was will come back in a little bit.  Also this afternoon in my head I heard myself sneering "I will cut you" to adults that were driving me crazy. I will not really do that and I don’t really want to but the ferocity with which these feelings arise is also startling.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

At least it didn’t snow... oh wait.

We went back to school on Thursday.  The kids had an Arctic Day(teachers report-kids don’t) on Friday.  I took a day.  I can only spend so much time looking busy.  

I like chopping vegetables with a sharp knife.  Who knew?  I like it so much that I didn’t even take a picture of the final product.

The ingredients were this from an amazon prime video cooking recipe.

It was for vegan Shepard's pie.  I doubled the recipe but ran a little short on the potatoes.  I’ll know for next time.  Also on this week's menu is roasted cabbage slices over egg noodles.

There’s been a good bit of cheating going on.  A meal at red lobster (I did order broiled and grilled things but went to town on the biscuits,) this was followed by a trip to the Cracker Barrel candy store with the cousin.  Later that night a DQ banana split at greathusbandbob's request.  He took charge of getting cousin's roof fixed, I could not deny him.

On the up side, I haven’t missed any Zumba- and visited my original Zumba tribe on Thursday.  I love them and I love cracking them up which mostly I do by existing.  I finally have a friend friend from the gym Zumba.  The next goal for me is to start working with weights.  That will happen this summer and she and I will be workout partners.

Tomorrow the 4th and 5th grade girls start the Girls On The Run program.  My counselor friend and I will be joining and hopefully will be able to run in a 5k in May.  We'll just see how that works.

I’m still knitting squares in original Star Trek shirt colors.  I’ve blocked some and learned that acrylic melts.  There’s no real plan but I’ll keep making squares until I run out of yarn and see what happens next.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Still walking

Except two days were spent at the state capitol.  Some photo ops.  The large crowd outside was from a rally on the Capitol steps.
Sunny Monday in Charleston

This picture doesn’t do the crowd justice.

The first grade teacher and I hanging out on the capitol steps yesterday.
(You can always count on your best girl school pal to make sure
you share a good photo.)

Let the kids carry the signs...  

It’s been seven days.  The 20 republicans in the state senate are the ones holding the voting power.  They are tabling the vote to vote every time with various excuses.  The money the governor added to the revenue budget isn’t there is one.  A vindictive senate chair says "well if it’s about insurance and not the raise, we'll lower the % of the raise (5-2%) and put the imaginary money into the insurance fund."  The governor walked into a town hall held at a high school saying "you’re not going to shoot me, are you?"  At the next town hall he referred to all of the striking employees as rednecks.

There have been plenty of great signs.  My red 55United t-shirt feels like it’s become a uniform.  After 2 trips to the capitol in one week I gave myself the day off.  Today I sent an email to our superintendent thanking him for his support.  A nearby county canceling announcement read "wetzel county schools will be closed tomorrow and let’s just say it’s not due to weather."

It feels futile to be shouting in front of the doors to the state government as they are clearly working on their own agenda. The first day felt inspiring.  The second day was discouraging and weird.  Like you don’t want to get too attached to the shouts because it’s likely not going to end well.

It’s one of those times where you don’t know what’s going to happen and checking Facebook every 5 minutes doesn’t tell you any sooner.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cold wet and eventually floody

We walked the line.  It poured. It was cold. I went home when the flood warnings began.  I was done.  For the record, the redneck version of honk if you support is to rev your big truck engine.  We got at least three of those.  I didn’t have a sign but thought of one while I was there.  "Honk if I was your teacher."

Secretary Sandy carried the winning sign.

This little guy lived next door to the "line" and likely got up early with all of the coal truck horns honking.  He brought out some little Debbie strawberry marshmallow treats to pass out.

It should be warmer tomorrow.  And a little less rain.  And I will remember my camp chair. And bring some lunch.

Dinner tonight roasted rutabaga and sweet potato.  This is a good combination.  Sweet and not so much.  Red pepper and garlic powder as spices are always wins.  I tried a little coriander and ginger.  Maybe too little to notice.  Also we continue to be winning the tens column reduction. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Item the one- new favorite food experiment.  Black beans and wild rice.  I didn’t know what a rare commodity wild rice was until I tried to find it. Amazon to the rescue but a word to kmkat saying a special thanks for leading me to it initially.

Item two- drawing? Once again not so much.  I’ll just have to draw when I feel like it and have that be good enough.  I did try the kids dancing around the tree-something I would not have done without the course.

Every school in the state of wv is closed tomorrow and Friday.  An informational picket line- 45 degrees, 100% chance of rain. Walmart muck boots and camping rain coat to the rescue. Those not inclined to picket in the rain can help serve community prepared meals to the kids missing lunch from 10-2. I don’t have a sign because all I could think of was "hell no, we won’t go." And greathusbandbob reminded me that that’s more of an anti war slogan.he also informed me that we need a burn can and an American flag if we want to be legit.

Guilt tripped the high school kids for being lazy.  It worked. They came in eager today to show me the work they did outside of class on the assignment. As a teacher of high school kids I think if you can say "I’m disappointed in the quality of work you did" and your opinion matters, it’s as close to getting them excited about learning as you can hope for. At least for this year. I’m looking forward to getting a do-over with this class next year.  That big feeling of "you don’t know what you don’t know" from August has been replaced with the new plan.

Finally, high school kids taking a stand about gun control. Go kids! Because up until I saw them fight I was wearing a heavy coat of grief for them all.  That’s still here but underneath it is a little armor and pride for those kids that are stepping it up.