Friday, November 17, 2017

The Baroque Period

That's where we just finished in music appreciation- where statues art and music were all about the movement of things and the space they took up.  It seemed like a good day to bring out some clay.

What's most interesting to me is that the smartest kids in the class were the least motivated/creative and those who seem to be B-C students really took to it.

Take the words "Grandparents Tea" and attend to what comes to mind.  Then make it a little bit bigger and then make it bigger still.  We had one of those this morning.  There were 275+/- grandparents in attendance.  All of the tables in the school and all of the chairs in the school were gathered for a tea to begin at 9:30 which was supposed to end AND be cleaned out by 11:30 so the kids could have a reward dance.  And it worked.  Call me surprised.  My choir sang. The program was  Skiddamarink, You are My Sunshine, and Over the River and Through the Woods.

Yesterday one of those little choir people randomly asked me what my favorite pie was.  Getting such questions are not unusual but it's more often the K-er's than 5th graders asking.  When she got off the bus this morning, she handed me this-

It's one of the small kind (thankfully).  I ate 1/2 of it - which was about two pieces- and gave the rest to the school nurse.  It was just calling my name. And it really is more of a vegetable than other treats.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Spoiled much?

Note the empty chair and the dogged chair.  We used to have a love seat there.  Me near the wall, dog on her pillow on the other side.  The support of the love seat was no longer adequate.  I moved it. (out of picture at left).  Then we had center chair, husband chair, love seat with dog pillow over there.  We directed the dog to her new place.  She looked really pissed.  So I moved her pillow by the newly placed red chair (on the floor) along with her afghan.  She tolerated it but was disgusted to be in the same place as the cat- as in the floor.  When I got up to fold clothes, she hopped up onto the red chair as if to declare it her own and to express her displeasure.  Thus greathusbandbob and I could be seen carrying the lighter colored chair around the house, down to the basement (it wouldn’t go pas the railing on the stairs) and creating the set up you see here. All is well again.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Baby steps.

Somebody bought healthy treats for his wife today.  He still got muffins and ice cream, but baby steps.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Letter

Dear arctic blast, 

I love you.

Also I can’t wait for some action in my new weather glass.

Dear school of mine,

The flags for veterans looked amazing today.  I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that you charged for them as a fundraiser.

Dear kids selling stuff for fundraisers,

Here's $20.  Take it as a donation or pick it up someting for me in your catalogue if you need credit for selling.  It’s not the money I mind.  It’s the deciding on which junk I don’t want less.  Although rumor has it that one of the high school choir kids ordered me a kitchen knife and a spatula which is totally awesome.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Midweek what the what?

Spotted this sign in the cafeteria this morning.  The juniors working on calculus nearby affirmed my suspicion that it was this sign, in fact, that keeps them from using drugs.

Monday, November 06, 2017

We interrupt this week for the annual birthday post

There may be the 2nd annual banana split birthday knit night at Sarris' tomorrow.  Except I don't know if anyone is coming so I may have to entertain myself. Ice cream cake tonight with greathusbandbob so there's no chance of feeling pathetic.

Also in birthdayness-

Flowers from the big guy and a charm for my chamilia bracelet from the mama.

All that being fabulous- yet I don't have any lesson plans for the high school class tomorrow so there's still that to do.

An update on the Christmas/Winter program.  I ditched the spirituals for the year- a parent told her kid "tell Mrs. Terry to do some different songs" (she's had three kids come through the school).  So instead of that we are doing all of the classic hear on the radio carols.  

Third grade is singing Nutting for  Christmas and Up on the Housetop- one astute student said "Mrs. Terry- these songs don't have anything in common- "  

No Caitlyn, they do have something in common- it's just vacuous and shallow. Give the people what they want.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Back in the kitchen

Today's experiment is from The Minimalist Baker. Sweet potato coconut curry soup with roasted garbanzo beans.

Both spiced with curry, and lots of other good stuff.  Once it cooks it will go in the food processor and become a creamy soup.  I halved the amount of curry and added a pile of cinnamon.  I have a love/hate relationship with curry.  A little goes a long way.

It tasted absolutely delicious.  I couldn't make the chickpeas float on top the way they did on the site but they added perfect texture.  I've never worked with 100% coconut milk.  I have a sneaking suspicion (given the calorie content) that it's not unlike cream cheese in that added to anything makes it infinitely awesome.   And so I say- take that Panera's butternut squash.  I got this going on!

It's birthday week here in these parts.  Cousin said she wanted to get me a bathrobe but "Walmart didn't have any" so instead I got this.

Quel surprise- it's either going back or going to the school pantry. Again, she doesn't know about emoji or poop so just keep thinking warm pajamas.

Baby Rowan visited Facebook sporting her blanket and her fox hat- captioned "Aunt Becky knows me spirit animal" I agreed  but doubted my knowledge of the size of babies heads.

Cheating Cheating Cheating.  This has been two days of off diet chaos.  I had to go for one of those followup mammogram picture/ultrasound things (results on Wednesday) and just did not feel like thinking about food.  I ate a cheese pizza.  Then I ate ice cream bars- stress eating anyone?  

We went to the casino Saturday night and I ordered a double tequila in a tall glass of ice.  The bartender accidentally just filled the glass with tequila so however many calories that is as well.  This week will bring ice cream cake on Monday with husband and hopefully Sarris' banana split on Tuesday.  Then back on track.