Thursday, December 24, 2015

Anxiety Anyone?

Right now my life is full.  It is good.  All is well.  For the past year that has not so much been the case.  Not blogging that crazy personal family shit is always for the best so just take my word for it.

On the other hand I have friends that take me out and make sure I get to do this:

My favorite gingerbread houses are the ones where some adult
clearly gave the kids a pile of  decorations and said "have at it."

Other friends who take the time to make me this awesomeness

And a successful steeking of the Monroe Sweater (Streymoy on Ravelry-so named after Monroe from Grimm).

That being said, the stress and anxiety continues and the good dr. who never prescribes anything stronger than benadryl for anxiety has declared that I need more and has offered some relief with "mother's little helper" for the next week just so my body can remember how to breathe and relax.  And you know the diagnosis is real when the only effect it has is to help me get up in the morning.

Go forth and be well blog readers and know that I am working hard to do the same.