Friday, December 23, 2011


The total count is eleven hats in twelve days. Mr. Sophanne and I will be wearing some sort of hat not necessarily knit for this occasion. Melissa- if you're reading this- surprise! (not so much.)

I suggested to Mr. Sophanne that if the recipients didn't care for them or want to hang on to them, I could find a charity to send them to. He said, "they will wear these hats and like them at least until we leave. Then I don't care." He doesn't really mean it but it was a sort of "I've got your back" statement knowing what it took to get them done.

If it isn't obvious by now, we are traveling to the west coast for a few days in the coming week. Fly in, visit, visit, visit, fly out.

It's a surprise to the grandkids- Mr. Sophanne is beside himself happy about it-there's a new grandbaby he hasn't met yet.

Now I've got to do laundry and prepare for travel. Oy!


Mountain Mama said...

I have to say it- Hats off to you!

Cindy said...

Who wouldn't love those hats? Srsly. Have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and enjoyable trip!!!

vanfox23 said...

Awesome job Sophanne! I never doubted you could do it! Merry Holidays to you and yours!