Sunday, November 13, 2011

You've Got Mail

I went to a conference in Pittsburgh this weekend, found everything and got out without causing any major traffic disruptions. Mountainmama served as navigator. That helped.

All I had time to knit once I got home was this cute little mailbox.

Also to share- some potatoes.

I Proudly present the 2011 potato crop-

Can anyone say Ireland- 1840ish? Glad I don't have to survive on them. I think we harvested too late because several of those pictured were black inside and clearly no longer interested in being sustenance. I'm going to stick them in the crock pot with a roast and some broth and some carrots tomorrow. Hopefully none of them will contaminate an otherwise easy and tasty meal.

Also at the convention center was a thing called the Handmade Arcade -sort of an Etsy live. Here I found some Monkey Zombie Art to let Mr. Sophanne know I missed him while I was gone. Nothing says I love you like Monkey Zombie Art. And for the first time since I can remember, Mr. Sophanne seemed pleased that I thought of him with a goofy souvenir. Go Figure.


LisaBe said...

aw! i was at handmade arcade, too! sorry i missed you. there are more shows next weekend and the first weekend in december—if you're back in the city, you should go! and let me know so we can scamper around.

Yarnhog said...

Three belly laughs--not bad for one blog post! Love that monkey zombie art. ;)

Jane said...

You crack me up! said...

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