Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Knit Knight- Birthday Edition

Birthdays are the best with people you like the most. In "day after your birthday knit knight" hoorayness I was ensconced.

KnitnightTara made me a pair of fingerless mitts (that I rudely but kiddingly requested months ago) in my most favorite color ever.

KnitnightalwaysmakemelaughJustine made me a pair of fingerful mitts that will one day have caps to cover them in some yarn that feels delicious on my fingers.

And there was a cupcake. A real one. Clandestinely escorted into Panera's, unbeknownst to them. There was very quiet happy birthday singing that I made sure I wanted to look at everyone because it was the best thing ever. Knitnighttara made the cupcake and there was a candle and it was cinnamon swirl with delicate icing and I tried to blow out one candle but couldn't even do that mostly because I was so happy to have such really great people singing TO ME and they meant it- I could tell.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


Carol said...

Pretty mitties! And a clandestine cupcake proves your friends are the bestest!

kmkat said...

Of course you have good friends -- you are worth it!

vanfox23 said...

Glad you had such a wonderful night with great people! Happy birthday again.

Roxie said...

How utterly wonderful! And you so totally deserve a cinnamon swirl cupcake with a candle in it!

Awesome gloves!

redsilvia said...

Happy birthday (belated at this point)! You need more hands to use all those mitts! What lovely gifts those girls gave you. Many kisses and cake from Cali!

Sunshine said...

Hmmm! Very interesting