Saturday, October 08, 2011


a day in which I recover from a knit night field trip and go to a soccer game. (and try to write that first sentence as if I were A.A. Milne)

Last night knitnight met for Chinese food and travelled to Natural Stitches. Other than the location- me being from the country side of the city, I can't get from here to there alone- this is one of the best knit shoppes I've been to. Plenty of floor space. Never any yarn falling down on your head when you try to look at a skein. A wall of needles and a wall of Cascade. I was on such a field trip "high"-but as overwhelming and overwhelmed as I was when I got there, everyone treated me like I was a normal person.

After I touched some malabrigo worsted (it's been a while) I had 8 skeins in my hands. I realized I'd have to knit a sweater and I'd blow up my stash and put them back. I picked up 4 with mittens and a hat plan- but I really can't plan and then buy yarn. I do better if I buy yarn and then plan.

4 skeins of MadelineTosh sock yarn and 2 setts of additurbo lace (even on sale) nearly broke the budget but I did manage to pick up some random cascade to add different colors to the neverending log cabin afghan I'm working on.

All of this is pretty meaningless without pictures. When I read blogs I get bored looking at skeins and reading plans so I'll just leave it at- hey- I got some yarn and I hope to knit it. When I do I'll tell you about it.

One of the best parts of the night was getting to meet a devoted blog follower- Lisa! I know she wasn't expecting it but I had to hug her when we met. She once told knitnight Gina that she thought I was funnier than the YarnHarlot and should write my own book. You can't BUY friends like that!

THEN this morning my sister phoned to let me know that my nephew's Green Team would be playing soccer RIGHT HERE IN THE BURG. Speaking to him was prohibited but I did grab a shot of the winning team coming across the field. I also waited like a groupie near the bus to give a quick point "hello" and a thumbs up "good game." Very discretely of course. He's one of 2 9th graders playing varsity and I didn't want to be responsible for humiliating him.

Sister, niece and other nephew had to head to another game to be cheerleader, cheerleading coach, and spectator respectively immediately after the soccer game but I did manage to snap a picture or two of the green family.



Cindy said...

But, Becky, it's so easy to embarrass a teenager!

LisaBe said...

you have ANOTHER lisa who's a devoted blog follower?? not that i'm surprised that you have many devoted blog followers--i just didn't know there was another lisa in the natural stitches/blogosphere circle. sorry i didn't get to see you while you were up here in the big city! <3

Sunshine said...

Nice pics!!! Love em!

jeremy said...

What a great time with your family. You guys should do it as often as you can.

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