Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Possessed by things that go Bump in the Night

or why you should disable your itunes account when you have insomnia.

Have you seen that show "Sing Off?" When the acts are good on these musical reality shows, I have to wonder if and when the musician's union is going to make a fuss. All of these performers, presumably not being paid union wages to entertain anyone who will watch.

On Monday night, the Dartmouth Aires did a killer arrangement of some Queen. I am not easily impressed and I was blown away.

Fast forward to Mr. Sophanne gently snoring in anticipation of his 4:37 a.m. alarm clock and me lying awake in bed with everything but sleep dancing in my head.

hmm... that Queen arrangement made me think of the music of Queen. I think I'll look up and see what other Queen songs I've forgotten on iTunes.

*click click click search*

oh look- Bohemian Rhapsody is considered "Classic Rock." I wonder what other Classic Rock songs I've loved and forgotten. Oh look iTunes Essential has conveniently made a buyable list of Classic Rock songs

*click click click scroll*

An hour later I have purchased the entire collection of Classic Rock songs from iTunes Essential Classic Rock. Did I discern between ones that I actually like and ones that are just there. No I did not. Because I wanted to have a classic rock radio stream on my ipad.

Mind you, I am a cultivated music consumer. I listen for real. There's never been anything close to "background music" in my life. I'm either listening or I'm doing something else. Classic Rock from the 70's and 80's was NEVER a mainstay in my listening repertoire. And yet I can now dial up Don't Fear the Reaper, Cold as Ice, Nights in White Satin, Stairway to Heaven and 75 other songs that have always been "there" but never been important. I was possessed by a Classic Rock demon and have been listening to them on the mindless drive to and from work.

I wouldn't be so worried but while Mr. Sophanne was driving home from knit night, I found myself in the passenger seat trying to see if I remembered how to french braid my hair. I'm going to blame the whole episode on the vast amount of hairspray applied to my head when I got a haircut on Monday.

If you are under 30 or over 55, this post may not make any sense to you. If this is case, please enjoy some knitting.

It's Clockwork by Stephen West done in some Stitchjones and Socks that rock.


kmkat said...

I'm pretty sure I need the Classic Rock collection, too, even though I too probably have a number of the songs already. Luckily I am away from my home computer right now; maybe I will forget about it by the time I get home on Friday...

vanfox23 said...

I love me some classic rock. Thanks for the warning to stay away from it on iTunes. I would probably download the whole thing too. PS - I still haven't cut out that crochet cast on yet, but I am almost done with the hat!

Becky said...

Classic rock is not the music to listen to while trying to fall asleep. Imagine Janis Joplin singing a lullaby - it just doesn't work...

Roxie said...

Lovely scarf. Dynamite color!

Classic rock? What do you call Bill Haley and the Comets?

Jane said...

I love The Sing Off. It's my favorite show right now. Lovely scarf!