Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Show, Place, Win- the knit night version

In response to their great kindnesses on my birthday, I've been doing some knitting for the knit night friends.

First, the show- I made a "kerchief cowl" I found on Ravelry- it's marked on my page-sophanne. Sadly the yarn choice made it initially look like a neckbrace (some kind of thick llama something- in my rav stash). Justine was able to look like a cowboy and later, Cinderella. She was a gracious gift receiver. There are just some people you can give awkward knits to, knowing they'll find the humor in them. Justine is one of them.

The "place" was for kktara- it's the Effie Beret- also on my rav- done in stitchjones worsted. It's hard to see the details of the pattern (a k1p1 band and a k1p2 crown) but maroon suits her and she doesn't appear to have sustained dire neck injuries when she puts it on.

Finally- the win- was not done by me. I repeat- I can not take credit for this little piece of cute awesomeness- otherwise known as a gift that starts with the letter "s" and is under $5. Knitknightmarc crocheted this this awesome kleenex box cover- the picture is dark but trust me when I say awesome. I told him it needed a plastic cover like people used to put on their furniture to keep it clean until company comes. Then I could make one and use it at school.

There were lots of blue/green hues on the needles at knit night- something I just notice. Also there were more people there than usual. The warmth of friends made driving in the dark and stormy night worth it!


kmkat said...

Love the sofa tissue cover! Clever.

Roxie said...

The cowl looks luscious. Good knitting'!