Sunday, October 09, 2011

This is a knitting blog.

And it might be nice if pictures of knitting occasionally made an appearance.

This is an extra sock yarn log cabin. I'm doing my best to destash and get rid of bits and pieces while simultaneously buying the occasional skein of sock yarn to eventually add to it. I see it being a usable size in 2021, assuming that the world hasn't ended.

This is the "make it up" cardigan from Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool. The colors are a little less blue than pictured. It's in time out because I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen when I get to the armpits. As I am fearing that there will be no gratification and that it will not be instant, it's living it's life as potential right now.

This log cabin of cascade started on a whim to get rid of unruly leftovers of cascade and I'm starting to like it's randomness a bit. I actually purchased more cascade to expand the color palette and hopefully tone down some of the colors I don't love the best.

This is a stash-busting distraction. It's going to be arroyo (rav link) The original pattern calls for worsted weight on size 8's. This is sock weight on size 5's. What I'm really looking for is a long thin scarf/shawl/wrap pattern (probably with short rows) that will become one of those cool "around your neck numbers.)-also feel free to let me know of any patterns like that that you know of.

I'm pretty confident about finishing it because I want to use the new madeline tosh yarn to make clockwork - another one that I am hoping becomes the fashionable neck thing.

There are always socks on the needles. I've moved from size 2 to size 1 in my standard socking so things are taking a little longer but I'm hoping for a little more durability.

So yeah, I knit. It's just that lately it's not been as funny as when I bake.


Anonymous said...

I have a sock-yarn-leftovers afghan on the needles, too; it will be done about the same year as yours -- assuming I live that long ;-)

I have been seeing lots of those long narrow crescent-shaped scarf/shawlette but somehow seem NOT to have favorited them in Rav. Darn.

Roxie said...

I love your eye for color! But I have found that starting an afghan to de-stash the leftovers always involves buying more yarn to finish it off. And then, it leaves leftovers.

For my neck wraps, I use bamboo and make mitered triangles. (co 2, place st marker, co 2 more. Knit in front ond back of first stitch, knit to marker, slip marker, knit in front and back of first stitch after marker, knit to the end.
Repeat until it's big enough.) If I have lots of yarn, I'll finish by doubling the stitch count in one row, then doubling it again in the next row, and knitting an inch or two to make a nice ruffle. Ruffles are chic. If you feel fancy, you can sew on pretty beads.