Thursday, December 29, 2011

PSA number Seven (or eight)

Daughter of Sophanne gave us two great books as gifts- Food Rules- an eater's manual and Little Old Lady Recipes.

Both are funny and informative. They crack me up.

My favorite rule so far has been "Eat all the Junk Food you Want as long as You Cook it Yourself." I told husband about this and he said, "I suppose there will be an ice cream churner in our future." I'm not ready for that but I did splurge on an air pop popcorn maker.

PSA number seven or eight is this- if you have grown accustomed to the convenience and "luxury" of microwave popcorn, do yourself a favor. 1. Go to the box store. 2. Spend $20 on an air popper and $1.73 on a bag of kernels. 3. Melt a teaspoon of butter. 4. Air pop yourself some goodness- salting as desired.

You will then remember (or discover if you're that much younger than I am) what real popcorn tastes like. And compared to the six microwave bags you get for $6- you'll be saving money like crazy. In fact- you might even MAKE money!


Anonymous said...

You can also make microwave popcorn by putting a quarter cup of kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, folding over the top a few times, and popping. This way makes less than the air popper missing the bowl. (Or am I the only one that happens to?)

Roxie said...

Just avoid the stuff they sell at the movie theatre with the butter-flavored grease. It's the sort of thing that doesn't taste all that good, but you can't quit eating it.

Have fun with those new books. And if you get a manual ice-cream churn, you'll burn off the calories and build pecs of steel!

kmkat said...

I thought Michael Pollan invented that saying. It's a good one, though.