Saturday, September 24, 2011

SEVEN! (If you count the littler one)

That's how many friends I had all at once at the same time. In case anyone is worried that I don't have any friends, here is some internet proof. We got to eat at the "big table."

This is the zombie alpaca on the farm.

Here are the other alpacas not afraid of the zombie alpaca since alpacas are herbivores- I guess the zombie alpaca eats dead grass (there's your answer KnitNight Marc!) The littlest one was born on Monday and was sheared while we were there.

1 comment:

Roxie said...

They sheared the newborn? How - how - RUDE!

Looks like a lovely party. And just because I couldn't get to the table doesn't mean you can count me out as a friend! YOu have many, many!