Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Contemplating the travel options

We leave the west coast at 11:30 pm this evening and arrive on the east coast at 7:30 am tomorrow morning.

You get 2 seconds to guess which illness has invaded my body. Time's up. Why yes, it's holiday strep time again. I'm ignoring the rash at my armpit and pretending that it's not scarlet fever.

This got me to thinking about pictures I've seen in Japanese cities where many wear face masks to prevent the spreading of germs. I wonder if said face mask would do me any good in scoring some priority seating on the plane.

I realized a mask would be pretty obvious so I suggested to mr. Sophanne that we get hazmat suits and see if we couldn't at least get bumped up to first class. Recognizing the discomfort we might endure in those suits for six hours, we're off to but matching t-shirts that say "my leprosy is in remission."

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kmkat said...

LOL! Good luck on the plane ride. Remember to stay hydrated -- airplane air is desert-dry.