Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Couple-a Heys

from the girl who should have been asleep 2 hours ago given the schedule she's got going on tomorrow.

Hey! Apple Juice, thanks for that extra arsenic. I've been forgetting to give my kids their daily dose.

Hey! Pinky-toe. How is it that you can exist all day unnoticed and then DEMAND attention once I'm warm under the covers.

Hey! iTunes. Guess I WON'T be ordering the Classic Hits of the 70's. I've got better things to do with my insomnia (so far)

Hey! Kindergartener- "Nutcrapper?" Really? Thanks for doing my crack me up job for me.

Hey! Third grader-thanks for spontaneously saying (and meaning) three words that I will remember until I'm dead "You Inspire Us."

Hey! Big Bowl of Frosted Flakes that I just ate- why do I feel I have to DEVOUR this particular brand. I don't devour other cereals. I eat them as one should eat breakfast foods- except at different times. And yet pour a bowl of frosty flakes and I am led to believe that I haven't eaten for weeks and probably won't again.

Hey! Jason Kottke liberal ARTS web site smart guy- Did you really think I'd be able to resist watching all of the Coronet Instructional Videos including the "do's and don'ts of dating" and Dick York in a h0m0er0tic video called "Insomnia" put out by the US Navy in the 1940's? call me paranoid but the biggest hit on my blog to date includes the word M0j0-hence the zeros instead of o's

Hey! blog friends- thanks for being readers- maybe if I can get some of these thoughts out of my head I'll be able to travel off to dreamland. Did this post jump around plenty for you? Try living in this brain ALL the time!


Sunshine said...

frosted flakes? might be my fault

Jane said...

Love frosty flakes...and your blog!

Roxie said...

Nutcrapper? Like the ballet? That's too funny!

You inspire me, too, but I'm well past third grade. Still, my inner third grader wants tone in your Christmas program. I make a great annuncifying angel.

kmkat said...

My husband brought home a couple large jugs of cheap apple cider, then read the fine print and found they were from China. I refused to drink them on the grounds that the Chinese seem to have no concept of food safety. Now I can tell him that he can get his DDoA (Daily Dose of Arsenic) from domestic sources. Your blog? A public service, really.

Haley said...

Just catching up on your blog. Should have done it sooner. You always make me smile. Loved seeing all your lovely knits, reading about your cooking adventures (I can relate) and smiling. If you like Frosted Flakes, you should try the new Chocolate Frosted Flakes. Sounds weird, but I think they are quite yummy. Thanks for inspiring me:).