Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post the Two (of Three)

KnitnightRuth invited knit night to her house (see Post Three.) On the Saturday before the event, I ventured out of the 'burg and towards the City because I wanted to be able to find her house with ease.

Oh how surprised she was to have me show up 4 days early for knit night.

Not to waste a good adventure, I traveled up the pike to a yarn store. My stash of madelinetosh sock yarn has increased. My new favorite thing to knit are Stephen West patterns of which I have completed one unphotographed Clockwork and am working on Chadwick which is a design as clever as EZ's Baby surprise jacket.

Feeling confident about my ability to adventure I traveled to the Washington County Fair Grounds for the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

Not willing to admit defeat and the end of my adventure, I ignored the signs of "this isn't for you, friend."

I stood in this line to pay my $6 entry fee in blissful denial of what was ahead, thinking only of the handcrafted jewelry I was hoping to find. I'm a sucker for the sparkly. (fashionalbe sparkly- not trashy- in case you're shopping for my birthday)

Once I paid my $6, I would have skipped ahead but the man carrying the 4 ft wooden Christmas Tree kitsch and the woman with a bag of about 5 cabbage patch looking dolls were in my way. I joined the slow herd-like shuffle. I passed a baked good cart. I passed a kettle corn cart. I went into the first barn of crafts. There might have been something interesting to see. I can't really tell you as the twilight zone line of shufflers prevented any thoughtful looking. I made it through one exhibit building and high-tailed it back to my car. Having only been away from my car for about 15 minutes, it was easy to find.

The main reason to go to this festival was to notice what people can and choose to do with their hands and brains. I didn't really have any major purchase plans. I consdered my $6 the cost of a lesson learned and came home and cruised Etsy.


Cindy said...

And, you had an adventure. What fun!

vanfox23 said...

I was considering this for this coming weekend...thank you for changing my mind! I can't handle large crowds very well...