Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wetlands Institute- Stone Harbor NJ

Yesterday was Totally Turtle Tuesdays at the Wetlands Institute. After a well-done educational session, the kids got to watch Pretty Girl (a terrapin) eat a fiddler crab.

They also saw a rescued turle set free into the marshlands- Never one to follow rules much, Mr. Sophanne took the boy on the trails in the marsh. I'm thinking these were "employee only" trails- or at least "wear big rubber boots" trails.

Marsh Muck-2 The Boys-0


Yarnhog said...

What a beautiful turtle!

How did you get the marsh muck off before getting back in the car?

Roxie said...

The boy is lucky he didn't pick up some leeches with that mucky foot.

Pretty Girl is aptly named.

Becky said...

Growing up my parents had a beach house about 10 minutes from the Wetlands Institute. The house was on stilts on that exact muck. I have memories of my uncle and my dad trying to repair something under the house, knee-deep in it. Oh, good times.