Monday, June 28, 2010

Sesame Street

actually... Sesame driveway after I dropped an $8 bottle of sesame oil on the way home today.

After reluctantly replacing it I tried the chicken lo mein recipe from this book- Saving Dinner by the FlyLady's friend, Leanne Ely.

The recipe makes much more than we needed but I didn't "half" everything. Instead of actually shredding cabbage and carrots, I bought the broccoli slaw in a bag in the produce section. It tastes good- it's a little unbalanced- I used half as much chicken, the called for amount of vegetables/sauce and more angel hair pasta. It's edible. (for anyone new to this blog- I post the fact that I've cookedas a small miracle-not as one of those "hey look at and try this recipe" sorts of blogs.)

There's a baked rigatoni recipe in this book that's good as well. It's really balanced in the beef/fish/poultry/pork/vegetable- I would probably would use more of these recipes if I could convince Mr. Sophanne to eat fish, and vegetables.

Speaking of Mr. Sophanne, he cracks me up. Every morning around 5:45 am when he's leaving for work he wakes me up to give me a phone message (sort of the opposite of snow day calls.)

Wake up honey, school called. You have to go to work today.
Wake up honey, your principal called, it's take your dog to work day.
Wake up honey, your mother called. She said the school called her and said you have to go to work.
Wake up honey, the school called. You have to go on a field trip today. You're going to the doctor's office.

Oy he makes me LAUGH and LAUGH! (Seriously- he really does- much to the surprise of knitnightmarc who wondered when I was gonna slug him!)


JelliDonut said...

If DH woke me up at 5:45 a.m. I wouldn't be laughing, I can tell you that.

I used to cook A LOT. Gourmet stuff, stuff you had to plan days ahead for. Now, meh. Some days I'm inspired, some days they're lucky I don't pull a "Prince of Tides" dog food thing on 'em. I really don't know what happened to my cooking mojo. Maybe I'll check out this cookbook.

Mountain Mama said...

"Saving Dinner"- too bad you couldn't save the sesame oil!

Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli said...

I don't know, there's a lot of good food happening on this blog. 2 cakes, a herb garden and chicken chow mein and only 1 shawl in the last week or so???

Bummer about the sesame oil. At least it smells nice. I've got a recipe tomorrow you'll need it for.

Cindy said...

A perfect balance of meat and veggies? Are you a perfectionist? What have you done with my Becky??? Dinner sounds good, but I'll bet your driveway smells divine!