Saturday, July 22, 2017

You read it here first.

I've been on the fence about the grandson. Given his behaviors at home, what we are experiencing is a little too good to be true.

Case in point- the first thing he did on vacation is ask to join me on a dog walk, telling me all about the "lighter side" of his bad behaviors (with trumplike justifications and avoidance of details that didn't suit his flow of the story) He spent all of mealtime yesterday talking about what he needed to do to do better. It seemed genuine. But it is the same genuine that says he's going to work on the lawn, take out the garbage (for pay even) and then something comes up.

Sadly, I think he is biding his time.

He's not the terrible annoying horrible preteen he once was. He doesn't drive you crazy at every waking moment as he once did with his siblings around.

But he says things like- girls like to get carded because it makes them feel young. (then to me) I bet you get carded.

Then to greathusbandbob (who's favorite movie is Glory-family history connections and all) I love war movies (we were watching Hacksaw Ridge) especially Glory.

Having seen that he hasn't been trouble, the other set of grandparents have asked to have him for the second half of the month. While their näivete will likely allow him to get away with a little more, my guess is he's put himself on probation until he gets back home. You could almost see the glint in his eye as he considered the less strict environment. Of his grandmother he said "she's a real piece of work."

I feel bad for thinking so and I hope very much I am wrong but my instincts say this kid is playing the game- doing his time- until he gets back in his element and does whatever he wants.

He'll have three weeks without any bad behaviors or consequences (and a clean slate) when he leaves here but he has also had very few expectations placed upon him. Our house is the music class to his regular classroom at school Everybody loves it because there are not as many demands.

His uncle says he's a "playah". His mom thinks he has trouble with follow through. What else can she believe of her own child who shows just enough concern and interest to keep her believing.

Time will tell but you read it here first.

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