Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Healthier eating Day 2

Yesterday's meals-

Life cereal with blueberries for breakfast.  Salad for lunch.  Beets, cottage cheese and hard boiled egg for dinner. Strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for late night snack.  No treats on Monday and some Zumba.

So far today it has been life cereal with blueberries and this deliciousness-

What appears to be black beans and rice is actually black beans and cauliflower pearls.  Now that they sell them in the produce department, I've been able to use them.  Anyone who has seen me in a kitchen knows that making my own cauliflower pearls is a no go.  This has tomatoes with habanero peppers, garlic, chili powder, thyme cider vinegar and worcestershire sauce.  It was very tasty. Any more if I make something edible, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

It's knit night which means I'll have to just say no to Harry's pizza and Panera's treats and yes to salad from one of those locations-but it's not forever.  It's for now to see if I can curb my sugar/carb addiction.

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