Thursday, July 13, 2017


The kids made dinner. Sort of.


I burned my feet on the sand yesterday. Note to self don't go barefoot on the sand at noon even if the dog thinks she wants to.

I haven't made any food or done any dishes other than my own.

There is a little girl here who I have to ask to speak more quietly and believes every sentence should begin with the word "basically." She is seven.

The one who is five and wouldn't talk to anyone last year or the year before has completed kindergarten and has figured out the whole being in the world thing,

The two mentioned above were having a conversation about their initials (while putting them in a video game) I like to call this "when relatives meet."

Hey, my name begins with a T!

What's?!?!?! Me too!

My last name is Terry.

No way!!!! Mine is too!

Greathusbandbob and his adult children had a pots and pan jam session after dinner.

Tomorrow is a wedding/baby celebration.

The dog is much happier now that the thunder has stopped.


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sunshine said...

Sounds like an interesting week! Hope you are having fun!