Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let's pretend

The last night we were there we had another celebration. Greathusbandbob' oldest granddaughter has come out as gay. After she announced on Facebook I asked her mama if a celebration was in order. Mama asked and gd said "thanks but no thanks." As the week moved on she said "well maybe a cake with a rainbow on it." And so it was done.


The rainbow was really anything but. Hey grocery store, ever heard of roygbv? It was very low key and a chance for everyone to acknowledge celebrate and support the fabulous girl that she is.

Later that night grandfather essentially said "let's play AA" but not really. He had all the grandkids in the room, he brought up a topic everyone got a turn to speak on it without being interrupted (crosstalk) and had to pass when they were finished. His adult children, seeing what it really was, sort of puhpooed it at first but were eventually we're interested enough in the things that kids had to say to participate.

I missed the first round but the three topics while I was there were past/present/future, fear and extraterrestrials. The e.t. Topic was proposed by one of the kids and eventually led to heady conversation about the universe and our place in it.

My favorite line by far came from the age 5 granddaughter who said something to the effect of "how does the earth move so fast spinning around the sun and we don't even feel it."

One grand brought her mama to tears when talking about fears and saying "I don't even know how parents do it."


Son of greathusbandbob shared his experiences with fear and panic attacks and I'm certain it's the first his girls had ever heard him talk about those experiences.

It was quite lovely.

Our only non participant was "the boy" the 15 year old grandson who is staying with us and out of trouble for a little month. There is so very little to do here and Grandfather can be such an imposing figure when needed. He's presumably here to do work but is pretty unaccustomed to the humid climate and is struggling so far. Quote of the day "weedeating is harder than it looks."


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What a very cool game!!