Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vacation made.

I feel guilty for not basking in the sun and water but then I'm doing what I love (reading, playing with yarn, napping and not worrying about other people) so it is still time well spent.

Nephew Leif recalled my love of Young Frankenstein and ordered it with the coffee pot carafe he had delivered. Last night at movie night we all watched young Frankenstein.


This morning was a big round of MarioKart and some coloring


I've done some online shopping while here. Some more ecowool to finish the giant mandala afghan I started with leftovers before we left and a lego model of a Volkswagen bus because I think maybe I would enjoy doing that and maybe the boy will too.

In a stroke of genius trying to figure out how to have food at the wedding baby celebration we decided to have a sundae bar with gluten free and lactose free options. Genius. Thanks you PBS rewards at school. In addition there will be flowers and balloons.

There were teacher messages on Tuesday night. It's hard to say I miss you to teacher friends because it suggests a desire to return to work. Instead we opted for a swimming pool play date back in the burg next Wednesday. That will be something to look forward to after the return and change in the living arrangements.

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