Saturday, July 08, 2017

On the road. Tomorrow will be again.

It feels a little silly to check into a hotel at 3:00 after five hours of driving. Greathusbandbob said "now what are we going to do?" But I'm still glad we've done it this way. Four and a half hour drive tomorrow.

Lots of fun texting with the kids yesterday and today. On the flight here-


They're only about twenty miles away but are going to a baseball game in Charlotte tonight. Other family members have been checking in from NY and GA. All very much looking forward.

After some initial slobbering and frothing at every rest stop, the puppers has settled down. She's not even barking at the people outside the hotel room. Just watching a little tv. And has already dug herself under the covers.


Because the big guy did all of the driving, I was on meal recon. I had to drive into downtown Mt. Airy to check out the Mayberry factor. There was a kitschy souvenir shop that I probably would have liked. Lots of burger and shake shacks. This time tomorrow twenty people will descend together. Oy. I'm going to try really hard to fight the introversion. How else am I going to convince one of them to take care of me when I get old!


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