Friday, July 07, 2017

On your mark...

It's that time again my friends.  Vacation blogging.  This year should be a good one. We are going here with the whole gang (dog included)  There should be about 20 of us.

I believe I mentioned earlier that the favorite niece 

is pregnant, due in October.  I have been working on the CAL Atlanticus by Hooked on Sunshine  (ravelry link)  I'm calling it a belly blanket for baby because the cotton texture is delightful.  So much so that a baby will be happy to be on her belly.

It is the first crocheted pattern that I've wanted to get married to.  I've started two others. One in a sock weight cotton and the other in leftover Monroe Sweater eco-wool (I'll probably have to order more at some point.  Crocheting uses so much yarn.)  I have now imagined every single skein of my stash in some form or other of this pattern.  I'm seriously addicted.

One thing that makes this vacay something to look forward to is that there is enough familiar and therefor less high anxiety. We know the beach, we know the grocery store (which is walking distance from the house!) we know the drive, we know the guests.  And while we are going to miss Greathusbandbob's Trump loving brother, we will be glad to be able to speak freely.

Whilst composing this post a package arrived- a bag from the mochithings store.  I allow myself one new purse/bag change a year.  It usually comes in summer.  When this year's arrived, the logo said:


sunshine said...

It looks gorgeous!!!!

Kathryn Kienholz said...

That blanket is spectacular!