Friday, July 21, 2017

A note on summer

A friend of mine recently shared a Facebook post about the heart of summer. There is a moment when goal driven-here's what I'm going to accomplish on summer vacation teacher becomes "it's late July and I have about three weeks left" teacher.

It usually happens after vacation and at said point the reaction to summer goal progress is "meh, whatevs." There's not even enough motivation for the full word "whatever."

After eating every single carb in the house for the first half of summer I have spent five full days with reduced sugar, (a bowl of life cereal in the morning) and fruits, vegetables, and beans. Today I lived on the edge and had some salmon. We went to The big red restaurant with bad service and had broccoli and carrots on the side and no bread. One day at a time.

In spite of a two week sabbatical, duolingo says I'm still 15% proficient in Spanish.

And today I explored this- sorting pieces by color and size I made some progress. Non verbal instructions are weird. Let me read about what to do. Don't just show me pictures. But that wouldn't make sense in this situation and it's a new and different challenge for my brain. It's like putting a puzzle together with clues.



I've got about five weeks of high school music appreciation lesson plans finished. (They may actually be more than five weeks). Additional topics include ear worms and synesthesia.


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