Thursday, July 27, 2017

Falling Behind Falling Behind.

And so go the lazy  days of summer.

The boy 

The boy came down from the back 40 (really just a quarter of an acre- maybe) gave us high fives and said he was half way done.  Greathusbandbob and I have both mowed that area- we know it's hard but it really takes more energy to come back into the house to tell us about it than it does to just finish it.

He's decided to be a YouTube millionaire.  He already has 100 followers (friends and friends of friends)  If he gets 10,000 views, YouTube considers him for advertising.  His videos are xbox recording of him playing video games (just the game) with background narration of him telling the story of how he got into a fight in fourth grade.

Today he went with a friend of greathusbandbob's and learned gun safety and got to shoot 100 rounds of three different guns.  I wasn't there but was told that he talked non-stop for an hour upon returning.  Not sure if that was good or bad.  As husband says- you never know what will stick.

The Aunt and the Gauntlet-

I was able to make a daytime visit to the aunt- post lunch visit.  She was in one of the chairs outside the entrance that we like to call the gauntlet.  And actually we jokingly call it the gauntlet  because no one has ever really paid attention to us entering other than to say hello.

When aunt is presiding, visitors do in fact go through the gauntlet.  Who are you?  Why are you here?  or sometimes with more subtlety Are you a doctor? Who are you here to see? Who are those other people with you? I'm just glad I'm related to her and she knows why I'm there.

She also told the story of waking from a deep sleep after breakfast, seeing that her watch said 10:10 and wondered why they hadn't gotten her ready for bed yet and why it was still light out at 10:10 at night.  She even checked the tv to make sure it was really 10:10- which it was but likely the a.m. was too small to see.

The food and such-

Since the return of vacation there have been no treats.  I have weaned myself off sugar (likely why I've been so tired lately)  Few carbs and then only whole wheat ones.  Shrimp, eggs and cottage cheese are the only non-vegan items. Everything else has been plant-based eating. Fruits and vegetables- nothing processed.

It was Zumba on both Monday and Thursday this week.  Monday was sort of blah blah go through the motions.  Today, now that I feel comfortable with the "gang," I encouraged everyone to clap and cheer after each dance.  Everyone thanked the leader for a great class tonight but secretly it was me. (this is the only place I can say that)

The husband-

Cancer free after 6 months in his lungs and kidneys. Yippee.

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Kathryn Kienholz said...

Yay for GHBob! Scary (but almost predictable) about The Boy.