Monday, July 16, 2012

Travelogue 2012 4.3

Upon requesting the puppy report I received the following:

SUBJECT: One 30 + lbs cainine blk & wht female. slightly floppy ears, waggy tail, human friendly dog. Subject has adjusted very well to her new surrouondings. She eats well, plays often, takes frequent walks ans enjoys the comfort of our bed room closet, during thunder storms. Subject shares uncle Jerrys favorate seat, and his evenning snacks! Subjects aunt Merly throughly seems to enjoy the visitors company, ( as does the author of this report)
Subject experienced a few hours of " confusion" uppon departure of owners, however that emotion was replaced promtly by loads of love and "high pitched words" such as ' where's my baby, what a good little baby, want to take a walk'
Conclusion: Puppy will be fine, happy well adjusted, until the reunion with her human family, one sophanne and mr. Sophanne.
END OF LIZA REPORT O846 HRS 16th July 2012

You get what you ask for with the retired NYPD!

Today was a day of hanging out in Zermatt. The kids and parents paid to swim in a luxury pool at a nearby hotel while Mr. Sophanne and I strolled the streets and soaked in the mountain air and sun. There might have been a little shopping. Mr. Sophanne might have bought me a walking stick because my legs hurt so much from walking down the mountain the day before. It might be the cool collapsible kind. I might love it!

After a bumpy and frogged start to Stephen West's Rockefeller Mystery Knit-Along, I am almost halfway through the first clue.


Sunshine said...

I think Liza will make it for another week!! She is adjusting!

Cindy said...

It sounds like the whole gang is having fun!!!

Roxie said...

Brilliant puppy report! And why a splendid vacation you are having.