Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travelogue 2012 2.1

I believe I have reached enlightenment. Completely free of thought.

It's really a better option compared to the last 3 hours.

We left brothers house to the sound of crying and whimpering LizaJane. I know that when she saw my suitcase going to the car she realized what was going on. She's a smart dog. Let the disassociating challenge begin. Step away from reality. Just be an observer in this day of life.

Driving toward the NJ turnpike which leads directly to the Newark airport, brother said "let's get out the Garmin and see if there's a more direct route." Garmin happily took us through the ghettos of New Jersey into downtown Newark.

Mr. Sophanne was shouting Garmin directions to hard of hearing brother over the too loud radio. Interspersed were several near rear end collisions, a police car telling us about a red light we missed (fortunately brother has his gold badge from NYPD and it has some pull in New Jersey.) and many words from both front seat passengers that I won't write here. What should have been an hour and twenty minutes turned into 2+ hours.

Mr. Sophanne is rehashing and venting. When he asked what I was thinking my unmedicated self said "absolutely nothing." I'm not sure if this is what Siddartha had in mind but there it is.


Mountain Mama said...

Hopefully it will get better! The plane ride will surely be relaxing. ;)

kmkat said...

Chocolate. Just keep thinking, "Swiss chocolate." It will get better.

Roxie said...

Ahh, shortcuts! I believe the Donner party was looking for a shortcut to California. They wound up snowbound and starving to death. Boys love to bushwhack across country, but I'm just not that adventurous.

Thinking nothing is a splendid way to deal with it all.