Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travelogue 2012 4.2

There are places and moments in life when you get to feel like you are a tiny ant on this planet. It's overwhelming and terrifying all in a good way. Today we took what's called the Matterhorn train up about 7,000 meters and had a view that was surreal in nature.

Half of our party- mr. Sophanne, DIL and GD oldest rode the train up and back. Son, GD younger and the baby and I hiked from the uppermost train stop down to the next.
We are guessing the paths were likely the ski slopes used in the winter.

Towards the end my quads were like jelly and I had a slight but non-injurious tumble and roll. I was behind the others and didn't call out. Had I rolled a few more times, I may have needed assistance but I didn't want to worry anyone until the third roll.

Hiking on trails above the treelike was beyond description. The photos that we did take look as though we are superimposed in the scenery via photoshop. They will have to wait until later in the week when I have access to a card reader.

Mr. Sophanne has always wanted to retire at a beach area. Me, I'd be happy with a chalet and a couple of walking sticks in the alps. I will have to work on my Swiss German. Details, details.

These pictures snagged from the internet- not taken by me- look like where we've been today with our actual images later

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