Friday, July 13, 2012

Travelogue 2012 3.4

deux cent trente cinq

More walking today. We went to Jet D'eau and around lake Geneva. My favorite parts of the day were when I was able to use French with locals.

We went to the bank to exchange money. I conversed with the teller who was trying to say $235 in English. I said "en francais" and then told her the English.

At a snack stand I asked for "un cafe noir dans un tasse papiere" and received black coffee in a paper cup!

My brain loves this so much. If I ever moved to a French speaking country, I would be the most annoying person ever. I would constantly be asking "how do you say..." seriously. I love it as much as knitting.

Tomorrow we take a 4 hour train ride to Zermatt. It's Swiss German there which is nothing like regular German and is not a written language. Son of Sophanne wonders if it akin to talking "hillbilly" in the states.

The first clue of Stephen West Rockefeller KAL arrived today and I have the yarn and needles to start it. It may have to wait until after the train ride as I am told the scenery will be breathtaking.

GD the oldest and DIL are both purling now. GD the younger only needs my guiding hands for a stitch or two before she goes it alone. The best knitting interruption in the world is helping a new knitter gain their "yarn hands" (as opposed to sea legs?)

It's not so hot here as it was in PA when we left. It's been in the 70's all week with plenty of (but not too much) sunshine. It will likely be cooler in the mountains.

Finally a shout out to MountainMama because she deserves it. On the count of three, You Are Awesome! 1......2.......3.......!


kmkat said...

Swiss agerman is not a written language? Who knew? Remember to watch fer my family town!

Mountain Mama said...

AWWW, shucks! :) I wish you were here! NO. I definitely wish I were there!!!