Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Travelogue 2012 1.2

Of note today-

1. I paid the $$ to get international 3G on the iPad. This way there will be email and at least blog posts without pictures just in case something funny or annoying happens.

2. We went to the mall for something to do this afternoon. There was a Brookstone store. I may have purchased one of those fancy airplane pillows (but NOT the one that cost $80)

3. I also bought some comfort lip gloss from bath and body works.

4. I told my friend MountainMama that there's no point in missing the dog or dreading the flight until it happens. I almost believe me.

5. I am certain I owe kmkat some Swiss chocolate or at least pictures of Swiss chocolate because she reminded me about audiobooks. I've got the ultimate in summer trash reading (listening) with celebrity autobiographies. Mindy Kaling and Steve Martin, here I come. When that runs out I have 18 hours of Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser.

6. Don't feel obligated read or comment on these blog posts when they're this boring. I'll try to give you the heads up next time.


Sunshine said...

Not boring! Keep them coming!

Annie said...

What do you use to blog on the iPad? I can't get my stupid paragraphs to format on blogger when I write. It's rather annoying.

kmkat said...

Swiss chocolate, yes! ::fist pump:: Actually, any kind of chocolate ;-)