Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travelogue 2012 3.3

Geneva anciennes et nouvelles

Today was a trip to old and new Geneva.

Mr. Sophanne and his son thought about renting a car but they didn't have anything in their size

Old Geneva was lovely and New Geneva had phone booths. Public transportation is the norm. No cars for this family. It was a nice days walk.

Older gd is knitting without assistance. Younger gd uses my hands to knit with until she realizes she remembers how to do it. Mama of gd's learned to knit and purl in one day. She's a natural. All is well.


Sunshine said...

you look like you are all having a great time

Roxie said...

Knitting GDs and DIL, and strolls through Geneva. How very wonderful! Love the photos!