Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travelogue 2012 3.1.5

Un pickpocket a volé son portefeuille*

Are you growing weary of so many posts? I can't help it. I'm having an adventure.

Plane ride- easypeasey-especially after the ride through Jersey. Two Xanax, an hour nap and plenty of old time radio podcasts and I was set. It's amazing the difference that six inches of economy plus makes. That should be the mandatory amount of room on airlines says this passenger rights advocate.

Customs, luggage, free train ticket for the next leg-boom boom boom. No waiting.

Outside the baggage area, son of sophanne and gdhazel were riding scooters with welcome signs. Scooters are "the thing." Anyone at the airport yesterday would have seen them as well, as the whole departure date different from arrival date confused more than just us.

A short train ride to the bus stop. A longer much more crowded bus ride to the abode.

*This is when the crime took place. Mr. Sophanne loves life so much he can't help but looking like a stranger in a strange land. While riding the bus, someone took his wallet from his computer case. No more than what he might have lost on any given night at the casino but a little bump in the happy happy road. By the way, Becky of the Flossy and Kate is also deserving of Swiss chocolate (or at the very least a picture of some) for reminding me to contact the credit card companies before we left!

Apart from getting to play "animals" with gdHazel and mancala with gdMadeline, my favorite part so far has been French. Loved it in high school. Practiced thinking in French in those days. Am reading it on signage and newspapers, picking up about 75% of it and remembering more as my memory is jogged. I can tell you that someone drowned in Lake Geneva last week. I read it in French. There was also a car wreck that involved a woman, a baby, and a motorcycle. I also read that in French.

My only limitations are that I really only remember how to conjugate in the present tense. No past. No future. Again while it's probably not what Herman Hesse had in mind, Siddartha might approve.

I'm using an app called blogger+ to blog. Annie, I can get paragraphs but haven't figured out how to place pictures. Photos may have to wait until I come home and then maybe I'll do one of those sidebar pages or else you can just imagine it looks like whatever you want.


Roxie said...

It sounds marvelous! What a splendid adventure. And you're fluent in French? You are good to go, baby!

Keep on soaking it all in. Never too many posts. You write a great travelogue.

LisaBe said...

i am really enjoying your travelogue. but you have omitted one very important tidbit so far: WHERE ARE YOU?? so far i know that it's somewhere you had to fly and that there are things written in french. canada? switzerland? france?

kmkat said...

Yay for Becky and the credit card tip! Boo for pickpockets, although it sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

Becky said...

Yay! I helped :p Even though I wish my help hadn't come in so useful, stupid pickpockets.