Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travelogue 2012 3.2

The picture below could have been taken from the penthouse that is the home of son of sophanne. It is Jet D'eau on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. There is a rooftop patio and I can see French Mountains and on clearer days they say it's possible to see Mt. Blanc.

Gdhazel, Gdmadeline and gdelosie are the grandchildren of Mr. Sophanne. Gdh is 5 1/2. Gdm just turned 8. Tonight they had their first knitting lessons. In lieu of a lesson, their mama got a pair of socks. They were going to be for the dentist but I don't see her until January and I knew daughter-in-law of sophanne would appreciate them. Gdm is a lefty but after accidentally teaching her to purl first, I was able to grasp the teaching in a mirror. It helped that I spent a little time watching Mountainmama knit left handedly so that I knew how weird it was going to look to me.

We are here:

Two other points of interest- Mr. Sophanne may get his wallet sans $$$ returned. There is a 50 franc reward for all "found" wallets and 80% of all stolen wallets are returned.

Watches are the thing here. But you probably knew that. Son of sophanne tells of knowing a woman (who was planning on traveling for an extended leave) who traded her Volvo van for a watch -evensteven. The name swatch (which began in Switzerland) actually stands for "second watch." I guess this was in case you didn't want to wear a Volvo van on your wrist.


LisaBe said...

thanks for the info :)
we were in lausanne last year. so beautiful! and friendly! i loved practicing my french, too. how hot is it there?

kmkat said...


That is all.

vanfox23 said...

Hope you are having a great time! That picture is beautiful!

Roxie said...

Le sigh! Magnifique.