Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dogs at home and abroad

The Swiss love their dogs.  The dogs ride the buses, ride the trains, go to restaurants and climb mountains.  A landlord is not permitted to deny renters based on whether they have a dog or not.  As long as you are applying to live somewhere and keep the fact that you have a dog on the q.t., you will have a place to live.  Below are some of the dogs of Zermatt- mostly because we couldn't help ourselves.

As for dogs at home, Liza had a great time at Brother of Sophanne's.  When we returned, she was confused as to what she should do when we went to bed.  Stay with brother watching t.v. or go with us.  

When we arrived at brother's house with LIza two weeks ago, we went on and on about how she liked to play and whether she had pooped or not that day.  Brother and Sister-in-law looked at us like we were wacky.  When we returned, brother and sister-in-law showed us the games they played with her and when I took her out for an extra walk, were concerned about her lack of pooping later in the evening. 

 The transformation was pretty hilarious.  We knew they were "dog people."  Come to find brother was a little bit stoic early on because he was missing a former dog.  Liza weaseled her way into their hearts and I believe, after the first 10 minutes, barely knew we were gone.

And finally- here is a picture of Buddy who was at the top of the Gornergrat Mountain next to the Matterhorn.  He's working as a photo op for families rather than a rescue dog but he was adorable none the less!


Roxie said...

Now do Brother and wife need a puppy?

Buddy is such a handsome lad! There used to be a family of St.Bernards living at Timberline Lodge here in Oregon, and I believe the Paterfamilias was named Buddy.

Liza Anne must be happy to have you back.

Annie said...

We felt the same way about dogs when we went to Germany. A ticket for Munich's subway system is good for up to 5 adults AND a dog!

Becky said...

Look at all those dogs!! You can rent anywhere with a dog? That's amazing, I think I need to move there!