Saturday, July 14, 2012

Travelogue 2012 4.1

The Matterhorn

This morning was an early rise. A bus ride to the train station, a train from Geneva to Visk, an electric train up the mountains to Zermatt and an electric car ride to the chalet.

The only cars using gas in Zermatt are ambulances and veterinarians.

When we stepped out into the little backyard, we looked up and saw this. With table and chairs outside on the porch we had dinner under the Matterhorn. It's pretty amazing.


LisaBe said...

we went to zermatt toooo!!! wasn't the train ride amazing?? did you do the glacier express with the mostly glass roof? enjoy the peace and he amazing clear water!

Roxie said...

It looks like Disneyland!

kmkat said...

Somehow I never thought of the Matterhorn as existing in real life (only in Disneyland). Cool!

vanfox23 said...

Beautiful! Really enjoying your travel updates....thanks for sharing it with us. Matterhorn = AMAZING!