Monday, August 01, 2016

odds and ends... oddly ending

This shall be a post most random in nature. Hang on.

Item the One-  This is one of those toilet "protect a seat" dispensers.

In an effort to be more observant in my world I couldn't help but notice the brand (?)

Formerly Krystal?  Really?  After a brief search on the internet I've found that I'm not the only one to notice.  There are instagram, twitter and tumblr posts which include a similar picture.  Maybe the half toilet seat cover company is having an identity crisis and trying to "cling" (get it?) to the past.

Item the Two- The upcoming election.  I. Just. Can't.  The democratic convention and the fallout gave me some hope.  Otherwise the best thing I can say about it is that I now know which of my Republican friends would be most likely to join a cult.  Apparently I'm not the only one thinking this- 

Item the Three- Roads not travelled.  About 20 years ago I broke up with a boyfriend.  Shortly after, one of his acquaintances (not even really a good friend) asked me out.  Being in the thirties and still avoiding any possibility of conflict- (thank goodness those days are gone) I declined.  

As the years went by and as I was still struggling to figure out who I was and what I wanted, I would see him with his wife and two kids at the grocery store doing the family thing-  not really clinging but occasionally wondering about the road not taken.  Last week while visiting the Aunt, there he was, walking and talking with his mother (a resident).  Separate and parallel lives at least for that day.

With my life currently relatively well in hand I didn't have the same sense of regret I did during those more difficult days of self-discovery.  What I did realize (that I have been wondering most recently) is a sense of where the last 30 years have gone.  Having no children, I don't have what I would consider the typical signposts of life passing by.  Fifty seems impossible.  Without wanting to be cliche I am always asking myself "where has the time gone?"  That day I at least caught a glimpse.

And Item the Four a different take on health and well being.  Alternately titled "Isn't It Ironic."

The foot injury has left my summer exercise aspirations twisting in the wind.  It's hard to get 10,000 steps when the dr. prescribes rest, ice, compression and elevation.  The thrill of Zumba has turned into "the agony of deFEET"  (bwah ha ha!)

What occurred to me while trying to walk today is that in order to take care of your body you have to have a positive body image.  I so easily fall into the "what does it matter" during the sleep-eating chocolate chip cookie episodes.  It's hard to be positive when you're 100 pounds heavier than you really should be.  So the goal for the last two weeks of summer vacation is to walk when I can and at least consider a fondness of myself when reaching for that next treat.

Item the Last- My Facebook acquaintances who live in the Atlanta area have been posting back-to-school pictures of their kids (and I thought we started early.)  I have one more Sunday free of charge. August 14th begins the cycle of the Sundays of Doom.  That being said, the one thing that made Sundays the worst (putting my clean clothes away when there was no room) has been attended to so we may be able to maintain DEFCON 3 instead of 4.  

Maybe that lower status will allow for some blogging and adventures worthy of it when the rat race resumes.

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kmkat said...

I surely hope you will be able to blog more. Love reading about your students and Lisa Jane and DH.