Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Show and Tell




This cute is waiting for its brown and pink partner. I love the way fair isle feels in my hands when I do it with the correct tension. This one is close and I believe will improve with blocking.


The easiest item on the summer list has been attended to. The narcissist in me wants to give away all 200 on the first day and watch piles of kids going home with my picture stuck on them. I think they are hilarious and hope they have the predicted response of bringing joy.


Text reads "Thanks for being AWESOME!"

KnitnightGina had a wonderful surprise for me last night.


I couldn't resist keeping the milk bones in the picture

Being a Klutz book, all materials are included. Last night when I opened it I wanted to forgo the making of poms and just comb all of the yarn with that adorable comb.


Note the adorable cut out carrying case to the right.

The sad part of this gift is that I know at least four friends at knitnight who would be so much better than I at creating these pups but then I would miss the joy of the process.

And finally here are this morning's back to school gifs.


This afternoon's schedule includes sitting in the air conditioned room in our house and teaching greathusbandbob to create a power point presentation in the newest version. When he asked me if I knew how to do it I said yes. Then he asked me if I would teach him. And I said yes. Except when I say I know how to do something like that I generally mean I know how to figure it out. I do not mean I can seamlessly step by step him through it. I think I may go in and give myself a little tutorial now that I think about it.

Aunt is to be discharged from hospital today having finished all antibiotics. She will rehab for a few days to regain her strength. I will go there this evening with clothes and supplies.


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