Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Really? More?

So once upon a time aunt had pneumonia. She went to rehab to get stronger only to be sent back that day with too much fluid. She made an amazing recovery from what really looked dangerously close to the end. The Sunday night before going back to rehab, aides took her to the restroom and weighed her afterwards (at 3:00am). She fell and fractured her femur. Surgery was yesterday afternoon. As she is wont to say- except in Yiddish- if it's not cockroaches, it's pissants. She now seems to be over-medicated and all are in agreement that tomorrow it's Tylenol not oxy.

Once upon a time the puppy blew out her knee. We took her to a specialist and we liked him. More surprisingly, she liked him (although heavy sedation may have played a role-as may also be seen by the fact that she just pooped in the living room in front of us). Next Wednesday she's getting TTA surgery

Once upon a time there was a new principal. We were looking forward. When the back to school letter arrived there were zero grammatical or spelling errors. I offered scheduling assistance given my past experience but was not unhappy when it was declined. Then the schedule arrived and in an effort to fix one recurring problem the scheduler managed to violate two state laws. Normally I would remain silent. My schedule was within the legal limits.

Except all of my friends were unhappy and I wasn't sure if the scheduler knew there were violations. Today I sent a really positive email sharing faculty concerns. Everyone else seems worried about bad first impressions (or are just smarter than I.) I have received no response. But I feel good for getting it out there doing what I can. Either it will be resented, ignored or well-received and I don't even care. As greathusbandbob is wont to say if you're going to take a stand you have to be ready to face the consequences.

The air conditioning at school is not working. You may recall that I teach in a windowless room.

I will miss Friday's knit night field trip. I will miss knit night for a second week in a row next week because of open house. I've slept for about 5 hours a night for the last two nights. I did get to Zumba on Monday. My intentions are to go again on Thursday. But really if anyone breathes suspiciously in my direction I may collapse into a weeping puddle-y hot mess. It's right on the edge.


Just trying to ride the roller coaster without throwing up.


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