Tuesday, August 02, 2016

No more basketball

Heavily post-vet visit sedation.

Our sweet pup is going to have to give up her basketball career. I'm not sure what we'll do without the extra income.

She has a torn cranial cruciate ligament. Or the people version of a torn ACL. If we let it go, she will have pain and debilitating arthritis. She will also likely blow out her left rear leg.

Surgery means 6-8 weeks of no significant movement followed by two more months of cautious weight bearing walks.

To be honest I'm not sure which would make her more miserable.

It's times like these when Facebook is your friend. Especially when you wonder why you bother remaining friends with long ago acquaintances. Seems like you can always find someone in the "hive" who has been there done that.

One teacher friend has been through it all. A former student has a vet tech degree. Knowledge is power.

Teacher friend had a sobbing breakdown seeing her bébé post surgery. And she's a farm girl more used to the harder side of pet care taking. I'm sure to be a hot mess.

That she lacks opposable thumbs guarantees there will not be a photo of me in my post-vet sedation. Though you never know-with so much sedentary time on her hands and her basketball career over, she may start a blog of her own. I better keep checking my internet history for a search of doggie stylus'!


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kmkat said...

Good luck, Lisa Jane!