Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wait, what?

Newsflash. There are things that exist that I don't know about. Who knew? Aunt's condition is fairly common in the elderly and called post-operative delirium. At least I know smart people who know the things I don't. Today she pulled out her IV's and needed a blood transfusion. It's just so bizarre.

Other newsflicker- it's not really a flash. When you work for someone compassionate but incompetent, it's easy to become an enabler for the sake of your own sanity. When you finally work for someone who does their job, isn't a whack job (like two bosses ago) and is well aware of and capable of learning what they don't know it can throw you off for a day or two. In a good way.

There was a Facebook meme about making kids feel great about the first day of school. I always start with school rules (be safe, responsible and respectful). I declared those (and the many ways of being that fit under their umbrellas) rules as the challenging ones we'll work on all year. And began to list and drum (with their suggestions) the "duh rules."

Don't crack an egg on your music teachers head. Don't bring an elephant to music class. Always wear clothes to music class. Don't eat the instruments. Don't feed your music teacher chicken feed.

The look on their faces as they got sparked out of the "oh this again" mindset was priceless.


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kmkat said...

Oh, I wish you had been my teacher.